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Visualisation Finbarr

Visualisation Finbarr

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Published by Rey Nuls
Visualisation Finbarr
Visualisation Finbarr

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Published by: Rey Nuls on Mar 20, 2013
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Cliff R. Stevens

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THE FROi.tana. Exolains what marerials !o use' when ao use (hem' *hat . tOW€n PniYrR _ ?FiE ?HAT NSYEA FA!L.problcm end eweit ig amezih8 solution i ln thi! d/namic volume you -w-ill rcr-d rb.l. hrDDlad!.HIRACLES NAED NO YOU. *TgE :TT=NCV HOODINESS! Priec 44'95.IALS.pGnrcd _with ill th6 mystcry rnd hocus-pocu3 that ht3 surroundcd tbc rubicct for thc last 1.U ANYTHIhIG Fl. la thr! Flll brl.r!1r3t.Jtt.$Gll?V THEH _ HOYV TO YUF{I Il{fO a uxlYEigaL coslrllc cuaRc$!t _ TH* PTAYET FOt AASOLU. ANIT.evealcd ! Aftcr l0 yerrt of intenjivc . HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY NEVER DREAI.t 1.I ALL DANGER AND HARH: GAIN UNLIHITED PO\. kcy to thit_ lCcrct cou.!g mankind in a naw book entitted ..TE _ THG FOI IFTHEDIATE FINAN.om|Iish anythinr he wontedl -With tha d.HINACLEE' THAI WHEIL' . AND HOW IT REKINDLED THE FLAI{E OF LOVE IN A FAILING I'IAF. Her€ rs a power{ul magic onyone can perlorm I For adepi and begrnner alike thls menrrel is a must.THE iflRacLE SEGRET OF LOVE. coNQUEsr oF DEPRESSIoN AND To Bring Feace Eetween Lovers: To Stop Gossip or Siander. INSECTS.urc thGy kncw ttret wtroeici-ra-ii. Anna Riva. Dtot."sults to . f?'75.d o. AND HOu' YOU CAN COMMAND TI.xpeit.IANAFORCE FAILS! THE KEy TO YOUR }vtNNING ROtTtANTtC DOM|N. AL WEALTH: HOW TO PROJECT MONEY MAGNETISM TO INFLUENCE AND CONTROL RICH PEOPLE: THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING AND RECEIVING: HOW TO OPEN THE COSMIC STORE HOUSE OR RICHES AND OBTAIN AN UNLIMITED SUPPLV OF MONEV! MAGNETISE AI\D ATTRACT MONEY: HOW TO BUILI} THE MILLIOT$ DOL. !{ODERN WITCHCRAFT SPELL BOOK.code.s ot th:r bool Ehd the mre r of E"rror wlil tlka ofl a e on' Yoc il*rlv niw ''rceninr {or loul 'PowEi i'lll iireover: ?no. t5 95 + +++++ TI{E }IIRACLE POWER i1i OF BETIEVIhIG Cr. tNCLUOtNG TLLNESS IN ANIMALS! * LADY LUCK: HOW TO COMHAND HER TO BRING YOU THE R'CHES AND GOOO FORTUNE YOU }YANT! Price fgg5 WORKS WHEN EYERYTHING ELSE -T.'.i TO ARING YC.PEOPLE. cendles or witchcraft eie requi.STEP METHOD DESCRIBEO IN THIS AOO'( AND NOTHING WILI. ir 3ivinj tho .!llinE Frg. HUNA I. CREED-SUBCONSCIOUS RELEASER OF NEW RENEWED t4oPE.The illlRAGtE of IbIAilAFOnGE The most potent oecult se€reg eve!" !. ILLNESS AND DISEASF! firAfrrv. {or the first timc.VER AND eONTROL OVER t.. To 8rin8 Luck to Gamblrng: To Promote Peace i n the Home.itc the rppiopriete Creed ior th. a famour and wcll rcspcctGd Roricrucian.ret ir lt lert beinr rcvcalcd +++++++ fulONEY MAGNETISM How to Grorru Rich Be- to m.-e problem/obicctive in mind. AND THE HAGIC . 3TANY HONCY ++++++ f595 . in lhis excitint new book "THE -MIRACLE POWER OF SELIEVING" rre revealed th..000 ycarr-and showc how you-.forcc" ls rtre nosl lo||etful occurt sec. brllrf. .larrig hat di.5ecret! of Halickal lrlarickrl Crtcdt are ancient Itlirmatiens of bclief that when used toiard lpccifie loell. TLLNESS CAN BE CUiEO OyERNlGHr YOU WANT! journey down the fabulous path of biq money. Thc l(ahunar' concept of . '.t.. Revealed are the secrets of how the reader may 'image' money before his very eyes with the little known magnetic money energisers used by the richest men and women in history. THE HAG|C HEALTNG LtcHT lvHTCH D|SSOLVES aLL NEGATTVE CONDtTtONS. l. AND REALIZING NEu.vEil GEI TFIA? TEC'{NIEUCS ?RAY'T! ANS\trERTO * THS RIf.wninS ot thr Naw Agc thir tG.lorrir.000 yearu th€ Jecrct of the encient Kehuoe oricrtl havc lrid hidden-.rt monrt.ctlslt lt lt iurt l vaiSll lruycr.THE 'iAYET rI'UAL IHAT IiINGS CON. PAtN.ncludc: * THE STARTLTNG REVELATTON THAT yOU HAVE IHREE SELYES INSTEAD OF ONE. SimPly re.crearih author with tha help of rercerch. says author Theodore Llurence' crn work mirecles of accimplish-mcot! He3ickel Crecdr arc powerful and potent keys for unlocking thc occult lorces of l'lind-fo.IT POSSIBLE! *.{E}. those who know the secrets Fabulous Wealth may be the destiny of * THE HA6IC MFP BUTTON THAT ENABLES YOU TO GAIN THE EXACT AI{OUNT OF MONEY YOU NEED.PRAYEil lol{ER lX aND TFrE r.. THE MFP KEY TO YvlprNG OUT ALL KARtilC DEBTS.ceg that oncc lica can ilaa to mirasulJur chenBcs in onc's life' dc(l..DELUDE THE SIHPLE FOUR.." seyr t{i$ t'!orri3. yond Your Wildest Dreams by Norvell. o. t. Fully explains the methods to use with many case histories arnazing. HEALTH. WEALTi aNO 9t -lary4FoR€E: HAPPINESS".cd lo usc l{egiekel Grccdr +verything necded is in thit book. To Over' come a B'ad Habit.the rCtder.dtl Here. -BEGtN USiNG !!l!g_E!. lt't THE 3ECNET PTAXEI PRAYEi ehe $ccrat dercribed in WOf. DEr.UAL slceEf. can gct this mighty foicc working for you within houB of reading thii book-! i.. AND LED A WIDOW TO AN UNEXF€CTED FORTUNE! *'HE vIcroRY CiEEE_KEY TO SMA5HING LOVS PROBL€MS* ir'ow tt telpeo AN uNATTRAcrlvF €lRL wlN YH€ HEART oF F{ER HANDSOI''IE BOSS.ts the luthor! No iituels.IETHOD BY WHICH HE DID !I! HANA INYISIBLE SHIELD F()R PROTECTTON {.adclein€ C. Amazing <ontentr .RIAGE! *TTTT *EAITN CREED: T4AGIC PASSPORT TO AUTOMATIC PRAY ASD GROW Rlcil! londor. bcc.r ch. Whrt klad of Crthrlnr l.thint mota ixcir6d to Fl!r! e g?ata? werk I lt ir iomrthirr oorol . or rocd decdr ? c'? ll roh.out: *rxe AguxDeNcE cREED THAT BLAsrs ALL ogsrAct€s ro ikosprntrv-xow tr HELPED oN€ MAN To LAND A 4300 A WE€K JOB. Spells rnclude: To attract the Opoosite-Sex. For al6-o. CEIATES ?RAYER .r t{ax F"eedom-Lon8.IINOT TRANS*TiE COOP FC'RTUNE CREED_THE ''IIRACULOUS fbnmen oF BAD LUcK To GooD! +rue rov cReEo FoR CoMBATING A cRlsls: l+ow lr HELPED A woueN GAIN A BEAUTTFUL NEw i{oME lN THE MiDsr cF SEVERE FINANCIAL PROSLEt'IS! OF PAINS. 'ET3O}IAL 'ROTTCTION ItAYfT CIAL XEL' . clear-cut evidence that the reader is perhaps only minutes away lrorn that he is able to commence Magnetism" claims Norvell. rhen iorget the.nkind.cret thrt gccultictr hevc for ccnturia triad to-d.S N TC. internationally known author and expert on psychic and psychological mattersl Norvell shows the reader how to tap the MAGNETIC MONEY CENTRES OF HIS BRAIN so his of "Money- THE I{AGIC ENERGY TRANSFERENCE RITUALI *. EVER BE DENIED TO YO U AGAIN t". AND ENJOY A L|FET|HE OF RTCHES AND SECURITY! * TNJURTES. * ANCE OVER OTHERS-HOVY TO TURN FRIENDS INTO LOVERS_REGAIN LOST LOVE_KEEP YOUR LOVER TRUEI * THE AI{AZING STORY OF A HAN vvHO PURCHASED A NEIY CAR WITH NO ITIONEY. PLANTS THROUGH the big money he desiresl Chapters include: 10 SIMPLE SECRETS USED BY THE WOBLD'S RICHEST MEN TO LAR CONSCIOUSNESS FOR PERSON.K! Ute "FAT chr th.et you *ill evei leornl MitJ i.

n WiP. to You HOIY TO CHARGE YOUiSELF WITH T'IONEY HAG.r r3ia wra sld.rr ro ura tirtn fot lht lurtkatt porribh ruult. .l 't * ] t lL 1 It tL '] t + I lls:s*0un$Es rnd drdn r lrr ttgl.L PSYCHIG POWER ! Y0uR Thir is the emariog clerm of Robert B. rcmath.arctly ih.hr< tror.n r. HindHos to Ra3ov.t.t iiCh.ct of Kry Wordr on Hon.iACHlNE' l...ultr-Thc Cr?rt S...<16' lu. tha ruthor'r own ilir.rc. crint :t' Thir prorrrful t.<tionri O. Strp..vr tou ptry.tl. the ability to aain .tr rnd Got Rc.aniform tour entire cxrtt. PEOPLE THAT I.r want wronl I Now. Irirndt Darval at your rmuirg arrtound 'luclB'! H.tr Sourc. JECTIONSI Yor don't naad cardl€.d lo. oi lnt otb.r<!lcu. AND RENDER HELPLESS.95. toldcn h.ntilic Preyrr Cta lrinj Rcrultr Almort Ov.6t'ci?. r rlacu trld th. to: OOEI{OLISH OBSTACL€S TO YOUR HAFPINESS ANO $uccEs9! ODEFEAT. lt ir aya.tirrclG How p?orperity ThorahB Chrnjrd Hir LitFA WorkinJ lreyrr for Prorprritt-How Shc Wrotr Hcr Dcrirc: rnd Rrcrivrd Artoundina Rcrultr-How.FORI. . Thit bcol ir tha o{ h.ye to be e -no wiceh. r^ iha rlr. in crtltal clor ltajue3r.t. NETl3l.. Chratt ah$ lncr$r Your Hcmort ud Conctnrrr.r l.taF lroutht Ht.tuitiot-A of lntuiaion-Hqw to iclrr . !. ch$r. Flrnnld for lroat. .rm tn H.hing iat! !o{. HOW TO SAY THE EXACT vvOROS WILL BRING YOU ltloNEY ! Ho* Shc Rrepcd Grcet Richcr 'HAT From Scicntilic Prryrr-lhr Efi. lvon hiddF t.arnar. in<lud.ptcintha.ia. 'mireclc' thrt rill rrtouad .. iloary Thoo3ht Lort-lrlodrrelon to' B. StonG-. A6f 5t.t. whtr' rhd wh.r worl .tr. . Hurchy clllr thc "Trceruro Houro of lnlinity"-rtd rstohrticrllt rGrD. oc Fl.lrllt w.l I How e lurinorrm. askr F'lt. rnd wlr ?rcantlt talaclrd $ r rpr<irl cgntcltlnt ao lrordrnt Crrtrr'r Comm.tr bc rttrinad bt rcyorr rho otat thr ttrtiiaa Dclat o{ t*. ii€eDt. rvtry rpell. and tpiritu.ntrl Harhh.IS VYILL INCREA3E YOUi WEALTH ! Bo Fricndr lYith l{ohct rnd You Will Alweyr Hevr ltlon.r. Frir.g your heart drsirest Why wait a moment lenger.. Ri<hct nira rha Yoica of l.I{ETRUE! .ctioor' you rill rcrd th. livart Yhai.rlth.r G.ranas tith Hfta.6.t lthind lt rll' HOW TO I{AKE ANO USE A FSYCHIC TiEASUR€ 'How Hrr Traarc?a l.tLid. loya rFd rrtth!6t {lr.FrlaFat ard tE?.u cEc.nfG YollBEEtF WlTil SFELLS.t.nca.tap. HOW tO ACTIYATE YHE PSYCHIC ttONEY l.rtttr t.lable tg dll and is perhaps mof.rnitht-Tho Art ol Thinking Richly. d. o.nct rnd Oecirrvrn$r. rr r Euch tgctht rtt.r.tlhtd out ol herpllrl r wrl! mtn ' . paraphcrnalir. Prychotroni< power will enrble tou.tp.ftr< Proi..\t-oor{Alo w -vtcToR B[.(or. Plcuvrr rnd Fullilmrnr ?ricr ltl. rtllhr chtatt ccn-l And it malr ttran rorl. ++++++++++$++++ f L I I I iICANI ******************* 8:n Su.w of lacrcarqHow to Prrctirs th! l.nd it i3 up to tou now te bcain urin3 thio mi8hty toFCG! Pricc (5.rr of lncrcetc-Why thc iich l. o"r cl thr world'r ar. OVER. How to lcry Prrta..l"''" Thi.<iplinc Your Hind for t{onrt-Ha Workcd Herd But Lrck." nrv book crlhd 'THC SEClCfi c'F t{€fA. .O.d bt Evaltn l{ca.6. rion.{o. N?wh. Chrnrr th. you rill heve powcrr that rill makc nothinS retist yos.TiiACLC '{AKES You l{rk3 lt-How Sci. h. ntr lrlr.rr.ON tND L.bt.COSFltC tnoJEC'ION'. Irl ETA{Os}llC PRO! ECTEO tSI irdiant harlth. in W.len hr<civcd tht Houn Fo?aclorrd on thG Poor Mrn-Lirtln to th.Co. "l{altl! F?ry.ubtlcil.e potent than any other. ot Supply.nd w?it. l{ervrllour Porrr of r l.NG . frirndrhip.{nly a frr hinutaa a drt ara raqlirad to nrlo thir mithtt powar to to rork rithin houra cf tss. .. to u^{!url.IE OF THEH EEFORE THEY HAPPEI{ ! OVEN c'THERS! BE AGAINST Y()U! aPSYCFilCALLY CONTROL YOUR BODY ANO STOP PAIN AND DISEASE! OToTALLY CC'NTROL OgNOXtOUS PEOFLE ANO BULLIES_?SYCHICALLY I OUSE PSYCHOTRONIC PO}YER TO }IEAL PEOPLE AHD ANIMALS.lt.r: Hor lo Cu.{int hftnirr-G r}d livhg-to br r2tr Th[ bool h€ h.l'lina ol ladlrg Rich. Shr hil aD9atrcd on TV.ravart ot thai.uP-rO! INO sHt[.tt . clairvoyant or medium to ste rt. o. 8Ur nECElveD MUCH MAilE-rO. A HA?P| MARATACE-ofEecAME foue D. rnd rrch. srca tto?iit of ordiaa"t nan tnd roman fo? whom thaa hi?rculoca tachnieta ha! btan lha 6oat th. p. Excltint chrgtart rncluda Hgw ro Clr 5ceitr (hrr Cral3r triandth'p tnd itmovc Enmiry: Prrtcrr lqr Orrcovrrrnr r Gold. ClgE * t + { T .. Currlr thrt Urr: Enrmitr rn4 Bullrtr. wcr.dr of lictutinl Succcrr end nr<hcr-Th.t" rEd h.. book rcvoelr thr. lndrcirion rnd Crin in Rarcrn Powrr.. l. g. lhlt rt <qld -ork r nrrrcll in your lilc! lor thls Eac?.nt toc .nd-vi-govr.IAY .l proipcrity tlmort bryoad brlirf! Amrrint contrntr includc: HOW TO TAP THE POWEi THAT YOU ilCH At ONCEI Your Subconrciout Will Work u Fut er '.diattlt . E^rrlt rnd Virrlrtt: How ro Cu[l Obrtrler ro Your Wronrnt wiih th.TilE MISAGIE POWER 11{ FOR Fll{lTE RlollES Br L::itL. midd powet that will rmgh rll obstlcles .do IICTA-COIHIC ?tO.lttn. iood-tida of rbundanct into tou? lif.thrchiav3mrtrtt thich tha '6{lt <. w.tlio| prlrr ol th[ lof. d.d thousndr. qeickly to ryoid dit.t-How to Di. Otporft.d l{on..:o'ok "rHE MAGrc oF PSYCHo' * + b."co thrt llr brhhd t?rtcfi. Stonc.t P?ry.hrn j. doeu' -rnrcc (s! f.voRcts AND AaHrfvfo 'o8 ilN w oou8tto Hft rNco^1t-oorfta f PRofECfED Hee fAAtLY fAC{ HOtiOAY ANO :POntl I CURIO HIS ^CC'OENIS-8i.AN f AIAILY.llbalDa Chrnt rnd .tpltih.k. INVISI'LE VOICES THAT CAN GUIOE YOU TO WEALTI'I' Flor to Follor. <hrnt or orrycr mr. .dd for thir bogL it bound to ba brt-9lo. €ndl.lr.. it.a tivah lha aEtcl *ordl lor rhr rxll.y.illiit di.AUTO'IATIC! ln th.Glaret Mr Stone. trea rio.t .S x NIIDED !.. curlc. powrr.r. Stone.. to ditt .nt-How to T. ot all 17.r ia th. thcrc a"G poritivcly no limils to tha u3ct of pryehotronic powcr. c.p th. when totol pstchic mactery cl events and peoplc eto ba youii-prtchi€ mast€rt which csqld t.ou rnd Frl.t unlllcr al! p:7chic rctlrlly tipi tho rad relritnl aonr lito oar ilrtttr lulr.r . Ysc trt thowr how.ib.^t!d I I lvh. How io Ghrnt You' Wrr tc Ogmrnrncr rod Sutrlmrct.tr of la.t]ot . V.t do jo ena how to do it to unlock whrt tlr.t-ThG Surc iichec of "Wrach end lrey".ntiti< rnd eYed prtrhic authoritier! Think what this could meen. rnd Comganion'. Icnrntly ordrnrrt rctiont thal 6ultiply tha powa..nca within dayr of unlea3hifig it! Trpping ptychotronic po*er ic cery iupGr intelligen(e is required and ygu don't h.rt th.cot.chniqu.latSar lmata. Yourrcrtrothorn :ha Fiv. 3r. Trur.tt I It{lw You cAil ul{tEAs}t FUN. Oymni3 Ell rmrDdEnr F l0r Dooaling Eontid.n R€GtrNfo fHE utE aF Hls nt6Hr An.r Com. lut mctt .NrIf O HIS . HOW OIALLING }IIIiACLE THOUGHT.nkar Eri.lmo3t anythi.t timat ovtr.ining Dora rrmgffi .ttonirhinl |'lireclc Powrr thtt ctn .r on occolt.o. ANO HEIP rtAKE THE WtSltES OF OTHERS CC. U. cutla tou nrod. l'tr imm. .. Horrcwiy.itir! rtvIL thl Ont Sr<rur rnrr ll*. Widow Oircovr.f * -. whoce ditcovlricr in the field of osychotronics hava artounded rci.?lty lnd Hrppin.: MIXE G.ts-Cormic Proirctionr cta br utrd fo? tlnoaa rn! p$7tora rnd tha ratuitt r". Rirht. and (illAilTs * + $ {ow mlny rrml h. rchiavadr. Sar in Ordrr ro Gcin Ercitrolnt.3.. . Yos r..ATTRACT AN ENDLESS FLOVY OF MONEYI OGAIhI IRRESIST'BLE SEXUAL POWER ANO INFIUTNCE aRECE|V€ TltE POWER f(} CONTROL WEArHER" CHANGE ENVIRONF{ENT! OSEE EVENTS BEFORC THEY }IAPPEN. tbout bt f. L r mrn asr duah trld tha W.tiat datrao.cr.l ln thr ?mrcrcr ol Hirrth lichfi. .d ro {am.rla.{AF rhip-Thr icwr. Prrtrrr rhtr How to Currt Drrorl Olcrcrrron rn Yourrlll rnd lovrd Onu.rraorrat rta tinfr ro rllutttrta tha lFrtr^t bc6ifitt th&t aer re trul. GOT THE MONEY HE NIIOIO TO PAY H'S I'!"U ANO l D€POltr oN A NEW HOt E-EM'4Y v 8 NrSt fO AsrHfiA AiIACXS 'UT AND DOR.. Ia.. lrd . +++++++ ++++++ ii'iilia'ib*?i:. . $ t a ] I t 1 It { T * r { $ J .r.rvatt ol worlth.toundint wtff t ^!t Df PRf 55. BROUGHT SACK E'6HT OIO TRITNO' aREEZES ^'iARRTACE THROUGH fHE HEAvttSf ie{tttc IAMS-SAEAH H.r !h8i Turn lovirry rilo Rr:hrr . to{ Yar ! d.d tha Hiddan l.<ulout atpa. €5.rtt. Doubt.yitem you have heard about.n !rirt.!!..l0o .. AI Cr+{E OtPr€sslON AND NtRvOUS}rtsS OURING MINOPTUSI-RO'€ HER UTE_|IM R. m d.N r SrX CAR Prt€.A.ihdSrr|trolSfilCutint-fiyora6Fl..d Ou! Hir Ocbtr-Hov .t<hic lutho.pF.s ro6-DlN s PROILCfEO HIS HOM' fROM IHT OAMAGE OF TIRE_KATHY A RIUNI'tO HER f^AILf AND N[fUNN'5HfO HTi HOM€-'U€. ANO HOW YOU CAN JOIN lHElrl! How Tom t.95 + + + + * + + * + + + * + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + t l{OW YOU CAil }|AYE AIIYT}III{G YOU UYATT Iro LIFE 8Y U$TG POTYIRFUI.r Chrrlr You wtth Htrcchrn Stranlrh. cln.ant . HOlv TO HEAR THE GENTLE.r br Tourt bt urint tlrt-lo.. H('W THE iICHER GET iICHER. xll-@.ts ol'Th.t. tarncd ravatal eaiva.<turcr .6a othrt inta?tatignrl Fat.. Yeu wrll md: A rourr nrn Bld thr "tlcta lrrvrr" rad n* alO t{rn lnto Il. AND EVEN STOP SOT.tt LlGk ql Wattrh rn 6rdrr ro Rrclivr Conttrat Prortcrity. sAv€o Hrs soN's trfE ANo PUr two DoP€ PUsH€is lN JA.orrr.nd i.t S SAvfO AvoroED ANO ARt |iAPPrEi ?HAN Ev€n-VnG'NrA L rHtlR A wAs PROrtCrto tRo^r Stnrous lNruFY'NTO oN H. lnvokad Thr L.r fri.r ordc.onqsarad aiar yrtrt tobl biindno. Truth and You Wlll Nrvrr a. Cormr< ?rolrctronr' Sh. fouNo ExAcrLf fHE 5H[ WANrfo-GEoRGE f. Confid. Pti.^d L.

Stevens .HOW TO ATTAIN ANYTHING YO U WANT THROUGH MIND VISUALISATIONS! A basic course in achieving goals through the simplest occul t method knouln rrr . visualisations Cliff R.

If you have tried before rrlithout auccesa thEn ule must find out [lHY! UJe muet remove cyniclem and dlsappointment and put in their place hard. fast results from the occult. I do not knou bou thay rrlork -. achievegoverning 9oa1 occult and psychological laus ment ara basie and uncomplicated.y knou that they do trlork. tangible happy RESULTS! And the r. you must you -. providing your desiDes are I eound 6nd legltimate. you must lrJORK at it' to up It is completely have got to do the job right. only poor rasulte from using the occult it is most Likely due to psychological Plost folk I knoul get factors rrrithin Yourself . This is Beeential in the occult as it is in everything else.ray to get uill resultE ls to do! mean businese - ho half-hearted meaeures .OU CAN GET I'HAT YOU I'ANT ! In thie course I am golng to ahoul you hotrl virtually gny dasirs you have may ba reall'eed. you have had To get good. and that l6 Turketal Road. especLally You you uant material things. Folkestone England Before rrle gat dorrln to the "nitty gritty't of the matter I feel that a feur things can first be eeid Ebout ruhat can and canr! be achieved rrlith mind visualisations.I onl. But then I knour very feu. mieerable results from occult visualisation and as a result become cynical and dislllusLoned. lf trlhat rrlLsh to ehorrl you in this course is that you g get rrrhat you desire! Nothino can be denied to you ulhen you uee the occult. The other books in the occult and galf-help fle1d. people uho can bother to do it right ln the first place! If up until nou. I do not intend Lo uraffle on about tuhat you can fl'nd Ln hundrede of Y Gopyrisht @ 1980 Finbarr Book Promotions almost anything can be achLeved by ueing them.if you really rrrant rrrhat you desire then irsojprr at it.

lvluch has been -. wlost people fail to get reeults from visualisation slmply beeause they do not do it riqht! It is sheer mental laziness and lack of dieclpline rrrhich is the cause of this! Is this ulhere you go urong? The chances are it is. a rule eo obvious and yet so misundengtood! It is the lulee or should I say rtlauJrt. results uonrt come otherr. Feel your bodv become limp and rrlithout feeling. You literally must burn uith degire for the thtng you rrrant! There is no use just uishinc or dreaming about it. and ulhatt"fo""r-ln*@[-I get it! You obviously canrt ulant it badly enough lf you cannot be bothered to put up ulith a little inconvenience in finding a mere trrrenty minutes a day to help you get DYNAIVIIC VISUALISATION ATTAINING YOUR HEARTI ulritten about the subject of visualieationl but the uorkings of this technique is simplicity itself to porform. if you are honest enough to admit it! There is nothing to uisualieation. You must Dtally uant it -. your homer but the cost of buying same for furniture presently entirely beyond your raach. if not ttlo thinds of the uay!! Desire is the magic force that triggers the subconscious to produce results. preferably uhen you are Ln bed Just bEfore you go to aIeep.rise! If you desire something badly you are already half rrray to gatting it.D-E-s-I-R-E -.gnore at least one of theee occult. 1 b. you think happy and pleasant thoughts -. and this is Once your subconscious gets rrlhat you are after! etirred up thincs beoin happeninq! But to insure that they happen you must understand and apply a feur other rules! Desire is uhere you etart -. uhat you desire. If you cannot is afford it then there is simply no uay ln ulhich you ars going to get it. If you reallv uant it that is different. That is unless you reallv rrlant it. and by virtue of this the nerrl suite of furniture is aLready en route for your homel lJork on your desire morer and get yourself rea1ly heated g about it' and sooner rather than later the subconscious uiill HAVE to do something Burning desire aluavs compels the subabout it! eonscioue mind to sprinq into action.the countryside in summer. Notl letrs be a little If you uiant. If tt ta .SECOND STEP TO S DESIRE! 0nce you get heated up ulith desire for the'goa1 you rrish to achieve you then start VISUALISING THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE ACHIEVED IT! For uieual. a beautiful eunset.I have done this even in a crouded tube train ulithout botherr and I possess no special gifts! Relax vour body. Next. The odde anE that you havenrtr but together ue can change that! Letts take a look at perhaps the most important tule. sayr a neuJ suite of more specific. but you must do it right! actual procees of For vieualieation you firet relax mind and body. extremely importantr ruleE to be adhered to for getting material thinge through the lvlost people l. Close your eyes as you reLax and keep the$ cLoe€ for the duration of the ten minutes you utill give for uisualisation.lt must be llfe orillalh for you. You need only do a minute or tuo of this. lvlake eure your legs are not tanee. or some other such pleasingr ralaxing thought. chiLdren playing. Then you go etraight lnto the VISUALISING I/HAT YOU tdANT. trle shalL explone theee rufes and discover rrlhether or not you have been keeping them. You can do this anvuhere -.it is the all important beginning Ln accomplishing your goal. nulesr if not all of them.ANTI FCIR GETTING ll'HAT YOU There ace eevetal. that your fists are relaxad and your face unfroulnsd. If you come up trlLth the excuse that it isnrt 'rconvenientil or a bit aukuard then you dontt deserve to get uhat youtre aftar.t6n minutes in the mornlng and ten at nlght.isation you muet eat aslde tulenty minutes a day -. of DESIRE.STEP NO.

It is aluays overurhelmingly tempting to give up urhen things start gatting hard. Nothlng lesat houl DESIRlNG SOtvlEONE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX ! is a very important point if the obJect of your Jesire is a particular Person' If' for example you are a man desiring a ujornan uho is unattainable to yor. No monkey busindss such as desiring somsone elsels spouaal etc' visualise that. If you have tlme to ftt in another ten minutee vLaualiaing half ulay through your day atl aay.l"""dv y"urslses iU. It ie absolutelv vital to believe lQ your mlnd tgr these feu milutes that you alreadv have the. it is impenative that you be]ieve urith all your heart that rrlhat you desire is .ly rrlant the thtng you aDe after -. The subconscLous only reepondE to l9!€g|gLr emotl. you uant some really r. sort of thing and you trlill come unstuck fast. If you desire a particular person of the opposite sex to be in your life you muet see this peDson a_ already beinq ulitl'r you and enjovino youp company. 5o. and if. object of your des_ireq rrlithin your possession.PERSISTENCEI HollJ T0 ENSURE SUCCESS -. o? ue succumb to this tenrptation and henca get very little rrlorthurhile Ln llfe.N0 wIATTER H0U' REtvloTE DeeLrLnc and visua_ljls:lnq are easy.alreadv beinq ln your homer ln the exact spot yog uish it to be.rorthrrrhile informa. Next you vLsuallse this thtng as already Ln your posaession.l cannot recommend this rrlork higher' One thing must' *baunderstood about uanting someonB of the opposite sBX'' ine Oesire must be totaily moral. But pers!. reader.. dear Bsrsj. Never.ll.npany' This 1"st bit is vita!. It is uhere most peopLe fall dorrrn.iovina your companv and ITJANTING vour cor.stence ie gomething alse. suit6 of furnltule you seek vlsualise lt as RE.lt le a rrLife and death" situatl.available from the publishers of this book for t3. gives "ome very sound advice on this (in point in his rr:ork "SEALED LESSONS 0N OccuLT PulJER" manuscript form only -.VIEbJING rrHAT ll. after lunch this is even bEtter stl. And uhat nextl you aek? Next comes the toughest part -.onal demands. llost of the good things in life have to be fought forl and something that has been fought for taetee very sueat uhan once received. you must see this uJoman in your imagination as en.gtance . a quality too many of us Lack! Very feur people poseess real charactar. a neu.lErVE LEARNT S0 FAR! Letrs revieur the sltuatlon to date. You must see her riantinc .on that you mugt haue lt.95 at time of urriting). aver fail to do this in your visuallsations. uhilst visualising. gA/. -not the "tn* ygrt round! Ophielr celebrated teacher i'f tn" O"orft. and if they are not eaey to you norrl they soon uill be. and you set aslde ten minut€s 6veDy morning and night for thls puRpoBE. If it is a neu.srl' matterr and the occult s{gnificanee beh*nd itr t : ". car you tuant then eee it as afreadv beino parked outside your home. ly'e have eeen desire Ls so vltally importante and that lt muet be BURNING deeire! No half-heartedl uatery ullahlng u1.11 do.:t{'qh on thlii. and thls probably lncludes you. feel it in your thoughts' The foregoing 'u So you real. This state of belief uorks miracles. You can never do too mueh visuallelng! But at all costs make Eure you get in your turrenty minutes uorth per day. is the great test of Cl-tARACTER. And thls is uhare youD real mettle is tested.

lvluch dependa on the nature of your goalr and upon the lntenelty of your deeLre fol aame. She doEenlt eyen notLce you.tacbrf ulill happen and your dreama fulfllled. etc. It la only reaaonable to thlnk of rrbecomlng a mllllonalrefr uhen one Le alrEadv a fal. to bc aound and eenslble. of courae. The eubconect oua ml.. deJected.tuatlon lt tE not an lmpoeslble. Thls type of goal le far too vague anyu. lncreaeed income.that is pure STUPIDITY! Onere obiective in such circumstances ehould. of coursar be more eensibler i' e' better job. LettE takE an extremc example.EErable. 0bvlously the etronger your deal.ve the obJect of your dEelree. nothlng about your ptesent altuatton that auggeata you atand a chancE ln hEtl of accompllehing euch an obJectlve. lllth enough faith and peralatence a [ml. S€induced.to recEl. You may ual. and NOT due to external cauaesl The I' KARIIA'I 0ccuIt.a .ay. or eee her on the bue or traln and your heart aklpe a beat euEDy tLme your eye catchee her. ae hae been knouln -. you paee her every day on the etreat. I mentlon the eubJect odde are that you my of peret'etence becauee the tlchrr rrlhen there l. But all too many tJ.lllon on the poo1e. do€enrt operate for those rrrho uithold intelligent applicatlon and persistence ! . to her you eimply do not exlgt. That Le eomethlng you mty have to learn the hard rrlay.ng you uant morE than anythlng ln the uorld Ls to have her Ln youD arms.ng half a ml.t only daya -. ltke anything elsa. The one thl.mes there aDB exc€ptlone to thle rulEr and thiE Le ulhere your abl'llty to 'rkeep on keeping onrt is put to the test.6veh houra. legltlmater' goal? You arE the final Judge of this. You feEl ml.no reason ln the urorld rrrhy ehe Ehouldntt be youra . deflnlta obJeetlvea. You may be a man ln love rrrlth a uoman rrlho doegnrt Even knoul you.not get ulhat you uant flrgt tlme ln aplte of eome very good vl'eualLal'n9.. or unreall. If you arE in poverty and rrlant a bigr neu ehiny expensive car then in no uay can thle be deecribed ae a "legitlmate goaIrt -.ay up the flnanclal ladder.etlc one.ng and vl'euall'gatlone arE the bigger your chancea for qulck aucceas become.oug mlnd by not asking it to perform unreEllgtlc taeks for you. but the chancEe of thie are about aa llkely as uinnl.nd reaponde mueh better to rrnll doflned. 0r you nay uant to rrbecome IS CREATED IYIOSTLY IN THIS LIFET If you are stlLl rrrithout resufts afterl sayt a ronlh then you have no choice but to take a brutally frank inventory of the sltuatlon. she ls already ilhl. But lt ls not unrealietl. Donrt blame mLnd pouJ€r or the occult by saying 'tlt doesnrt uorkrr' It is a fact that almoet all failure ln ltf e 19.tchedrf. unleee.c to uant her to knou you and fall ln loye rrllth yout If you feEl ln your heart that you are rLoht for her then there Ls.BE REALISTIC ! 5o donrt blame visuall. Helo your aubconscl. you goal -Eg. !- .r u. Atthough thle Ls an extreme el.rl.sationr this coucser oD anythtng elsE! BLAlvlE Y0URSELF! Thatre lf you ale @ to do so! So you ask youreElf rrrhv am I not getting reeults -urhere am I going urong? wly goall ls it realietiot legitlmate? Only vou can anaurer thte! And uhat ig a "realletlc. But donrt be afrald to alm hloh lf your obJectlue la really lmportant and neceeeary to you.

vl. Not the quttllng kl.mple aa he thought iL rrrould be.ng uhen thlnga look bleak.Napoleon Hlllig 'fThlnk and Grou Rlch'l (avetlable from the publtghEra of thla book at f4.youtve got to DESIRE lt nith your tohoLa belng! The eubeoneclouE rnlnd doea not RemembEr tf gLEE eomething reapond to poor. goEE furthEr than thE prevloua man.c.have I really been uanting I thla thtng I bad Enouoh? Peral'ctence La the goldrn kry to auccasr. But rrlhat tf you aD€ doing everything correctly -.eed lt. and Etlll nothlng Failure to get reeults ls lnvarLebly due to poor vleuallaing. Talent. and hlte a fabuloua bounty -. rnxiii. EEE'!ne.oua man gav€ upl Eee -the ob.lure.etsnce.you rrlLll neuEr auccerd ulthout it! IqASTER YOUR THOUGHTST - TttIitKINGt Oontt rrragte precGiET-iGE-. Later aomeone elaE comee along. oD vLeuallslng haphazardly..t. The reuard for peqelgtegce E. then get dl.he Lnveetad €v6ry penny he had Ln neul products trlhlch flopped one after anoth€r. Slx monthe paeeed and he had rnade no progtsas at all.satl.ecouraged ulhen aueeeea Eluded them and then glve up.rEd lt. lotrr key uiahy uaehy emott6t!'t happene? The aneurer lE that you I'KEEp 0N KEEPING 0ry"1 lrlhatever you do D0N|T GIVE Up! BellevE you rrrlll be eucceEEful no mattEr horrl rong ffiGa. and he had to eamy on another four years before rnaklng Juat el prof!.. of runnl.. attalnment of nogt goala. your vl.tgy by uonderl. He etartEd out thinktng he uould have lt all ln the bag ulthln a matter of monthe.IF YOU DONIT GET RESULTS If your afforta are stlll ulthout frultlon you should alao aak youraelf one ot trrlo other th!. Utterlv banigh-ggrgb anA.nd he read booka on. E!_IIT|INATE tr0RRy iilt" . If reEults fait to materlall. PerEistEnde -.9S) Lmpreaeed hlm greatly for lte great atresa on the valuE of persl. lnfluonce donrt mean a ftght unlear t? you fiave the grlt to kcrp pcraauerl.a dream really comg tEug.or lack of tt -.mple deuqht iogE rf tt le not enough to merely 'tul.eusll. Thle ls not Affffcrnt.000 a year and he atlll runa Lt from the eonforte of hom€ -.rln ffi . buelneeg from home. He deal. and al. drllla the aamE land.lolg etonv your g6Ef g9. monay. from urhere the prevl.your goal la reall. Forget rrrhrt anyone elee aeya. thE eaaieet thlng ln the rrlorld if your deelre La genulne. Startlng a honne mell order bualneae ucenrt aa el. 0?'course thla la an ExtrEme example.keeping on'rl hie buel. Ia my lavel of ggg$. One bosk Ln partleular -. But if youD goal ie an ambltloua ons you nuqt learn the peralgtenee hablt . !tr"! lt 1g.etl. You muet believe ullth all your hEart ygg ALREADY havE lt.mlnd pou. ygu muet I t I knou of one man urho pcreleted for FIVE yEARS to achleve hla goal. from your mtrflt EROil Y0UR Anothc loutca of failurE ls ll0RRy.ng hte o.lEct of vour deaires alreadv in vour Essegsio&_. but to no avaLl. A year paeeed and all hle Eevlnge [reae gons'-. Such dogged ' peraletence rrlirl not be neceaaary f or thE. You can rElatE lt to the oll pl.ahil for -. looka.oneere of thE paat ulho ulould put everythlng theyrve got lnto drllllng a potentlal olt flEtd.g etrong enough -.ng and uorrytng uhether ltrc elt golng to uork. "youR Ceeire ie hlgh..on cryatal clEar and intenee.often only varda gil.. gaoaaea e200.6r and aElf-motluatlon to lnaplre hlm to crDry on.La the elngle greateet causa of fal.nge. Today thla nan haa been rrlell reuarded for hta eplnlt of frkeep on.nEaa noh.n. rl.ee tt rrltll be for any one of the rBaeonB etated. people get diecouraged and qult uhEn often tf they had only'etuck rrllth lt Juat for an extra feul days aucceas lrould have appeared.euall.

b$Effind you rrrlll glnole-mlnded.dea to FiFg-elf lnto posltlve thlnking untll lt hablt ulth You. by bellevlng rrlholeheartedly Ln euch books' and putting thelr eontent into -g!!99.verr -. But then maybe you are Juat one of the many uho prefer juet to read.n go terrtbly neoative ln thelr attltudee.eomethl'ng tn tife there la only @ r. balleves -. If you can forget eveXythlng ln bEtueen your tuo to threE daily viEuall. Thle lE obvloualy aaal.I knour only too ulelt that thls ta voly eaay to eay.se the phllosophy they teach? Are you auate of horrl comlcal you must appear to others uhen you eurround yoursell uith such books and yet you radLate about ae If you But ehouldntt one coneider g!! anglea of a el..ths actLon ie up to vou! Inepirational and positive thtnktng booke are uorth thelr ueight in gol. fmmffi-tefy a lt lnstantlv rrrlth I poeltive thought' Thle ""of""" the transmutatlon of baaet @r So inferLor thlnking into euperior.ll certalnly not help you one llttle btt.nd contalnE the most potent force there Ls -the porrler to ulork miracfeer move mountains. neg ti've?. Thls ia cErtalnly t"r". Your llfe can be -!@99.ance" roltir al.youraelf of your .. I am forever amazed by the amount of people urho read rrpositlve thinking'r booke and yet remal.evLng nothing. To alloul negatlve thoughta i. That lE urhat poeLtlve thinking ia all about -. can uonk llke maglc.!9! el. Thlnk poeLtl. But negatlve thoughte thege porrlerful magnetlc uravsa and deetroy "ountEri"t of guccses' g ryt bell'eve completely your "i-. If you uant eomethlng deaperately tt la dlfflcult not to conatantty thtnk about lt. lulany booka aay that one Ehould forget everythlng and let the eubconEcioua mlnd be allorrled to grant your lnatructlone rrllthout hlndrance.-of ffie-tructtve goad Constantly onet altuatlon" all -.er to do tf the thtng you uant ienrt of preael.ou"" room ln the aanctuary IqAGNETIC of your mlnd you lnteriere rrllth the porrlerful Viauallslng ATT|IACTION aet up by your vieuallaatlone..ve and go on achl. uilrk'ery succeis may seem! Being understand that the "poaitLve" is Basy ulhen once you human ml. Ara -9.tuationt poaltlve ggl. POSITIUE THINKING -- DYNAIqIC ANTIDOTE TO UORRYI ftnd lt lmpoeaible not to thlnk about your goal then learn to thlnk about it poeltlvelv.aatl. Urlnging trlhat you desLre.ona that ls ExcellEnt.ve. of these people? Do you just read such books and fall to practl. Everthino I'e possibl'a to hl'm g!9 .notniilT-o-earure to t-'rm r'rho doesnrttt 'see the bright. of magnetlc pouer and attraetlon generated by your vlaualleatlons act llke an trre?lgttFle forcE I'n becomee a poaltlvely?r you may ask' ThE @ do I think ln i""frfrqr" ls to tfif every neoat{ve ghouoftt dead appeara thought negatl've lte tnacka..t vour beLno that uhat vou uant gl+ 19 JSE'I i-o maFer no.d lf you put urhat they say into g!!q. remaLn lnuardly negatl. UutGtra-face I'tr lf you really gg. you may eay.ng uagency.ettuaQton' std..ACTI0N! I knorrl people uho have become millionalres because they not only read but also practLeed poeitive thinklng. accompll'ah the impoaaible.. To duell negatlvely on lt rrll. posJ'tlve thought' .ay to think about lt and inat fg PoSITIVELY! SFrt thlnklng about !!all anglea'l end up thlnktng.ln Uringlng your goal to you' The uravea much poeLtivity ae a frlghtened dog? A milllon books uill nEver makE you rrpositl. ad out'of !!! Yourve got to be ruthleeslY ao. ac'L poeitlve -' There are @ evely.

ng entertalnmentrt.sualislng materLal should ues our minds.baslc uslng of thE occult -. harrass is rrbadrl coursa. the Christl..rld not find any difficulty seeing in your mlnd I e Bye your f avourite dish! you rrlould see it so vlvldly.Eve your goal.H" has created.sual. . Limitlass Riches are the vplv Beaence oi CoO! Evervrrlhere there are -andlees.it is nour up to you to uee them and NOtt/. thi"g* Shouldnrt ule use'thie pou.s courgE haE gLven you the meat of vl. Vieuall. and yet thousands upon thousands of books havE been rrlritten about it.. blackmail them.to gain materlal and apiritual obJectlves. riches -millione of trees. Glorious Esssnce J. QUESTI0NI Isnrt there already too much gread f o" .aatLon -. but thlE ls not a novel or marely aomethlng to temporarlly llft your spirite. matariaL things in the uorLd today? ANShiERr True! There certainl. God ienlt 'rpg'r -.BRIEF COURSEI QUESTI0N: Thl. to grou closer to God. and through the Univense! Prosperity. Yet booke upon books have been uritten upon the aubject. so clearly that the 'tpain'r urould become unbearablE! ! etara.as bad!' EF'gread'r can be oood as 6ffii rrbadtr sort' If in the Unfortunataly all u. most of us have not had.p you achl. billions of ANSUEBc get resuits! 5o as to clarify a feu points for some of you I think a series of "questj-ons and ansuJeDs'r may ptove helpfult QUESTI0N: I find it difficult to visualise rrlhat I uant. -c0lvlE S0lvlE "QULSTIONS AND ANSiI'EFSI't You have been given the basle rtmeatil of occult mlnd visualisatir:ns -. of greed. trjhat can I do? LNSUJER: Your desire for uhat you uant probably isntt strong enought tJhen you uant somethtng realLy badly vlsualisation becomes no problem. and more the frfrTfantty. a1as. le really go elEmEntary that Lt can al. and you gg ba rich uithout trampling on others' . if you have baen rrlithout food for several days (an experlenee uhich.e so I havenrt beaten around the bueh. But isnlt thts lLke so much Elee? Take.y is a lot of creed around rrleli.st to groul closer to God instead of msre material thinge? Agreed! l:Je I feel a little guilty vl. People forever uant eomething for nothing' Fortunately mind visualisations uil1 not uork for you if this ls your attitude. Abundance. prevalent everyrrlhere then that. galaxias.an message -lt is so slmple and baslc.l be eaid ln a feul sEntencEs. Their books explain this matter far mote aloquently and 1ogical1y than I can do here. bittione of creatules. For example. It could have been thtekly rrpaddedn to provide rrreadJ. ouD &3I8. and can be summed up in a fErrl tdords.!g Godrs UJill-.ieation. Being uel-l-off. and rrnot just should man aa But or l-ira.and neither shoutd !!1r His children. A taete of genuine hunger uiould do our over-fed and over-pampered disaase-ridden bodies a uorld of good! ) you uor. and still creates. be poor.risted thinking people may say. no matter uhat some tr. .. spiritually or materiatly! wluch has been uritten on this theme by inspirational authors Catherine Ponder and Joseph wlurphy' I cannot praise these authorsr books too highly if you need aesurances on this point. planets.ive by bread alone'r neither should he live 'rby God alone't t This is not to Eound blasphemous' To the contrary" this is an exprission of Divine U!!f! God uants us to nave materiaf tningel The old idea that to GTGear to God't ons 'rmugt be poor'r is a totall eompletel hideous LIE! God is the "$EIW Billion?ire't -.e ses is trample on you to have ordbr to get uhat you rrlant seems to be so as them people. endlessr limitlese riches on the Earth. for example. I trrant to heJ.

rt (rny orrln I. if you follorrl the ru1ee. books by Joseph lvlurphy and Catherina Ponder are extremely insp iring. IrvE lried lt and tried Lt again. didnrt happen . ANSiTJER: lYlany folk are in thie boat! They try and try again and still nothlng happene.1 I rrrould like to read more about using the mlnd to get matarial things. a reaaonable one -. Tha claims for these books that their authors make are quite amazing. 'rlvloney lvlagnetism. Your subconscious ulll1 open ttmagic doors'r to your receiving it. but I am just trylng to demonetrate a polnt). full of good occult instruction and his approaeh is vary practical. As for the 'rrituals and spells -miracles overnight" type book . but more than one person to rrlhom I have spoken to about them suear that their systems uork. I have found "Think and Grou Rich'r to be ulorth its uleight in gold although it may not be everybodyrs cup of tea.euallEation uorka. isrrbeloul avetage't -.it And as makes you "feel rich'r just reading lt!! mentioned before.. For PEtere saks-be trngt and face up to yourself ! If the Potrler of mind hae uorked for me and othere ulhy in heavenre nams ehoul-dntt it ulork for yg? The same force ig avaiLable to aII.your goal ie raaeonable. and everyone blamee elther the government or the rrleather! ! 904 of all failure le directlv or lndirPctlv SELfINDUiEO and nst due to "circumstancee"!!. Can you recommend some SSITEB: Thare aDe so many exeellant books on this eubject sold by the publishers of this courss that it is raally quite a job to knoul tuhat to recommend! But I can tell you trlhat books have been of most help to rne. Houeverr I have knouln lndivlduals r'Jho have uanted just that and ulho bEcame rdhen it dlsiUueloned rrlith mind visualieations Decldlng rrhat is 'rrealisticrt ianlt alulaya eo clear cut. Hout to Grou Rich Beyond Your liJildest Dreams" by Norvell is another beauty -. 0phial is another good author. and eend you soarlng to neu dlmenelons of outlook that uli]L set you on the road to proeperity! !!J.lf you bell. It has nothlng to do uith 'rintelligence'l or rrI. too. 0n1y your oun level of tdlsdom can esttle thle matter for you.E-!E!. I feel I cannot vouch for books of this natura having never tried thern. but his material is books ? OUESffOnf. Using the mind alone uithout the aid of rituals has aluaye been effective for me and ulill be f or you. But lf you have no unusuaL ability and you rrlant to be a millionaire uJithin six months thatr of couraet is tota[y unrealietic. But if you feel that the spells and rituals system may help you by a1l means try them. and by the ulord rrrlchrt I mean it in its trurat senss. to be rich uithin and uithout. I donrt belLeve Vl.ah attainable one? If you trlant a eum of money that may be beyond your D€ach -. Read Ponder and lvlurphy to neally help you oveDcome these nrgatlve thoughte. prevent you from auer broomlng rich. But there are Igro muEt be brutallv honest Lf one uante to knoul the truth of the matter! Human nature blameg euerything but itself ! Bugineaa men blame rtadvere€ tradlng conditl'onarl and unions blame boseee. trlivee blame husbande. i"e.Q. aek youreelf these things: If mind vlsualisations arenrt ulorking for you you ehould (1) Is my goal. It is basically aimed at the really ambitious typa of person. He is a litt1a eccentric.thle ls nothing to brag about. I dontt understand uhy you inalat that it rrlorks ulhen it doEsnrt do a thtng fol me.. and have dona Exactly uhat the bookg have said. If you have only 0100 and you ulant Csr 000 that ls etllt reaeonable..q.ave otharuiee then thie is unfortunate brorurc thls very attitude ulilJ.Say C5'000 -. They quit and bEcome for thier and one dieiilueloned.

l .Dst day they vleualised. you vl. nna tnEl!ffii-geE onB vleuall.or me. of people gettlng the thing they deslred the very fl. Anothee achool of thought euggeetE that the subconacLous mlrd ulorka better uhen it Le unhamp€sod by a rrtlme gchedulerrr and that tt rrllll materl.oue feela lmpelled to achleye the goal by the datE 9lv6n. I underetand that the publishers of this eourss uill be releaeing sueh a book in the very near future. yourve raally got to rrlant that thing.l rrlhen you plant a eeed ln the Earth you do not ulorry about hou! a plant or tD6B ie golng to materl. After al.even a tlme -. and rrlithin days -.n u/ay. You get the job. Hotd details.eee the goal belng achleved. Incidenta1ly.ter visualieing it? ANSI/ER: ThEre Le no set. t/rite to them for QUESTI0[: Hou rrlll] my subconscious ilproducerr the thing trlhich to do tta Job although on occael.uhen I rrraE Ln a hurry for rEeulta -.that Ls naturers problem" But tf you eantt get the thlng out of your ml.S00.r.by the date requlred the better thE eubconacloue reepondal 60 6ey the advocatea of rrdatE eatttng'r..allaE from lt -.nd.allee onets goal tn Lte orrln uay.rhlch of theEe tuo concepte to recommendl but euggeat that you try them out for youraelf.onE uhen I hevE done thia -. you need 0500 for something important. 0f course in the meantime you keep on visualising -. in a uay you do not yet know.mes a day. bJhilat sometimes resulte may occur Ln a eeemingly rrmiraculousrr ulay. There le a school of thought rrlhi.tt Cid rrrork f.t before I see results? ANSIdERI Again thla depende on rrrhat ls vl. straight aneuer to thls question.sual.BUgtl hours of the start of your mind visualieatione.hothlhg c6n ever he achl. There ar6 many I L . you leaen of this job rrby accidentrr. and doing it (2) Is the eubconecLoua ulll produce the thlng you uant La the problam of your Inner [Il. For example you may be a uJidour and far from urell-off . but be Eure that lf and whon you eet a tlme you muat belleve that your obJectlue trrlll be attaLnad by that tlme.sok from the tlme be beglna on hia qu€Bt. I you mies the odd ten minutes here and there and think it doesnrt matter thep you are deLuding yourself. yet the chances are that this neu situation ulill expoee you to a unique opportunity of acquiring the money. or a month Lf he feole more time Le neEded to achlevs a more complex obJactlva. I yery carely bother ulth gtvlng Fy EubconecLoua a date by caaea QIIESTIONI l'lot long muat I rrrai.nd do at lEast thtnk posltlvslv about lt. you trould do beat to forgat thle problem.ch saya that onE shoLrld set a datE -.your subcongcious hae led you part of the rrlay to the €. But others have had to bralt monthe before anythlng happened. There is not room for me here to go into this -.ised and houl badly you need ulhat you urant. If you can. The reasonLng behtnd the date eetting Ldea te that the aubconEcl.for rdhen the dealred goal ahould be accompttshEt-Dependlng on urhat the goal te the vlauallaer rnay set a date that le trrlthln one r. regardleeg of rt hat ayetrm ynu ar€ using.500 you need rather quickly. To thtnk negatlvely La to dEfuee the pourer of your efforta.eved rrllthout lt.it is a subject that utould in itself fill a book. I donlt kniul r. Al"1 oecult ulork of the mlnd reuolves around beltef -. and you naturally uant to finish the job uhich it uill do so in it ou. You cantt cheat your subconscioue! uell? If my desire Etrono enouoh for rrlhat I ulant? fvlan. the eubconscious can bB rttrainedil to constantLv educe a flou of money. Try it for !6Gelf. but it doesntt 1and you urith the €. yourll nevEr succeed otheruLse! (S) nm I vieualisLng 2/S tl. ulant af. most timee it uill happen in more of a mundane mannet.sualise for about tuo uleeke and then you learn of a ulell paid part time job available locally.

n simple formura given in this courss. o" causing ssuere pain.ring the ".y frank and say that I got mueh better results rrith oth€l peoplars health difficulties than my ounl Tha aurkirard thing about attempting to heal oners ourn healt'h problem i'e that by virlue of baing unurerl oners mind isnrt as cLear and as lucid as it efroufO Le. and then get inio'nifffi Success r. is verv potent uith health probleme although f ..riif? parfeetJ. Re-read been uritten. Thatrs their choice.AUEFII0Nt U.on "or"fhing in health matters is far too big a subject for me to tackle right here. ovsr_fatigue.n imaginatlonall and the desire to rrrin. There ie notning else to it. colde headache.arly true if one is suffering irom a Eleuen€. couDse. and all that once ible urill nou becoma vapy posslble! """r"J imposr_ God be ulith you.he use of your o.ilt vlsuallaatton hetp me in health problems partieularly good book ie '.Amazing Seerets of peychic Healing" by Joseph hjeed and Aanjamin It is available from the publishers of this Bibb. But it is eaey as ABb. you have seen that that is involved is t. f i-rope it ignrt yours.ERl you bet ? tt urirl! visualisation In this short couDse I have given you the basic rmeatfr of Visualisation -. Many fine books have been ulritten on this theme an! I suggest you try ona of theee. Some peopte iove anything that sounds eomplieated and mysteii"r".riIl be youra. tike note". This is partieuJ. Some folk like to maka-it sound complex and shroud it in mystery.t" sure you rrrhat has thorouqhlv understand everything. -you get virtually anything you ruant by folior. One Altl9h. .the art of achieving goals through the-occur't pourer of mind.nO-*. The role of visualisatj. .

gs come.. happiness or health. Fach lesson contains no more than six pages. this book will tell you haw to achieve it. Kopmeyer. TO PRODUCE WHAT YOU WANT! you IMMEDIATELY! Do you worry about not having money always pouring rfi.n you into an irresisti ble money evade you? Then read chapter one and PERITY that will show you how to dramatically change your thoughts about your future. lncludcr an qntirq tection on trcrct FGnonrl ma3nctirm tachniqucr ncvcr beforc rcvceledl 45 95 HOlv TFIE "?HNEE FIINDS" VOUN HENTAL TO'aUBN-OFF" DISTURBTNG THOUGHTS INSTANTLY-HO}Y TO GO TO SLEEP IN Il SECONDS _HOW TO INTENSIFY YOUR PICTURES I NTO RCA!.erallV GUARANTEE Vou ***** ********* 1o Tap Forces That Bring HOW TO GET UUHAT. how to g"t thc ehinlr you want. HOW TO ALTER Y0UR NAME INTO A MAGICKAL NAME. based on the author's 4O years ut research and persona! experience 0f such r|1atters. I{ENTAL FICTURES FOR FASTER RESULTS_HOW TO L]YE TO BE 100.a Jaguar. and endtess money! These l5 laws have been successfully tested and proven time and trrne again by the many thousands of readers who have been remarkably beneol Do seems to less-abunddnce by following the F IFTE EN DYNAMIC I.R. firsr ************** rich! €195 **** F TI.l. Six lessons as follows: HOW TO gECOfulE A POWEF IN YOUR TOWN.first served. Kopmeyer.ITY*HOYY '{ATERIALISE ce rttrrst geoplo. and start money ilowing to dcwn? Then read about the THOUGHf LAW OF INCREASE .THE DYNAMIC LAWS 0F PBOSPERtTy: How Riches toYou Catherine Ponder. most ost of daily livingt Showr how ta Gopc wit$ ttretrtul rit{rtiont. "Here'r Help" ir tha odly bqok of its kind ever publirhcdl Contains a frfttastic 91 chapt. platitudes or qt mmicks .ter what happensl Are you bogged down by debts and bills that get hai-er and harder to pay? Then turn to page . LIEVING THAT YOU WILL SUC- ULARITY AND SUCCESS! HOW TO I/IAKE PEOPLE WANT TO DO WHAT YOU WA. This book commands you ro be rich! Apply its magic formula and you can.95 ing in than going outl yes. business slowing ISING YOIJR SUBCONSCIOUS MINO SECRET SYMBOLS THAT YOU CAN USE TO DEVELOP TERRIFIC POSITIVE POWE R PE RSON ALITY I Price €6. li'.rt of prractical. H0W TO CONTROL AND DOMINAT€ OThERS. CULT POWEB. can have it! lr will teach you: r THE SEVEN MAGTC r r magnet! Do you f ind discover the secrer of rhe BASIC LAW AF PROSPERITY * a law that once :nderstood will transform your f ortunes and tur. EVER YOU WANT practical.iROUGH LtFE. and quick ly wind up with much more money com- yourself as being rich. INGS OF FEAR AND INADEOUACY! HOW TO DEVELOP THE iVIIRACU- KEYS TO pop- atrFnr r SEVEN EASY MIND CONCENTRA- TION METHODS FOR COMPUTER. €haptcru iacludc: tn manuscript f orm onlv. tenrimes our price lor this price_ Ver! limited supply . AND MORE DIFFICULT TA REFUSE YOUI HOW TO WARD OFF ALL FEEL. tt is all your lifel mansion.t hiip' but grow . or holidays in rhe of France. cial troublesT Then read on page 4g aLrout the IMAG|NG LAW OF qBAS- it cliff icult to see LOUS POWER OF INTENSELY 8E. PROVEN success methodE that quite literally GUAEANTEE the accompliahment of any goal you desire! Whatpower. and tts methods are proven and workahle.o_b redundancy. JOB OR CLUB. All six lessons onl1 h3. R. fess inf ormation. how l.a law that insures the constant growth of your prcsperity n_a mat. no matrer what your material goal is . Now you can begin a new life of bound- you wonder why money always fited f rom this extraordinary book.l07 anci see how you can immediately begn to break free of crippling clebts. Tt{E pOWER OF THE LOST WORD. HOW TO CREATE A FAMiLtAR TO HELP YOU Tt"..95 a country ******************* GPHIEL'S SEALED LESSONS ON OC. NOTE TO READERS "How to Get Whatever You Want" is not a book of theories. proven psycho.. this big 71-chapter volume wil! show you how yo-u ever M. k you have ever read! lt cbntains over one thousand you desire in life .AWS OF PROSPEFITY thAt .totally unlike any other 'success'b . and without f inan. S. This baok is .!r!!EIISG BE RICH! Robert Collier.te ccutd charge. Never before pubtished instruct:cns by a contemporary master of the occult. s?aled information IIERE'$ HEIP! logical and oecult hslF' for gettint th. and sfay prosperous c5. happiness.NT THEM TO DO. be it wealth. Secrel. south thoroughlV practrcal. love. a tifetime financial securitV.

lrkiFt intc'thousrnat ol "ar.lot.. tou will R!luotr wAr(l on!| 9412'o11. fhr thr Hrttic gftfroara Rr!odrt "raaDty to ltc erd hcrr rll that cccurr.ure thlr Grineiro.. or. Ur.ir-l{inc Sprll Htv Shall Jacteowncr lom C Eecome-trc 8r<i Owncr o{ o Chon of 1ugqr.1fi -. fQUt OO. Soat.c s fqoon A{rer AqDUng tlrc frotrng "[ 8t. a3€k"ce. .ffit$iffi3.lotn:ng. ired..0/ .ilr.lb!'SiT.v. ..Edno V. W.e3 rrarlr.rfrltiltrd do thln$.td Hrr lrcr Lorr *rrh thc lnncrP.loaejt rrE.1 bv utnt :.. {rtra-.igit Hgr Ke. Sp€ll fho 3te3gc:ing iricrn-Cvil.A slow... Yo! 3umfton Only lrnollc trin3r Who Will Work fbr You rnd Nit At.Ip"Ag ril.(it o.r: '{GAL"*. rreosur. tha ro"ld rn you rt haadrcne oi a.You Fc'ronrl t{ira(rcr Auto.cac.. ettoohr rnd olhar iorcla erc con" rrolh{ !l arltlrrosr tavrrbfc lcingt lcncfic leir3r that qrltt lltiralli oxr rretf comruad trrcn aJrcfr.a li$POAtrANff Eo'_Ko.fe ol PaQ.nE Sccc_..H. 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