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The Shadow of Rhiannon

The Shadow of Rhiannon

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Published by Sara Pope

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Published by: Sara Pope on Mar 10, 2009
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head with his steel-toed boot, crunching it through his

temple. The body convulsed several times and then

combusted quickly, leaving smoking bones. A fleeting

thought alarmed Randy to the point of panic and he quickly

searched for Mike. Finding his brother lying nearby, an arm

draped over a stiffening corpse of one of the victims of the

preceding night, he relaxed and sat upon a nearby bed,

holding his head in both hands. His mind reeled from the

rude awakening and he stood and kicked the skull of the

vampire across the room. He had been reaching for Randy’s

knife, probably planning to take the leadership of the gang.


Jason finally succumbed to the brain washing tactics of

the Council, at least he was finally able to make them believe

so. He kneeled alone before them, eyes downcast, in the

temple room that had once been a seminary room for the

young Mormon missionaries. His mental ability had

improved in his solitude and he filled his mind with


“You are strong”, Serene said, striding around him, then

stopping and lifting his chin so he was forced to look into her

beautiful ageless face. I have found more strength in you

than my own master of assassins. For you I have plans.”

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