“Iron in your hand, Iron on your chest, Iron beneath your feet. Iron in your mind.

” Dwarven proverb. Their aged obsession with metalwork has earned them scorn and mockery by other races over the centuries. However, any who have faced their Ironclad ships across an open sea swiftly learn to respect their science.


The dwarves were masters of the Old World once, and at that time ruled over the western and central continents with a mass of small kingdoms that were collectively known as the Shandelfan. They rose to prominence not only because of their military prowess, but because of the swift advances that their people made in the development of mining, metalwork and masonry. From the earliest centuries to the present day the dwarves have had the advantage of superior weaponry, armour and fortification, and used it to great effect against their enemies, and even themselves during times of civil war. Decades of warfare eventually led to the fall of the Shandelfan dwarves and something the dwarves call The Great Divide. At this time three dwarven kingdoms were created: Delfdran, Venvalder and Kullorian.

guild’, often including an insult or two. Dwarves are also referred to as ‘cogs’, ‘wrenches’ and ‘rivets’ because of their skill in engineering, or with more derogatory nicknames like ‘oil snots’ or ‘little screws’. The problem is that there are hundreds of Guilds within the core dwarven kingdoms. The fortunes of these guilds are constantly shifting due to the rise or fall in their income or, more importantly, the individual prestige of their best craftsmen. The most prestigious guild varies between each of the three kingdoms. For example, the Delfdran have great confidence in the Guild of Smiths, which makes weaponry and armour with which to fight their enemies, while the Venvalder celebrate the construction of palaces and bridges, and have raised the leaders of the Guild of Masons to the ranks of nobility. It is the Kullorians who have made the designers of the iron ships prominent among all other Guilders, and made development of these ships the pride of their people, giving the Ironship Guild free reign in its many enterprises. The Guild of Guns and the Steam Guild are also powerful, though their prestige is connected directly to the military success of their armies. Many guilds however have influence in peacetime rather than war, and are more pervasive within dwarf society. The various Guilds of Tailors, Carpenters, Apothecaries, Couriers, Miners and Physicians command a great deal of respect and loyalty. The Timber Guild, Stone Guild and Metals Guild meanwhile are the true powerhouses of dwarf society, because they are the wealthiest guilds and the most involved in trade and politics. The guilds have many different names for their leaders and members, most of which are idiosyncratic and specific to their particular craft. Just a few of these names include Fathers, Elders or Stewards, while ordinary guild members are known variously as apprentices, mules, mallets, dusters, smelters and boilers. The guilds usually select their leaders on a basis of organisational skill or excellence in their craft, though promotion can also come about purely because of popular consent.

The dwarves are a strange race, dour and taciturn as you might expect, they are especially grumpy if their elders or kings are disrespected. Dwarves have great respect for both, but although it is said that they accept the rightful rule of their kings without question or argument, they are not particularly strict in the observance of that fealty. They swear many oaths of loyalty, and certainly back each other up when it comes to the affairs of war, but they are also fond of grumbling about their kings’ bad governance and have even gone against their edicts at one time or another. The government of the dwarf kingdoms is the most complex of those in the Old World, as the offices of the three dwarf kings are divided into many separate departments known as Armouries. Not only that, but the whole of dwarf society is organised into Guilds that organise and supervise the economic and military structures of the land, and then there are Leagues that will encompass several large Guilds.

DwarVEN Society

The Guilds are a separate power within the dwarf kingdoms, and have their own rules and political structure. Among their members they boast some of the best artisans of the Old World, and include most of the greatest technical minds within its kingdoms. The Guilds operate separately from the Armouries, but inevitably they influence and advise each other, and are mutually dependent. Outsiders even refer to dwarves as Guilders simply because almost every one of them is in at least one if not several guilds. Their conversation is usually dotted with references to ‘this guild’ or ‘that

The Guilds

The guilds are not the half of it though. Dwarves have three layers of governance, the king is at the top and decides the rules, while guilds are at the bottom and spend their time working out how to bend the rules. In between these two layers are the leagues. Dwarves form leagues for many reasons that are mostly military, and usually do so as an extension of the power of both the kings and guilds.

The Leagues

Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules

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so white is usually used for the angular markings. Its capital is Bulvine. rimmed shields. Any powerful magic users that remain are rumoured to operate in the cities of Delfdran in secret. They are called ‘dirt crows’ and ‘mud lizards’ among other things. and are constructed from their own native timber. They are used solely for identification. well ordered forests and lush plains. At that time there were also some sorcerers and wizards among the dwarves. a beautiful kingdom marked out by its bordered farmlands and many small townships. beige or sand coloured. As they fought amongst themselves. whose New World capital is Aron-Delf on the landmass called Karneia. the Old Kingdom The capital of Venvalder is Glaumvor. the High Kingdom Dwarves are suspicious of magic. The towns of the closest island can be seen from the Delfdran coast. Dwarves and Magic Kulloria is a land of green hills. The Kullorians can enjoy some measure of satisfaction from their superiority on Karneia. upon which are set symbols like the hammer and lightning. Its territories used to include the islands in the Gulf of Souls. The Venvalder have not concerned themselves much with the affairs of other kingdoms in recent centuries. Meaningful symbols often include iron plates that are stamped with the symbols of the guild. and also home to the Bilge League. namely King Bold Bruin of Venvalder and King Ingvar Wyrmson of Delfdran. anvils. the ancient port of Delfenberg. The timber native to the region is ironically sold to the Kullorians for more mundane uses. by Kullorian ironship guilders supervising Delfdran craftsmen. Ringvald saw many opportunities for advancement at the expense of his peers. The skylines of both cities are a mixture of temple towers and the smoke stacks of the ironship smithies. These magus as they were called encouraged the best dwarf artisans of the period to leave the dwarf empire of Shandelfan and travel the seas in search of new lands to settle. supplemented by fishing in the streams and pools of rocky valleys. and allowing each ship within a squadron to identify their comrades. who leads the Kullorian League which represents most of the Kullorian dwarves in the Uncharted Seas. which have since been conquered by the goblins of the Morcas tribe. the Low Kingdom Dwarf ships are often distinguished from each other by means of angular markings on the prow or just behind the bridge. The Kullorians meanwhile refer to Ingvar the Wyrmson as Ingvar the Wormspawn. fishing vessels and even floating towns. and that users of magic have the capacity to become incredibly powerful and upset the status quo of dwarf society. What few ships that have been built in Delfdran itself are constructed from the limited woodland to the south of the Delf Estuary. Bruin and Ingvar initially chartered Imperial merchant ships to send troops to settle Bolg and Illonia on Karneia respectively. The dwarves of Shandelfan fell into further disarray and persecuted any wizards and sorcerers that stayed. but have realised with the discovery of the Uncharted Seas that they can only suffer with continued isolation. decided to capture glory and fame here. This is largely because they consider magic to be fundamentally uncontrollable. and by extension commands the Vyrdam. giving the Delfdran dwarves a shameful reminder of their defeats. usually to their face. though the Venvalder do have their own fleet of wooden vessels. Ships from Delfdran are normally brown. and are known as Shroud Mages. setting back the development of dwarf sea power by many decades and denying their brethren access to the most useful of their discoveries. and call the Venvalders ‘sons of donkeys’. because they are agriculturalists and river dwellers. cannons. They boast a wide range of ironship designs fulfilling roles that are not just military. establishing the race’s long held distrust of magic. wood. which sells charters for all dwarven vessels in the Uncharted Seas. and are essentially lowland dwarves rather than mountain dwarves. the humans and elves attacked the borders of Shandelfan and captured much of its territory. shovels and buckets are most common. Delfdran includes several cities and ports. It is also because of events in the past that changed the face of the dwarf kingdoms. who sat at the head of a council of artisans. which supplies crew and supplies for any vessel that pays their fees. most notably the original capital of Shandelfan. but they have since swallowed their pride and bought several iron ships from Ringvald. often with small variations between individual ships. It is only the Kullorian engineers who truly understand the technology of steam power. leaving his cousin Sturla the Steward in charge of the affairs of Kulloria in the Old World. Kulloria. a collection of converted merchant ships. Delfdran. Denonian and Geflar Leagues.The Kullorians are ruled by King Ringvald the Stout. as they have suffered centuries of disrespect and insult from other dwarves. reflecting the deserts bordering the Hanidor Mountains and the Great Kasmyrian River. but encompass transport vessels. The magus disappeared. These ‘mountain dwarves’ overlook the fact that they get their foodstuffs by herding sheep and goats in the high meadows. axes. Every dwarf fleet has its own system of symbols. Venvalder. Squadrons of iron ships will often feature similar markings to each other. picks. nestled high enough to overlook the entire Shanhaar Basin and the western forests of Thaniras. Ships from Kulloria are normally painted in shades of green or sometimes white. Ships from Venvalder tend to have a blue or grey colour and are often simply bare metal. allowing the squadron to be distinguished. parchment and so on. sometimes painted as ‘scars’ across the prow of the ship. So cogs. because the Venvalder often look to the sky for spiritual calm. The city of Aron-Delf is the stronghold of the independent Shipping League. taking the knowledge of steam power with them. Ringvald. so they have a clear head start over Venvalder and Delfdran. league and kingdom to which the iron ship belongs. a port on the Malf River which along with the port of Narven form the industrial centre of Kulloria. but generally they take the form of whole painted hull plates. Ironship Markings Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games . an ancient city built within and atop Mount Gormguddure. and generally have low regard for the few magical guilds within their kingdoms.

HAMMER CLASS CRUISER Plates of hardened iron layer the Hammer’s hull. MARs: None Bomb Attack: ONCE per game this model can make a Bomb Attack. the Ironship guilds elected to fit another to the heavily reinforced cruiser hull. or fragile sails. without question. This model CANNOT board other models . it is tough. the Armoury quickly found use in naval engagements. Iron Ram BELCHER CLASS SUBMARINE ARMOURY CLASS TROOP CARRIER In contrast. the devastation caused by hurling explosives onto unprotected decks has been voted a worthy trade. the rocket batteries mounted on the Chisel Destroyers pepper the decks of distant vessels with shrapnel and phosphor. debilitating crew and crippling systems. the last sight witnessed by many an unfortunate sailor has been an iron Kraken rising from beneath the waves. the Kraken foregoes ranged armament in favour of an out sized steam engine and a vicious ram. placed at angles calculated to reduce the impact of incoming fire. the Anvil. and their marine companies boast that their shield walls can never be broken. MARs: Armoured Belly. You DO NOT roll on the Critical Hit Table for an Attack by this model. Without the reliance on erratic winds. Fore Turret: the Turret has a 180 degree Arc of Fire to the fore of the model. its chimneys gushing smoke as the furnaces are stoked to capacity. Able to safely sink beneath the waves. the Belcher displays the Dwarves’ love of experimental engineering. Flammable Gases. MARs: Hull Breaker. measured from the centre of the Turret. Particularly canny commanders have learned to time these attacks to best hamper the foes manoeuvres and plough valuable targets into the paths of their most powerful weapons. Magma Guns (Fore): The Magma Guns CANNOT target Flying or Submerged models. Although not as fast or flexible as its precursor. MARs: Tough Crew ANVIL CLASS HEAVY CRUISER CHISEL CLASS DESTROYER First designed by the great Jannes Fridtmund. Iron Ram. MARs: Bulldoze. Although fragile by Dwarven standards. the achievement of which the Iron Dwarves remain most proud. When making a Surface move. Panic Dive Dwarves from the Guild of Warriors are a particularly tenacious breed. before swinging round to unleash volley after volley of thunderous broadsides. Free Floating Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games . the Bellows Airship is now proving itself as an airborne danger to any enemy vessel. dependable and versatile. its remarkable durability and phenomenal damage output found favour with many Iron Dwarf commanders whose preferred tactic was to wear down their opponent in a battle of stamina and attrition. Larger and hardier than the Belcher. Their Captains know they can rely on their thick armour to withstand all but the most determined fusillade. former master of the Guild of Guns. Originally used to land troops to assault onshore positions. they carry their small crew undetected into the midst of the enemy. • • This model CANNOT Ram non-Flying models. MARs: Flame Weapon (Fore). Panic Dive BELLOWS CLASS AIRSHIP Developed initially to allow troops to efficiently explore the landmasses scattered throughout the Uncharted Seas. the Mortis perhaps best characterises this pinnacle. Amongst the many advances it has allowed the Dwarven race. MARs: None KRAKEN CLASS SUBMARINE In recent years. possibly the three most valued traits in Dwarven society. the Dwarven marines excelling in the tight packed conditions of ship-toship combat. designed specifically to puncture hulls and flood enemy vessels. instead it cause 2 points of HULL damage if the Attack matches/exceeds the target’s CR. allowing them to close on the foe. this model may increase its movement by D3  inches. MARs: None PISTON CLASS RAM CRUISER Another unique display of Dwarven ingenuity.THE MODELS Power Of The Ironclad MORTIS CLASS FRIGATE The steam engine is. ALL non-Flying models within a 4” radius of the airship’s Flight peg receive a 10AD Attack when this bomb is dropped.but it CAN be boarded by other Flying models if they are capable of boarding. the Piston supplements its gunnery with a steam driven prow which it can use to shunt even the largest of ships. Cumbersome Flier. before surfacing to spew molten metal over vulnerable targets from their infamous Magma Guns. MARs: Lethal Strike (Fore Rockets) After the versatility offered by the turret mounted cannon fitted to the Mortis proved so useful.

upon the completion of his first tour. the Forge would not be possible. You measure from the centre of the model for movement. from the workshops of Narven in the old world. In addition they reinforced the framework. crewed by the Sailors Guild and defended by the Warriors Guild. and can freely rotate the model around the centre point at the end of the movement. Gun. Small). The Forge Battleships are often held as an exemplar of this. Timber and Metal Guilds. and the Dwarves say that it is this ‘forging’ of their guilds that makes their kingdom great. Smith. King Ringvald is reputed to have remarked: “Aye. form a whole much greater than their sum. battery of rockets and a rear mounted turret. overhauled the engine design and fitted the cruelly bladed prow that had seen great success on the Anvil Cruisers. that’ll do. when combined together. piecemeal. Without any one of these. bristling gun batteries warning away any foolhardy raiders.FORGE CLASS BATTLESHIP Each Dwarf recognizes that their society is an amalgam of many different parts which. saw it as a point of honour that their King not be disappointed. His chief engineers. To their enduring pride. MARs: None GUARDIAN CLASS FLOATING CITADEL To cement their growing holdings in the Uncharted Seas. fore firing. or a dozen others. Sharpshooters (5+) A Bulwark Guns B Fortress Guns CHAINMAIL CLASS FLAGSHIP After encountering firsthand the uncountable dangers present in the Uncharted Seas.” Fore Rockets: the Fore Rockets have a Fore Arc of Fire. High King Ringvald himself requested that a vessel be designed to answer them. This model DOES NOT use a Turning Template and has 360 degree movement. MARs: Murder Holes (4+). Steam. Radial Fire (Bulwark Guns. Impregnable fortresses of iron. Aft Turret: the Turret has a 180 degree Arc of Fire to the aft of the model. Every vessel is the profit of labour by the Ironship. the Artisans of War. they added a top mounted. Taking the hull of the Forge. the High King ordered that several of these waterborne castles be shipped. MARs: Lethal Strike (Rockets) Fortress Guns Fore Firing Channel A B A Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games . the Guardians watch over the most vital ports.

Panic Dive - - - - 1 2 3 4 3 2 - 3 2 - 6 3 - 3 2 1 - 1 2 3 4 - - - - Hammer Class Cruiser DR 4 4 CR 7 5 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 50 Piston Class Ram Cruiser DR 4 CR 7 5 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 55 6” RAM 5 7” RAM RED 5 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT PORT • Medium Capital Class • Standard model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: None • Medium Capital Class • Variant model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: Bulldoze.Mortis Class Frigate DR 3 2 CR 6 2 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 35 Belcher Class Submarine DR 3 CR 5 1 MOVE RAM 1 RANGE BAND Points: 35 8” RAM 2 6/8” HULL CREW HULL CREW TURRET • Small Class • Standard model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 4 Models MARs: None • Small Class • Diving Special 3 model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 to 2 Models MARs: Flame Weapon (Fore). Iron Ram FORE 4 - STARBOARD - 1 2 3 4 7 6 3 - 7 6 3 - - - - 1 2 3 4 6 4 2 - 6 4 2 - 5 3 - - Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games - - - . Hull Breaker. Panic Dive FORE 2 - - - - 1 2 3 4 5 3 - - - - - 1 2 3 4 5 3 - - - Chisel Class Destroyer DR 3 3 CR 6 3 MOVE 7” RAM 3 Points: 45 FORE ROCKETS Kraken Class Submarine DR CR 5 2 MOVE RAM 4 RANGE BAND Points: 35 RANGE BAND 4 3 - 6/8” HULL CREW STARBOARD HULL CREW PORT • Small Class • Standard model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: Lethal Strike (Fore Rockets) FORE • Small Class • Diving Special 3 model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 to 2 Models MARs: Iron Ram.

Small). Radial Fire (Bulwark Guns. Free Floating. Cumbersome Flier. Flammable Gases Chainmail Class Flagship STARBOARD/PORT Points: 160 FORE ROCKETS Guardian Class Floating Citadel DR 6 CR 12 9 MOVE RAM 10 RANGE BAND Points: 120 FORTRESS GUNS DR 6 9 CR 12 9 MOVE RAM RED 10 RANGE BAND 5” 2” HULL CREW HULL CREW TURRET FORE 10 • Large Capital Class • Special 1 model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: Lethal Strike (Rockets) • Large Capital Class • Special 1 model • Template: NONE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model BULWARK GUNS AFT - - 1 2 3 4 16 13 9 5 7 6 5 4 4 3 1 - 5 4 3 5 3 - 1 2 3 4 16 13 9 5 7 6 5 - - - MARs: Murder Holes (4).Armoury Class Troop Carrier DR 4 4 CR 7 6 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 45 Anvil Class Heavy Cruiser DR 5 CR 8 6 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 85 6” RAM 3 5” RAM RED 5 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT STARBOARD • Medium Class • Special 3 model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 Models MARs: Tough Crew • Medium Capital Class • Variant model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: None PORT 5 - TURRET - 1 2 3 4 4 2 - 4 2 - - - - 1 2 3 4 8 6 4 - 8 6 4 - 5 3 - Bellows Class Airship DR 4 4 CR 6 4 MOVE 7” RAM 4 Points: 85 BOMB ATTACK Forge Class Battleship DR CR 12 7 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 120 RANGE BAND 6 8 - 4” RAM 9 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW STARBOARD PORT PORT FORE • Large Capital Class • Flying Special 2 model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 to 2 Models • Large Capital Class • Standard model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: None AFT 1 2 3 4 8 6 4 - 8 6 4 10 - - 1 2 3 4 16 13 9 5 16 13 9 5 7 6 5 - 4 3 1 - MARs: Armoured Belly. Sharpshooters (5+) Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games - - - .

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