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The Shadow of Rhiannon

The Shadow of Rhiannon

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Published by Sara Pope

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Published by: Sara Pope on Mar 10, 2009
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The priest stood before the bound captives. Reciting the

Lord’s Prayer, he sprinkled holy water on them. Seeing that it

did not burn them, he faltered momentarily, then regained

his composure. “Spawn of Satan, thou art the filth of all that

is evil in this world. Your crimes against humanity condemn

you too the bowels of hell when you depart this earth. Beg

for forgiveness and the almighty may save your souls.

”Turning, the priest took a bundle from the alter. He slowly


unrolled it and produced seven long silver daggers. He

motioned to a group of men standing apart from the crowd

and they hauled one of the vampires to her feet.

“I am ready to accept your confession.” The priest stated,

glowering at her. She remained silent and smiled broadly,

exposing long, pointed fangs.

The priest raised the dagger and was about to plunge it

into her heart when the sound of shattering glass stopped

him. Now there were twelve wolves in the church,

surrounding the frightened crowd. Before the priest could

react, the hand holding the dagger was gone, ripped from his

arm by a large black wolf. He fell to the floor, and was

immediately seized by the animal, his shrieks turning to

gurgling sounds as he choked on blood. The others leapt

upon other members of the flock, ripping them apart with

lightning speed. Guns were drawn and fired, striking furry

bodies with little effect, only causing the wolves to falter

momentarily. In a panic, several people rushed to the closed

door, trampling several hapless individuals that fell under the

crush of bodies. More gunshots were heard and one wolf


yelped in agony as a bullet penetrated it’s skull, immediately

transforming into human form, then dust as death took it.

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