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UCS Shroud Mages Stats

UCS Shroud Mages Stats

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Navy List for Uncharted Seas
Navy List for Uncharted Seas

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Published by: Luciano Molina on Mar 19, 2013
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“Some study the control of air and fire, good for conjuring tricks and lighting the forge

. Some study earth and water, good for growing crops. You have proven worthy of the nobler art, you will learn the secrets of the shadows. To bend light to serve your purpose, to summon darkness and fuel your power. You will learn to manipulate the most fearful shadows of all, those within the mind.” Shroud Mage Grand Master Hirah Reus, to his apprentices.

The Shroud Mages are an old and wily order of dwarven magic users, whose practices are a mixture of priestly ritual and the control of elemental energies. They can command the basic elements of air, earth, fire and water, but their true skill is in manipulating the elements of light and darkness. The Shroud Mages have become masters of shadow, being able to darken clear skies and befuddle the senses of onlookers. Like there dwarven cousins the Shroud Mages are a race that can live for many centuries. They were once a respected order, whose mages wandered from stronghold to township to rural village, bringing rain when it was needed for crops, or strengthening the shafts of a mine. For many years they were reknowned for aiding any dwarves who called upon them, but with the rise of the Shandelfan Period, that began to change. When the great Dwarven Empire was at its highest the Shroud Mages began to assemble their order in the cities. At first they met to share their skills and knowledge, but as time passed their interests became more insular and they rarely assisted their neighbours, unless the reward was high or served a higher purpose. It was at this time that the Shroud Mages concentrated their research into the discovery of the nature of darkness and shadow, and its connection to the raw power of magic. It is rumoured that their skills grew until they were able to disappear at will, to travel from shadow to shadow, and spy on their enemies without the risk of discovery. They soon became popular with kings and elders alike, and their wealth grew, but at the same time they were feared and despised for their influence. At the height of the glory of the Shandelfan Period, the Shroud Mages offered their assistance to the Elders of the dwarven kingdom, a powerful council made up of the most respected artisans and craftsmen of the dwarven world. Members of this high council were called the Magus, individuals who held a powerful position in dwarven society, acting as arbitrators in disputes between the different dwarven factions. The Shroud Mages sought to share knowledge with the Magus, even though very few of them were sorcerers or wizards. The true power of the Magus lay in their development of steam power, though they were difficult to deal with, as they had the high standards of scholars and the arrogance common to dwarven engineers.

The Shroud Mages

However, the Shroud Mages had strong beliefs in dwarven superiority, whether it was the crafts or their culture in general, so the two groups found common ground for a time.

It was at this time that the Magus grew tired of the constant bickering and in fighting of their kin, and their occasional violent blood feud. They vowed to leave the Shandelfan lands, and travel to a place free of dwarves with short tempers and limited imaginations. They offered to take the Shroud Mages with them, most of whom accepted, and sailed east into the Broken Seas. The Magus travelled into the Uncharted Seas, sailing across the Voskian Strait and the Strait of Usank. They settled at Farl in the Voskian Wastes and built a large fortified town, after which they began to make further researches into undersea steam power. With the assistance of the Shroud Mages, under the leadership of Asser Moriarnus, they saw off occasional raids by the Northern Voskians, but were badly defeated by a Dragon Lord fleet near Helg. It was then that Asser Moriarnus made a decision that was to forever change the future of his people: he would sue for peace and sign a pact with the Dragon Lords. But this did not sit well with the Magus who, having turned their backs on their own dwarf kin, now decided that the Shroud Mages had gone too far and had lost their honour. Bickering erupted and some bloody skirmishes took place. The Magus had quickly grown to despise the Dragon Lords, and abandoned their former allies, vowing to never sit at a table of peace with them again. The Shroud Mages were left with a fleet of fully functional steam ships, and luckily had learnt enough of their operation that they felt confident of taking them to sea. There were also plenty of dwarves who were not willing to follow the Magus, and were available to maintain the ships. The Shroud Mages had seen this journey into unknown territory as an opportunity to carve out their own empire, and had hoped that the Magus shared their vision. Instead, the Magus had left them with their steam ships and disappeared, so Moriarnus led his followers south. The dwarves had tired of raids by the Voskians, and even more drained by the cold northern climate. They searched for a region with bountiful crops and the locals to harvest it for them, a quiet place where they could further master the elements, and prove the supremacy of dwarf kind over their enemies.

The Great Experiment

Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules

Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games

with the dull steel or tarnished brass of their pipework providing a contrast. but behind this oath is another. It was a couple of days later that they encountered another Bone Griffon fleet. whose ships they had not yet sighted. when half of their ships had no real offensive capability. proud. Asser Moriarnus was initially suspicious of this offer. The Cabal is lobbying for access to the Morgloth province of Ossiria. who will gather intelligence and stir dissent. light and dark. so that the scholars of the Cabal can witness the glory of the Dark Serpents. A few hundred years ago they were given effective rulership of Mysonnia as a token of their patronage. earth. The Shroud Mages have begun to seek out Kullorian shipping. The Dragon Lords still hold a military seaport on Mysonnia however. Most of these allies are expendable. He encouraged them to settle there and send envoys to Kalath on Mysonnia. naming it the Cabal. Shroud Mage envoys have sworn to destroy the enemies of the Dragon Lords. which is made up of humans and Kreel. water. That is all dealt with for them by the Saahdas. The Dragon Lords call the dwarves of Mysonnia The Dark Ones. around the southern tip of Principia. They have enough skilled artisans to keep the fleet in running order. The Shroud Mages discovered that the fleet had been in the process of surrounding a Dragon Lord fleet. and giving them a supernatural advantage over their enemies at night. It is even rumoured that storms are at their beck and call. Its terrain is a mixture of hills and lowlands. and agreed to it. and large herds of livestock. and the Dragon Lords in particular wanted to discover the intentions and ideology of the newcomers. with deep woods providing good hunting. and so told them of safe anchorages among the Thousand Islands. because of their mastery of light and shadow. who saw a possible ally in the Shroud Mages. He assembled his followers into House Moriarnus before he died. collect taxes from the Kreel and ensure the safe passage of Dragon Lord shipping near their shores. Shroud Mage fleets have begun to skirmish with the orc warships sailing from The Darnak Cluster. They do not interfere with the day to day operations of the dwarves. Lords of Mysonnia Politics and Subterfuge Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games . because they have been in contact with the Shroud Mages remaining in Delfdran and are aware of the oppression that the Shroud Mages in the Old World have suffered. and created the council that rules Mysonnia. Their engines pass superheated air down massive pipes into the water to propel their ships forward. The Cabal has considered bribing the orcs to do their bidding. The Shroud Mage fleets are made up of steam ships of a design radically different to that of the Kullorian dwarves. sailing so close to the Shifting Shores. Ships from Mysonnia are mainly coloured purple or dark shades of red. and valued the support of vassals trusted with a degree of independence. The Shroud Mages do not involve themselves in the pursuits of agriculture and animal husbandry however. as the Cabal aims to make trade very difficult for the followers of King Ringvald. They had no idea of the danger their fleet was in. more selfish motive. but leave the responsibility of fighting orc war fleets from The Kingdom to the Dragon Lords that patrol between Vyrdam and The Thousand Islands. as the Cabal will dispense with them as soon as their Dragon Lord masters demand it. The Cabal determines Shroud Mage policies and negotiates with the Dragon Lords on behalf of their kin. this one was larger but their ship captains made an aggressive attack to keep the undead galleys from threatening their transport ships. as they were strong. but has limited authority over individual Shroud Mage captains. After the Bone Griffons were destroyed. fire. and include magical devices that increase the power of the engines and the effect of its propellant on the waters. The Cabal appreciates the value of having allies in the camp of their enemies. the peasant class of Dragon Lord society. but do not currently have the resources for a major ship building programme. hoping to divide the orc tribes and also disrupt the bandits. but have also subverted some of their number. By this time Moriarnus had become an ambassador for the Shroud Mages in Principia. making ships hard to see in foul weather. but during discussions over the next couple of days he discovered that The Thousand Islands were overrun with bandits opposed to Dragon Lord rule. recognise the dwarves of Karneia as the foothold of the Old World invasion of the region. The Shroud Mages also harbour a fierce hatred of their Old World kin. Mysonnia is a fertile province with extensive plantations. where he negotiated with representatives of the House Cadres. and have envoys in the cities of Kalath and Jerbourg. He was able to convince his followers that the Dragon Lords would make valuable allies. he fully understood the reasoning behind the offer. The Dragon Lords are fond of the Dark Ones because some of them mimic the dress and protocol of the four Houses. The Shroud Mages favour astronomical symbols as well as stylised representations of the six elements of air.The Shroud Mages attempted to make a landing on Vyrdam. but every vessel is also marked with the black sun of House Moriarnus. like the Dragon Lords. but they were chased off by troops from Dawn City. The Shroud Mages settled in The Thousand Islands and developed friendly relations with the Dragon Lords. Once this was explained. The Shroud Mages use their mastery over the elements to assist their fleets. The Dragon Lord fleet commander was Marander Keryn of House Melkharn. suspicious of each others intentions. where the dwarves encountered a small Bone Griffon fleet and destroyed it. They sailed south and then west. the Dragon Lords and the Shroud Mages stood off at a distance. for ‘supporting Shroud Mage endeavours’. The Cabal. Both sides wanted to sound out the other. Every leading Shroud Mage has his own heraldry that is used by his followers. Asser Moriarnus in particular was known for his respect of Dragon Lord traditions. As dusk approached the two forces entered into discussions. as long as they seek continue to seek out bandit fleets. The Journey South The Shroud Mages fight The Thousand Islands bandits on a regular basis.

Iron Ram. are manned by a vast and dedicated crew. MARs: Steam Burst lURKER CLASS FRIGATE life from any souls caught in their midst. these reliable war engines are the pride of the Shroud Mage Navy. drowning their senses and clogging their lungs with smoke. and often allows a greater density of firepower to be crammed into equivalent sized hulls. The Lurker’s mechanical turret is adapted so that Priests of Light may conduct their rituals within its cramped confines. thrusting the ships forward with a combination of simple momentum and thermal expansion. the remaining Intruder Battleship refused to quit the field. the vessels which the Magus supplied the Shroud Mages are powered by an entirely unique system. MARs: Blinding Flash. MARs: Hull Breaker. MARs: None ADEPT CLASS DESTROYER The Shroud Mages nation is not densely populated. and occasionally conflict erupts between them. allowing the dwarven marines to efficiently dispose of any remaining crew. One such instance occurred when a House Traal patrol fleet stumbled upon a battle between the Shroud Mages and their Old World cousins. more powerful than any other vessel floating. Independent A prime example of the Shroud Mages keen fusion of technology and sorcery is the Illuminator. These steam bellows inject boiling vapour into the hole rent by the ram. MARs: Stealth. their powerful engines stream jets of superheated air into the water. fuelled by the most sinister of blood sacrifices. the results are undeniable. the Magus engineers who designed the original blueprints devised a lethal ram that compensates for the ships lack in momentum. MARs: Steam Bellows (+1) TORMENTOR Class HEAVY Cruiser Foregoing bow chasers for a more direct approach. destroying most of the Shroud fleet in one catastrophic explosion. until it shines like a lighthouse. Determined to enforce the peace. ships like the Stalker are the reliable workhorse of a Shroud Mages commander. Engines. This they compensate for with dark magic and cruel weaponry. However. The twisted rites of the Invokers of Darkness warp the Mages’ minds and bodies. These clouds choke the Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules darkness class cruiser Consolidating all their experience and expertise gained from studying the work of the Magus. Port/Starboard Turret: these Turrets have a 180 degree Arc of Fire to the Port or Starboard of the model. the Dragon Lord commander opened fire on both sides. the Adept’s flexible turret allows it to concentrate significant fire against the most valuable target. nor are its people considered among the finest warriors. MARs: Steam Bellows (+1). Darkness Cloud (6). sturdy and versatile. Using its considerable momentum behind a needle sharp prow. the Shroud Mages added an arcane device that temporarily blinds their foe after the impact. Aft Turret: this Turret has a 270 degree Arc of Fire to the rear of the model. MARs: Steam Bellows (+2) Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games ENIGMA CLASS FLAGSHIP . Steam Burst STALKER CLASS CRUISER The highest magics practiced by the Shroud Mages are the manipulation of Light and Darkness. Though costly to produce. drawing the firepower of every other Shroud Mage ship in range. Upon impact with the target. Darkness cruisers operate in pairs. To this. a Ripper’s Captain will slam his vessel straight into the enemy’s hull. conducting synchronised rituals to manifest clouds of sentient darkness at the nexus of their magical power.THE MODELS The Dark Magic Fleet Eschewing the propeller based propulsion of other steam ships. cunning metallurgy and multiple system redundancies mean the final product is no less durable. supplementing their meagre crew with a horrifying weapon built into its bladed prow. the Ripper’s revolutionary hull design allows the surprisingly large vessel to dip completely beneath the waves. before their assault troops move in to clean out the remnants. this arcane glow spreads across the targets hull. imbuing special shells with a magical luminescence. Coupled with experimental Shroud Mages engineering to give sudden bursts of speed. However. pouring steam into the enemy’s hold to cook their marines alive. one of which was purposefully constructed to seek out and eliminate airborne threats. the Shroud Mages shipwrights created their magnum opus. dipping upon impact to drag his serrated ridge across their keel. Panic Dive RIPPER CLASS SUBMARINE Nimble. and truly terrifying to behold. Heavy broadsides and brutal chasers are supplemented by agile turrets. shrugging off volley after volley as it systematically exterminated the remaining dwarves and their erstwhile allies. Steam Burst INFILTRATOR ASSAULT DESTROYER Whilst a formal alliance exists between the Dragon Lords and Shroud Mages nations. MARs: Steam Bellows (+2). not all Lords trust ‘the Dark Ones’. Hull Ripper. whether it lies to ahead or to either flank. Steam Burst INTRUDER CLASS BATTLESHIP Although the ships designed by the Magus appear less heavily armoured than their Iron Dwarves cousins. Steam Burst ILLUMINATOR CLASS FRIGATE At the cutting edge of Shroud Mages technology. MARs: Illuminate. Misdirection. Typified in the common Lurker frigate. tearing ragged wounds in their vulnerable underbelly. The Tormentor sits at the forefront of this ideal.

Hull Breaker. Stealth Ripper Class Submarine FORE TORPEDOES Points: 65 Tormentor Class Heavy Cruiser DR 5 5 CR 8 6 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 75 DR 4 4 CR 6 4 MOVE RANGE BAND 7” RAM 6 8” RAM RED 7 HULL CREW HULL CREW STARBOARD PORT • Medium Capital Class • Diving Special 2 model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 to 2 Models • Medium Capital Class • Variant model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: Steam Bellows (+1) FORE - - - - - 1 2 3 4 5 - - - - - 1 2 3 4 7 5 3 1 7 5 3 1 5 4 2 - - MARs: Iron Ram. Hull Ripper. Steam Burst TURRET - - - 1 2 3 4 4 3 1 - - - - - 1 2 3 4 4 3 1 - - - Adept Class Destroyer DR 3 3 CR 6 3 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 45 Infiltrator Class Assault Destroyer DR 3 CR 6 4 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 50 8” RAM RED 4 8” RAM RED 4 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW TURRET PORT FORE • Small Class • Standard model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: None • Small Class • Special 2 model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: Blinding Flash. Steam Burst • Medium Capital Class • Special 2 model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 Models FORE 4 - STARBOARD - 1 2 3 4 6 5 3 1 6 5 3 1 4 3 1 - - - 1 2 3 4 6 5 3 1 6 5 3 1 4 3 1 - - MARs: Darkness Cloud (6). Independent. Panic Dive Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games - - - - . Misdirection. Steam Burst PORT 3 - STARBOARD - - 1 2 3 4 3 2 - 3 2 - 4 3 1 - 4 3 1 - - 1 2 3 4 4 3 1 - 4 3 1 - - - Stalker Class Cruiser DR 4 4 CR 7 5 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 55 Darkness Class Cruiser DR 4 CR 6 5 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 75 6” RAM RED 6 7” RAM RED 6 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT FORE PORT • Medium Capital Class • Standard model • Template: MEDIUM • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 2 to 3 Models MARs: Steam Bellows (+1).Lurker Class Frigate DR 3 2 CR 6 2 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 30 Illuminator Class Frigate DR 3 CR 6 2 MOVE RAM 3 RANGE BAND Points: 40 8” RAM 3 8” HULL CREW HULL CREW TURRET 2 - • Small Class • Standard model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 3 to 4 Models MARs: Steam Burst • Small Class • Variant model • Template: SMALL • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 3 to 4 Models MARs: Illuminate.

Steam Burst • Large Capital Class • Special 1 model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: Steam Bellows (+2) 1 2 3 4 15 12 8 4 15 12 8 4 6 5 4 3 - - 1 2 3 4 15 12 8 4 15 12 8 4 FORE 8 7 6 5 9 - Uncharted Seas Fantasy Naval Combat Rules Copyright © 2008-2013 Spartan Games TURRET 4 3 1 - .Intruder Class Battleship DR 6 8 CR 12 8 MOVE RANGE BAND Points: 110 Enigma Class Flagship DR 6 CR 12 9 MOVE RAM RED 10 6” Points: 155 DEFENSIVE FIRE 6 RANGE BAND 4” RAM RED 9 STARBOARD HULL CREW HULL CREW PORT FORE STARBOARD PORT • Large Capital Class • Standard model • Template: LARGE • This model IGNORES the wind direction • Squadron Size: 1 Model MARs: Steam Bellows (+2).

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