CSA Balloons Announces Logo Printed Balloon Innovation Americaâ s premium custom balloon printer announces a technical innovation

that permi ts exceptional imprint quality with multi-color logo printing on latex balloons. Chicago, IL, March 14, 2013 -- CSA Balloons has perfected a color layering proce ss that permits different color inks to be printed one on top of the other with virtually no smudging or color transparency. The balloon printing industry stand ard is to print multi-color images only if the ink colors are not touching â and thi s breakthrough innovation has eliminated that constraint for logos where color s tacking is possible. This technique is not suitable for all logos but this new b alloon printing process certainly opens up new possibilities for logo imprinting on latex balloons. The proprietary method imprints company logos on balloons with near-perfect colo r reproduction and exceptional color registration. Complex images can be rendere d on balloons without compromising image quality, and essential details are prin ted sharply. CSA Balloons is proud to offer superior logo imprinting on biodegra dable natural latex balloons. Companies seeking premium quality printed balloons need look no further than http://www.CustomBalloonsUSA.com. The superior imprinting process and CSA Balloonsâ unrivalled design group mean that almost any balloon printing requirement can be met â in record time. Email your logo file to sales(at)csaballoons(dot)com and within an hour or so you will be revie wing proofs and approving your order for production in their industry leading ba lloon printing plant. U.S. and Canadian orders can be delivered in a few days. F ast service is available on orders up to 50,000 units. The examples below show two color imprinting and demonstrate the image quality p ossible with CSA Balloonâ s balloon printing methods. CSA Balloons prints the worldâ t custom balloons. Contact : Jack Roberts CSA Balloons 785 Meeker Avenue, Unit 2L Brooklyn, NY 11222 1-888-950-7878 jack@csaballoons.com http://www.CustomBalloonsUSA.com s bes