Cariere in asistenta sociala Health care jobs are one of today's fastest growing areas of employment.

With a wide variety of available occupations, job hunters may wonder whether they are well suited for a particular line of work. Astrology can shed some light on such career decisions because it has a long tradition of providing vocational counseling. Certain planetary configurations in a birth chart can suggest the natural inclination or potential in a person to be satisfied or successful in a specific type of profession. By the broadest definition, the healing professions are said to be ruled by Virgo and the Sixth House, while human health in general is indicated by the Sun and the First House. The details of one's own career, employment, vocation or "calling" are shown in the birth chart by the Sixth and Tenth Houses, the signs on their cusps, the ruling planets of those signs and any planets located within those houses. This apparent complexity of astrological factors merely reflects the numerous considerations you must make in choosing a career.

Health Career Indicators in Your Chart
Looking at some examples may help to illustrate how certain professions are represented by a combination of astrological factors. Suppose you wish to consider a job in one of the creative therapies such as art, music or dance therapy. While therapy by itself is indicated by Pluto, Scorpio and the Eighth House, the creative arts are represented by Venus, Neptune, Taurus, Libra and Pisces. An interest in art therapy will be suggested by a combination of these factors in your birth chart, such as a Venus-Pluto conjunction in Libra in the Eighth House. Working in family planning or birth control would combine the rulers of conception (Venus), control (Saturn) and parenthood (Fourth and Tenth Houses).

The Astrology of Anatomy
The clue to some kinds of health work is found in the anatomical rulers in astrology. For instance, the bones and teeth are ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, so these factors are associated with a job in chiropractic or dentistry. Hearing problems are expressed by Saturn and Mercury, which would be prominent in charts of audiologists. Vision and the eyes are ruled by Aries and the Sun, symbols that point to optometry and iridology. Massage, physical therapy and similar "hands-on" bodywork involve the planets ruling muscles (Mars) and the hands (Mercury). The heart is ruled by the Sun and Leo, blood by Mars and circulation by Aquarius—all symbols that are associated with cardiovascular careers. Gynecology and midwifery involve the planets of birth (Pluto) and babies (Moon). The skin is ruled by Saturn, a planet prominent in dermatology. Careers involving the nervous system, such as neurologist, are ruled by Mercury and Uranus. Brain wave (EEG) technology would be indicated by the rulers of the brain (Moon, Aries and Mercury), while foot reflexology would involve Pisces, ruler of the feet.

Diet and Nutrition
The jobs of dietician and nutritionist are represented by the astrological rulers of food, such as Virgo, the Moon and Cancer, as well as vitamins, ruled by the Sun, and

Pisces. Cancer. If photography is involved. Applied kinesiology involves muscle testing. it is best to consult an experienced. Surgery requires emphasis on Mars/Aries. Neptune and the Sixth and Twelfth Houses. Crisis intervention is ruled by the great disturber/intruder.minerals (Saturn). they do not compel. which are ruled by Neptune. Crisis Situations An emergency medical technician needs the quick reactions of fast-moving Mars or Aries. Technical Health Careers Technology is ruled by Uranus/Aquarius and Virgo. professional astrologer who specializes in vocational counseling. Working with animals is shown by a strong Virgo. Healing with meditation. Nuclear medicine jobs will feature Pluto. the Moon. Aromatherapy and flower essence therapy are associated with Taurus and Venus. which will be prominent in the charts of medical technicians who work with X-rays or EKG equipment. which works with subtle vibrations. Alternative Health The alternative health fields have astrological rulers as well. but one must always remember the ancient advice. Pisces. which is a Mars-Saturn combination. hypnosis or past life regression is shown by a strong connection of Saturn with Neptune or the Twelfth House. Neptune is indicated. Dietary work that concerns weight loss would involve the planets of fat (Jupiter) and fasting (Saturn). Working with the aged or with chronic health conditions is represented by the slow-moving ruler of time. Dream therapy is an appropriate career for those with strong Moon or Neptune. plus Saturn (confinement). Pluto/Scorpio or the Eighth House. Pisces)." When in doubt. signs and houses in your birth chart that match the "rulers" of various types of health work. Energetic healing involves the Sun and Mars with Pluto. Work with terminal patients involves the symbols for death (Pluto/Scorpio/Eighth House) and compassion (Neptune. With the serious study of astrology. All nursing work and assistive personal care is ruled by Virgo. you need a strong Saturn. If measurement is part of your health job. the Twelfth House. Astrology can be useful in career decisions. "the stars incline. and his sign Capricorn. A pharmacist or an anesthesiologist works with drugs. Uranus. Saturn. and the Twelfth. . Sagittarius and the Ninth House. Prayer therapy is indicated by Jupiter. Leo and Moon. Magnetic healing. Sixth House. you can learn to identify the planets. can be shown by a prominent Neptune. The hospital environment is associated with Neptune.

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