Before appointment he lodged with CCM form 48A statutory declaration that he is: a. Not convict any offence within or outside Malaysia c. Consents to act as director of company .A person only can be appointed as director if 1. Not been imprisoned for any offence prescribed in Company Act within 5 years immediately preceding of date declare d. 2. He is nominated at least 11 clear days before general meeting. Not an undischarge bankrupt b.

2. Managers and Secretaries and Changes of Particulars. A form 48 A & 49 1. manager and secretaries update accordingly thereafter. Both form must be lodge with CCM within 1 month from date of his appointment.Form 48 A – Statutory Declaration by a Person Before Appointment as Director. or by a Promoter before Incorporation of Corporation Form 49 – Return Giving Particulars in Register of Directors. Register of Directors. .

States the 1st director of company shall be named in the MoA & AoA 2. Director appoint to fill casual vacancies or add director shall hold office until next AGM when they shall be eligible for re-election . 1st director deemed to appoint on incorporation of company and will hold office until 1st AGM where they will retire 3.Section 122 (3) 1. Any subsequent appointment governed by MoA & MoA 4.

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