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pramukh swami's Puja History

pramukh swami's Puja History


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bapa's puja history
bapa's puja history

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Published by: davekinnari217306 on Mar 10, 2009
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How it came about : During Yogibapa's time, Pramukh Swami would do his puja in the Akshar Deri at Gondal

. When he finished he would leave it hanging on one of the pillars there. Sometime between 1965/1966, someone stole Swamishri's puja. Hence, Yogibapa gave him a new one. But a few months later, the old puja was found but unfortunately some murti's were missing. Bhagatji Maharaj's murti was given to Pujya Viveksagar Swami (this murti is prasadi as it was given to Swamishri by Shastriji Maharaj). In 1971, Yogibapa suffered a heart attack and was unable to perform puja. Therefore, on his behalf Swamishri would perform his puja for him. To this very day, Swamishri does that puja, which was previously owned by Yogibapa.

Gunatitanand Swami and Shreeji Maharaj (in the centre, top row): Pragat Bhagat, who was the disciple of Kanji Bhagat of Vadtal, gave this murti. He gave this murti as prasadi. This was then passed down to Shastriji Maharaj and then to Bapa.

Jaga Bhakta: This was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa.

Bhagataji Maharaj: This was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa.

Akshar Purushottam (color): This was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa.

Shreeji Maharaj: from Swamishri's original puja (that was found).

Gopalanand Swami: This was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa.

Shreeji Maharaj writing

Yogiji Maharaj: From Swamishri's original puja (that was found).

Shastriji Maharaj: This was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa.

Nilkanth Varni: This murti was passed from Gunatitanand Swami to Jaga Bhakta who gave it to Ranchod Bhagat who then gave it to Mohan Ajagiya. His descendants gave this murti to Swamishri on 07/10/1982.

Shreeji Maharaj's Charnavind: This was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa.

Harikrishma Maharaj and RadhaKrishna (chhaap ni murti): From Swamishri's original puja (that was found).

Krishnaji Ada: This was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa in 1966.

Dharmadev, Bhaktimata and Bal-Ghanshyam: Shreeji Maharaj gave this murti to Sadguru Anantanand Swami, who then passed it onto Girdharbhai of Bhavnagar. He passed it on to Jinabhai of Bhavnagar who passed it onto Gopinath of Bhavnagar. He gave it to Shastriji Maharaj who gave it to Swamishri.

Swamishri has a PRASADI BOX in his puja. You may have noticed that after completion of his mala, he takes a few odd things in his fingers, and rolls them in water. Here is what they are:  Shreeji Maharaj's prasadi mala bead.  Shreeji Maharaj, Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj's bone/ashes. Swamishri's Shikshapatri. Shastriji Maharaj's prasadi mala bead.

 

He also dips a CLOTH into water for prasadi. This cloth is of two parts and was given to Swamishri from Yogibapa.   The TOP cloth is Shreeji Maharaj's prasadi cloth. The BOTTOM cloth is Gunatitanand Swami's prasadi cloth

Shikhapatri ,Tilak-Chandlo, Watch, Mirrior, Chandan Stick, Water bottle

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