Marshmallow Bunny plushie Pattern

By: Amanda Brekhus Dandelions & Lace

Materials Needed: <1/4 yard of fleece or felt Matching thread Polyester stuffing Embroidery floss for eyes and nose General Information: Sew all pieces with right sides together Sew ¼” seams Finished size is about 8” tall

Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Cut fabric as instructed on pattern (2-body pieces, 1-long strip – should be 23” long). Embroider eyes and nose onto front of one body piece. Fold strip in half (right sides together) and sew open side shut. Pin strip (now a loop) around perimeter of front body piece (right sides together) and sew. Pin back body piece to other side of strip (right sides together – should look like a bunny-shaped sandwich) and sew, leaving about 3” at the bottom for turning. 6. Turn bunny fabric right side out and stuff as desired. 7. Hand sew opening closed. For more detailed instructions please see:

Please do not sell toys made from this free pattern. © Copyright 2011 Dandelions & Lace All rights reserved

© Copyright 2011 Dandelions & Lace dandelionsandlace.blogspot.Cut 2 - Tape ends together Place this end on crease of folded fabric to cut to form one long strip .com All rights reserved .

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