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SEC360 / SEC 360 / Week 3 DQs

SEC360 / SEC 360 / Week 3 DQs


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SEC 360 Week 3 DQs
SEC 360 Week 3 DQs

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Week 3 DQs

#1 Written communication is defined as: “an easy to understand expression of concepts in writing; which includes grammar, organization, and structure” (HRS, n.d.). Grammar represents a vital aspect of written communication. If the written communication has writing errors or illiteracy, it will become

That would have led to time waste and loss of productivity.) Written Communication.ineffective.d. This kind of written communication can be done in a simple informal e-mail. in order to have an effective communication. My former job was at an insurance company. These methods will lead to an effective communication and the reports and documents made for internal use will be more accurate and understandable. I was an insurance officer with many tasks related to cars accidents. As an example we can take inter-departments communication between two managers. Also there should be list of abbreviations accepted inside the company. Retrieved from http://www. It is very important to correlate the written format with the purpose of the document. list that should be distributed to all employees. If I would have written those reports incorrectly or with many abbreviations and slangs.uncg. my manager or the authorities would not have understood it. there should be some standards imposed by the company and maybe to organize internal trainings intended for business writing skills improvement. (n. In my opinion.edu/hrs/writcomm. I had the responsibility of writing the accident report and the damages that were visible on the car.htm . HRS.

using business writing skills. it has to remain based on facts and neutral. and some of the prisoners were released from jail because their guiltlessness was proved. . The investigative and incident report has to be written in a professional way. avoiding error and considering the audience. Lately in Dallas there were many cases with errors in conviction. and it needs to reveal information that is based on facts. Not following writing guidelines can lead to convicting the wrong persons and letting the criminal free. These errors in conviction also lead to financial strains because these persons ask for justice and financial compensations for the causeless time they spend in jail. Nowadays investigators have the technology advantage and can prove guiltiness with video proof or other recording systems. the writer must not use personal views or interpretations. In order to have an effective report.#2 In order to realize effective investigative and incident report writing we have to follow some particular guidelines. The report has to be carefully filled in.

give your draft to other colleagues for review. . and always check for errors. On the opposite side.#3 In order to achieve an effective report. It is very important to write a draft before the final report. The report must be written in a neutral note and without grammar errors. #4 Note-taking in a well-known practice. used to capture information from another source and freeing our mind from memorizing important data. The report must be easy to read. The writer also has to use professional language and remain impartial. no matter his or her believes and principals. an ineffective report means to have grammar errors. understand and give all the necessary information. the writer has to use correct information and write only about real facts. use personal opinion and informal language. If you want to reduce your mistakes up to zero.

. Note-taking is a very important tool that helps us store vital information at the crime scene or in other investigations. Accuracy is a very important aspect of an investigation and we always have to verify if the information is accurate and realistic. the more correct and effective the report will be. avoiding this way loosing important data or misunderstanding. information that is not suitable to be written in a report.Investigators should take notes preferably during the interview or as soon as possible after leaving. This notes will help further in making connections and finding a resolution. The more accurate are the notes.

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