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Get Involved in EIA Practice Albanien

Get Involved in EIA Practice Albanien

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The Vlorë site and its immediate surroundings are generally poor in groundwater resources.
Groundwater does accumulate in shallow sandy deposits, however this water is typically of
poor quality and low volume. Nonetheless, groundwater is occasionally extracted using hand-
dug wells. The depth of the groundwater level at the Vlorë Site varies between 1 and 10 m.
The primary groundwater flow direction is west toward the Adriatic Sea.

As discussed previously, mercury and other chemical discharges have contaminated
groundwater resources in the vicinity of the abandoned chemical plant to the south of the
Vlorë Site, however, there is no evidence that the groundwater in the immediate vicinity of the
Vlorë B Site has been impacted by those discharges and the general groundwater flow from
the source of the mercury contamination is away from the Vlorë site. UNEP’s feasibility study
for risk reduction measures (June 2001) shows the extent of the contamination and that it
does not impact the Vlore site.

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