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Talent Management

Talent Management

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Published by Kamal Syal
Talent Management Case
Talent Management Case

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Published by: Kamal Syal on Mar 20, 2013
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Agenda       Why Talent masters Specifics of a talent master Two examples of Talent masters What is Talent master Principles of a Talent master Examples .

Why Talent matters • What is the leading indicator of whether a business if headed up or down • Which is a big differentiator between companies that succeed and that don’t • Which competency last long? .

Searching for the specifics Criteria HR commonly use to evaluate leadership competenciesStrategic Innovative Master Communicator Very Bright Analytic .

He understands appeal to customers 2.1.His Decision Making skills .

Calibrating Steve Jobs Steve Job’s natural Talent is to imagine not only what consumers want now but also what they will want in the future-Visionary He views product as an experience. however impossible they may seem. not just an object He connects the best ideas from widely diverse disciplines to create consumer experience-Connecting the Dots He figures out precisely what problems need to be solved. and searches for the best people to solve them He is the master of communication .

actions. A database in their minds. and decisions of individuals and link these to actual business performance They work to become intimate with their talent.to know the essence of each individual. They make detailed.They study the Behavior. They build a similar depth of knowledge about people. specific and accurate observations about them and compare them with other people they have observed .

Putting SUE in the RIGHT JOB .

Putting SUE in the RIGHT JOB Within two years. she outperformed all other territory managers and set new records for revenues and market share She installed a software-based program that raised the productivity of people-know the potential best customers Top Management was very much influenced by her .

Putting SUE in the RIGHT JOB She delivers result and brings in new ideas She upgrades her people and make good choices in selecting new ones She adjusts quickly to changes in the environment and act decisively with impressive speed She understands the Business. which shows that she has business acumen She is able to build relationships at high levels externally and at all levels internally .

but on “Capability” also Take bets on high potential leaders Getting to the core of a person’s values. not against some pre-determined checklist Combination of traits stood out always Talent Masters spot. find and develop people like sue through predictable. consistent. but only masters understand that the return on time is huge . and talent may seem like a lot of work.Important lessons from above two examples Talent Masters assess and express what each person is in reality. behaviors. beliefs. repetitive process Focus not only on capacity.

Principles of the Talent Masters An enlightened leadership team. in group settings or in appraisals Rigorous Talent assessment: Integrate the people reviews with each of the others. starting with the CEO  Creating a culture of Talent mastery Personally involved in executing it He is a role model Meritocracy through Differentiation Don’t believe in “Sameness”. gathering and updating the information as the person progresses Continuous learning and Improvement Give leaders training on specific topics. and they adjust their talent development plans according to external changes they see as likely in the years to come . whether one-on-one. because they are expected of both leaders and employees A culture of trust and candor Work continuously to ensure trust by insisting in candor in all of the company’s dialogues. it breeds mediocrity Working Values Values people live by.




Talent Matters Hunger matters Excellence matters Independent action matters Boldness matters .Apple .

”Scott Read .P & G –Talent is build-from-withincompany P & G. a bio-data survey instrument and a cognitive assessment based on figural reasoning content — an hour total investment upfront — before being considered for a position We invest heavily in pre-hire assessment to increase our odds.Talent Masters Prospective employees must complete two pre-hire assessments. bearing the risk of failure and cost to the business after the fact when a new hire doesn’t succeed. We are making a strategic choice to invest in assessment technology up front vs.

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