“Forbidden Cry” (Yssa Rosalia) You came into my life like a thunder in the rain So simple and so plain

, you just walked right in. With a single glimpse, you took away my pains You brought me back to life, you made me smile again. With heartfelt joy, you gave me light, you showed the way to take You took my hand and gave me strength to move forward again I was just so naïve, at first I was so scared To fall in love once again, just for another pain. It took me for a while to walk the path you offered With so much heartache in my past, I was so afraid But you understand the way I feel, you didn’t stop to chase You walked with me through thick and thin, even in the rain. I asked you too many times, “why me and why not them?” I can’t believe what I have heard, but softly then you said “You have so much inside you only my heart can feel” “Your eyes are the mirrors of the pains that I had kept within”. To my surprise I was in deep silent for a while I looked into your eyes, you touched my heart inside You took my hand and kissed it and let me feel your heart T’was then I felt your love I dreamt in every lonely night. I took you in my arms, the innermost of you We cherished everything, the lighter side and blues Against all odds we go, we left behind the woes The vows we have erstwhile, forgotten for a while. We both know where this leads, someday it will end For we are both committed to somebody else ahead But then we still care and never forsaken them Someday, we will close this book of life that we are in. I may not be always beside you everyday The love so strong we felt inside will always keep the faith You will be forever in my heart as I live My vow to you will linger forever, till the end. Nothing can break us both, even reality Though against all odds, we move on everyday The love we have will keep us strong though tears fall from my eyes I love you more each day, thus my forbidden cry. I Love You, Baby

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