After the three issues mentioned above, I'll be printing some of the

below listed in progress or planned material.

a) Tom Lutz has sent me three scripts, One is being worked on by Tim Herzog, the other is in Clay's hands. The final one will either be the basis for a photographic/airbrush attempt, or it'll, be illustrated by the* first
b) Larry Twiss, permanent LOCer and nearby 'neighbor' has agreed to do
artist that volunteers. **.+**»*.

character analyses and articles, but I haven't: heard a ppeeeeep. for quite a while- weeks at least. Let's start chirping Larry. lni++Vlfi+i„ c) Dave Mowry said he was going, to send me a story fo ink, but that's overdue byi at least a month. j.- -,-,

d) JA second (ugh)Kelvin's World story has been plotted and partially drawn. It actually doesn't look that bad, but I'm putting it on toldjuitil I have more TIME and-my figure drawing develops. 4-^'C? e) A sequel to the 'Condor' story previously mentioned has jusj, been

scripted. L wrote thirty pages of. descriptions and dialogue,, the final

pect completion, at the earliest, to be mid to late '77.

this: time around. This is a huge undertaking , and inall reality I ex
Km? snaakinp- of Tim-We&ve bounced around a few ideas that we'd like

draw? version will, run about ^hW^es. Tim H. will do full P^ils

1) mire Inter-Fan material, eh. Steve? That one cosmic tale by McCollum Sid someone else would be nice. If you send some more now, I can haye S# 4 ou? around Secember. If possible, I'd like some story material
for GX #4. Sorry about, the EC3 #2 delays.

todo SFthetr f^Skon is only a matter his tfcne. (scarce) and^intsrest.
. .„_ _.

reasonably nice looking finished P^"6; although it was mangled in re-

iU^ffi KE !^ Sd°nal^nfnative on nand. Isuggested