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Get Involved in EIA Practice Albanien

Get Involved in EIA Practice Albanien

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The generation facility will not directly affect critical terrestrial ecosystems. The site is
relatively barren and has little vegetation or wildlife. Road improvements and construction of
new transmission lines may also affect terrestrial environments. Clearing along the road and
transmission lines should be minimized.

The location of the transmission interconnection has not been finalized. One option is for a
seven km line from the planned Vlorë facility switchyard to the planned Babica substation. If
the Babica substation is not constructed in time, the interconnection will be to the Vlorë
substation, four and one half km away. Neither line will disturb productive agricultural land or
displace residences. The width of the right of way for the line should be no more than 60 m.

If possible, the entire right-of-way for the transmission line should not be stripped. Stripping
should be practiced only when there is no other option for performing the work. Vegetative
removal should be done manually without the use of herbicides. In addition, when accessing
the tower sites for the transmission lines, tree cutting should be minimized. Any woody
vegetation on the site or transmission line corridor should be cleared and be made available to
local residents.

Soil borrow sites should be carefully selected to assure that the sites can be properly
regraded and revegetated after completion of the project. Factors such as terrain feature and
ability to regrade and revegetate the borrow site should be considered during the selection
process. Revegetation should utilize native plant species. For more information see the EMP
section of this report.


Project # 1003316.013901


Final Environmental Impact Assessment

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