chama mot hagesseo eoutteoke kkeonaeya halji moreugesseo (I can’t bear it, don’t know how I should go about saying it) useumyeo neol bonaegien (Looking at the smiling you,) bokjaphan maeumi dwieongkyeo jameul seolchyeoyo (my complicated heart is confused and intertwined, I can’t sleep) eosaekhan misoro cheoeum mannatdeon (With awkward smiles, the time when we first met) geu nari eojecheoreom nune seonhande (That day, it was as if it was yesterday, so vivid in my mind) ijeneun uriga majimak insareul hago (Now we have to say our last goodbyes) heeojyeoya hal geo gatayo (Just as if we are breaking up) [*] mianhadaneun mal daesin gomapdago halgeyo (Using ‘thank you’ to substitute words of apology) aswipgo seounhan maeum tuseong ijiman (Although my heart is full of regret) ttaseuhaetdeon chueogeul gaseume ganjikhalgeyo (Our warm memories will be treasure in my heart) aju gakkeumssik kkeonaesseo geudael gieokhal su itdorok (I will bring them out often and always remember you) kokkeuchi jjinghago mogi ttagapgo nunmuri geumsae ssodajil geot gataseo (My nose is stinging, my throat choking, tears falling down my face,) gogaereul tteol gun chae aesseo useum jieuryeogo (my neck quivering, using all my strength to fake a smile) nuneul majuchiji mot haesseo (The tears that are about to fall, I am unable to hold them back) annyeongiraneun mal daesin miso jieo julgeyo (Using my smile to substitute saying goodbye) bujokhaetdeon nareul manhi chaewojun sigan (All the times when you had to make up for the inadequate me) nan junbido motan chae tteonabonaeya haneunge (I am too unable to prepare for having to let you go) ojangnan hanjjok gaseumi sseurarigo apaoneyo (Like a broken heart, my heart hurts, my heart aches) Repeat [*]

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