Best article I have ever come across

Have you ever been captivated by a piece of writing which was literally impossible to take your eyes off? I have rarely been in a similar situation, but this last month I experienced this inexplicable feeling in which I was glued to one of the monthly articles that appear on the Smithsonian magazine. The article I’m making reference to is: Vivian Maier: The unheralded street photographer, in which the process of discovery and spreading of an incredibly talented artist’s lifetime work was made. This piece in particular, raises the public’s awareness of how despite the eccentricity and sternness that ruled her life, she was able to accomplish such an astounding result in her photos. Although the peak of her success was reached post mortem, as with most of the greatest artists in human kind’s history, it’s undoubtedly remarkable how such an ordinary woman had the ability to create a rather exquisite collection. Therefore, the owners of her invaluable negatives are sharing part of her fame, being only the highway between Maier’s work and the rest of the world. Not only this article, but all of them are flooded with an excellent and vast range of vocabulary. Furthermore, use of the grammar we have learned in our English lessons is remarkably fabulous as it provides us with different structures, present in the article, that enrich our knowledge. On the other hand, we have the ideas themselves, which are utilized to develop the article. They are current and, in their majority, quite interesting for young people who are the target audience in our institute. I would certainly recommend to anyone who likes having an out-of-the-world experience while reading, to pore over this article and savour the ins and outs of it. Hence, don’t let this unique opportunity escape your notice.

David Ashcallay S. MCI - I

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