Main points Key users, producers, stockpilers & exporters not there – get figs 8 yrs + 4 + 4… for stockpile destruction

IO clause: allowed to expressly request use of CMs when choice not in excl control Also allows foreign stockpiling, transit SPs not barred from investing in CM producing companies e.g. Irish pension fund Definition will spur development of more advanced CMs – quote Australian delegateboost arms industry – encourage use of larger bombs instead which would be just as indiscriminate Destruction of stockpiled CMs will also become a lucrative area for arms industry as only they will have expertise to destroy them – for the UK to destroy one type before cost them £30m – money that could be better spent on social welfare or health? Cost of replacing CMs in arsenals will be huge Destruction costs + replacement costs = more money spent on arms – what is the opportunity cost of this? Boosts legitimacy of UK gvt & other major NATO powers As well of countries ruled by dictatorships e.g. Sudan

All in all as one diplomat summed it up, though with the direct opposite meaning to employed here, ‘let not what can be achieved be determined by what cannot’! is ludicrously flawed however.

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