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TargetGroup: The target groups for this session are the new recruiters or the freshers of the supervisors

cadre. Ice Breaking Session SPAGHETTI TOWER ( 40 mins.) Key themes of this game: Teamwork, Creative, thinking Small teams are asked to build the tallest, most cost-effective, free-standing tower using a packetof dried Spaghetti and a packet of jelly babies within the set time limit.THINGS WE THEY NEED100g of spaghetti, 1 balloon and 20 jelly babies per team. 1 Tape to measure. Sufficient tablespace is needed for each team to work on their tower.Cost Structure of the equipmentsI balloon packet-Rs 10I packet Jelly Beans per team Rs 50Spaghetti 100gms Rs 70More material will be provided on demand but cost needed to be taken into account whilemaking the making the tower. Rules of the GAME: 1. Split the group into small teams of four.2 . I n t r o d u c e the exercise by stating that the challenge is to build the tallest, most c o s t effective3.freestanding tower that will support an inflated balloon 4. Explain the 30 minute time constraint5.Explain the costs involved for the materials (see sheet 2)6 . A s s i g n e a c h g r o u p t h e i r s p a g h e t t i , j e l l y b e a n s a n d b a l l o o n . A l s o p r o v i d e e a c h t e a m a briefing sheet7.Reinforce the rules that the tower must be unsupported and freestanding after 10 minuteswith an8 . i n f l a t e d b a l l o o n attached to the top 9. Start the activity and the timer. Give the teams a time check after FIFTEEN minutes anda one and two minute warning.10.After 10 minutes, call time or give an extension at your discretion.