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Published by: Otilia Mazilu on Mar 19, 2013
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Have you ever paid good money for a vacation only to experience rain for five days and then lose your wallet? Has anyone you know opened a business that had to close because of overwhelming problems? How about all those people who buy lemons, the ones you drive in or live in? What did they do wrong?

Electional Astrology
There's an old branch of astrology called elections, or electional astrology. It's not about voting, but it is about making a choice—choosing to do something at a specific time. For centuries, people have used electional astrology to choose the time to lay foundations for buildings, to crown kings and queens and to launch ships. Today, people use electional astrology to select times for a marriage, open a business, medical procedures, travel and many other purposes. This branch of astrology is about using free will, along with the positions of the planets, to make an informed choice. Serious electional astrology is complicated. Astrologers who practice this branch of astrology utilize a variety of astrological techniques to arrive at the optimum time for their clients to commence one activity or another. An accurate birth chart, one with the exact time of birth, is a prerequisite. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Nearly anyone, even those who don't know their time of birth, can use a few simple astrological clues to help chart their course. These clues are to be found in the motions of the Moon and Mercury.

Planning with the Moon
Watch the Moon as it moves through its phases. You can do this in real life, or by looking at most any calendar. The Moon, when it is New (once a month when the Moon passes near the Sun), is invisible. A few days later you can see it as a thin crescent in the west just after sunset. This part of the month is favorable for beginning projects that you expect to mature very gradually. As the Moon moves away from the Sun and on to its Full Moon phase (as it "waxes"), conditions are still good for beginning projects, but the closer to the Full Moon, the sooner the projects will mature. This period close to Full Moon is also very good for projects that require, or are about, publicity.

Tips for Moon Planning
Keep two things in mind about this rule, however. Don't force something that needs a long time to mature by beginning it just before the Full Moon. Start it earlier in the cycle. Second, avoid starting things on the day of the First Quarter (halfway between New Moon and Full Moon), or even the day before.

The Full Moon
Do things that have already been started, things that are more or less ongoing, after the Full Moon. The period from Full Moon back to New Moon (the "waning" Moon) is the time for completing things or bringing projects to their culmination. It is a good

avoid doing things on the Third Quarter or the day before. we can hitch a ride and go much farther than we could on our own power. Try it out. when we move with the natural flow of energy around us.time for harvesting. NASA is constantly fixing it. A good example is the Hubble telescope. and also for ending personal matters. Mercury Retrograde Mercury retrograde has been known to strike fear into the minds of many—especially people who have Gemini and Virgo prominent in their birth charts. . you could find yourself going back to the dealer a week later. The theory behind electional astrology is that we do best when we follow natural cycles. first-time initiatives during its retrograde period. and also more accurately. Three times a year. Mercury appears to move backward against the zodiac. more personal matters. We move faster. or setting sail. The Void Moon Ever hear of the "void-of-course" Moon? This is when the Moon has completed its alignments in any given zodiac sign. you could lose some files and have to start over. These retrograde times often wreak havoc on our modern technological society. a motion created by the interaction of the Earth's orbit and that of Mercury's. and then moves on to the next sign without making any further connections. If you install a new computer operating system under it. or the tide. storing and finishing. or things that have been done before. which was launched while Mercury was retrograde. Communication devices are precisely Mercury's domain. These two signs are ruled by (that is. Using the natural movement of the wave. Again. Step out of the rat race with electional astrology. they are associated with) that tricky planet Mercury. It's a drifting kind of time. which is driven by communication devices. Mercury retrograde watchers know not to take major. a time for processing life that is suitable for ongoing projects and inner. If you buy a car during the retrograde. What happens in real life is exactly that—these periods are not good at all for starting projects that have specific goals. Check them out. It's like surfing. Void-of-course Moon tables are found in many almanacs and astrological ephemerides. What to do when Mercury is retrograde? Attend to projects that require completion and closure.

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