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Science Portfolio

By: Pattham P. 8D

Volcanic Eruption Experiment

This is one of the experiments we did. I like this experiment even though we failed. This experiment teaches me that when baking soda and vinegar combine they will react and then they will produce some gases so then there are bubbles when the gases leave the container. Well, so the steps are like this, first put the vinegar, baking soda, and food coloring in to a bottle. Then after you put the baking soda vinegar and the food coloring, you need to close the bottle very quickly or else you will fail. And then you shake it, and if you shake it good enough when you open the bottle, the whole thing inside will burst out like a real volcano.

( What is Matter concept check) I learned many things from this Concept Review worksheet. This worksheet is very important because it is like a review for us. This is the reviewer for us before the test. It recalled what we have learned earlier. And it also helps me to understand more on the lesson as we do the practice sheet. The practice sheet is also like the summary of the lesson. Most of the things we learned are in the sheet. From the sheets I learned about the types of mixtures, elements and compounds, and the physical and chemical change. I felt that this is a really useful thing and it is really important.

( NASA EXERCISE ) From this experiment I learned about the tools that are useful and not useful in space. I also learned that the most important tool ( in the list given in the sheet ) to be use in space when you are lost is the Oxygen tank because in space there are no oxygen, so if you dont have the oxygen tank you will die. And the second most important thing is water. This is really interesting. It is about something that we dont really know and dont really think about. This exercise also increases our general knowledge about space survival. It helps us to learn to apply what we already know to rank the items, for example we know that to have fire you need O2 , so box of matches are completely useless because there are no O2 in space to light fires. It also increases our knowledge in science.

( Elements of the Periodic Table ) From this exercise I have learned about the formula for the elements of the periodic table we are studying. This is a very important class work because it helps me to memorize the element formulas very well. So because of this exercise I was able to know many of the names of the elements. This thing is really related to the topic because it is about the elements in the periodic table in which we are studying. I really like this exercise because it helps me memorize the names and formulas easier, and it is more fun than normal class work because it is also a game.

( Concept review Families of Elements ) In my opinion, this is a very important exercise to me. This is very important because it really helps me review for the chapter test. It contains all of the information of the lesson we did. It helps me understand the lessons we studied. It is just like the summary of the whole section. This is really important because it is a practice for us. It helps me know the how to classify the different kinds of families of elements. And this thing reviews me about the structure of an atom and its atomic mass and atomic number.

( Making Ionic Compound ) This class work is really important to me because it helps me to be able to understand the way how to make an ionic compound. At first I do not know how to make an ionic compound symbol, but after I did this exercise I really know how to make ionic compound. And this thing teaches me about the ion notation. It helps me to know how to know the number of protons and electrons in an atom. This work sheet also teaches me about naming compounds like see the formulas and then tells the name which is very complicated. But after I did this work sheet, I know how to name the ions or polyatomic compound.

( Chemistry : Chemical Bonding Activity ) This thing teaches me a lot of things about the bonding of atoms. This is one of the most important sheets. It teaches me that : when atoms bond together, they wont combine with just any other atom. In order for atoms to form an ionic bond, one must be a positively charged and the other must be negatively charged. If the atoms have similar charges they will repel, so only opposite charges can bond. And it also helps me understand more on making symbols of atoms after they bond, so I can say that I understand more on the bonding of atoms because of this work sheet. And it also helps me practice on the ion symbol.

( Learning style test ) This work sheet helps me to know my style of learning. After I did the activity I knew that my style of learning is V or Visual learning. It says that the people with visual learning likes or prefer diagrams, charts, or a presentation when learning. And they will remember things by making it in to chart or diagram, and will remember well with pictures. This is important because when I know my style of learning I will try to do more on pictures and graphs. And I think and hope that this information will help me in studying science and every subject.

( Naming Covalent Compounds ) Well naming the compounds especially covalent compound is quite hard. But this sheet helps me understand more about naming the compounds. It helps me to know that when naming the covalent compounds we need to put the Greek prefixes in front of the name, for example, mono and Di. And it helps me to know about the covalent bonding. It shows like how the atoms will look after they bond. And it is also a very important sheet. It doesnt only contain the naming of covalent compounds, but it also has naming the polyatomic and ionic compound also. And it also let us classifies the compounds, so we can further understand this lesson. Because of this sheet I know more on how to name the compounds.

ESLOs This work helps me to understand better our schools ESLO meaning. And it also helps me to be creative and to be able to think and see how I am supposed to draw picture that tells the meaning of each ESLOs. This is related to science because every picture that I draw I will relate it with science. And if I can follow the ESLOs I will be able to study well in science and all other subjects.

Chapter 2 test This test is really important and really useful. This test is use to measure how much we understand the lesson. And this is just like recalling and summary of the lesson. And it is important because when we have test we will read the book so it also like reviewing when we do the test and before we do the test ( when we read ). And even after I did the test when I know the correct answer for what I did wrong, I will know my mistake or misunderstanding of the lesson. So I will be able to reread and see the lesson again.

Chapter 3 test This test reviews me about the change of state of matter and stuffs. It recalls what I have learned. This test is quite hard though. But it is also very useful. It helps me to understand more on forms of matters, change of state, and the behavior of the gases. And this test helps me to get some more knowledge because when I did wrong in the test I will be able to know that which part of the lesson I did not understand well, so I can go back home and read more about it.

Chapter 4 test This chapter test is important to me. Not only because of the grade it has given, but also because of the information in there. This test reviews me about the elements and atoms and kinds of elements like alkali metal. I feel that this test is very interesting even though it is quite hard but still it gives me a lot of knowledge in science. It helps me to analyze the questions and try to answer it, it is not only important in science, but it is also important because it helps me know how to analyze and solve some problems which is very useful for me not only in science but also for other subjects and other things.

First of all my name is Pattham Puechkamut now I am studying in Grade 8. This is my Portfolio. In my portfolio there are lots of items in which I put in here. Many of the assignments and the things related to my lessons are in here. And all of the things that are important to me in studying science for the first quarter are in here. All of the things in here help me in my lesson. Some also can help me in my everyday life. Many of them make me understand more on my lesson. And most of them review me of what I have learned. Also many others are for testing my skills in science. The portfolio will be about acid and bases, how substances dissolve, carbon, balancing chemical equation, finding the molarity, and more. And because of the labs, assignments, and tests I did this quarter, as a young scientist, I learn many new things. Many of the things I never learn before such as the balancing chemical equation, naming carbon chain, and finding the molarity etc. Now I know a lot more in science, but I still have lots of weakness, like the balancing chemical equation I still dont know how to do it that much. And I guess that as I study more I will be able to understand these lessons.

States of Matter Picture ( Internet )

These images I got from a website. It is about the change of state of water molecule (white circles are hydrogen and red is oxygen). I really like the three pictures because it can really let me figure out how the molecules look like in each state. And it is related to the lesson we studied in Chapter 3. And it is important because it can helps me make an image of how a molecules really look like in my mind.

- The first one is the water molecule in the solid stage. The molecules of waters are tightly packed. So it has a definite shape and volume. - The second one is the water in liquid state. The molecules move more freely than solid. They stay close together, but they have no arrangement like solid. So it doesnt have definite shape, but have a definite volume.

- The molecules of gas can move really fast. It moves freely. There are lots of spaces between gas molecules. And gas molecules could also fill up all of the space of the container that holds them.

Table of Content
Chapter 2
- Concept Review: What is Matter - Chapter 2 Test

Chapter 3
- Pictures of the States of Matter ( From Internet ) - Chapter 3 test

Chapter 4
- Elements of the Periodic Table Worksheet - Concept Review : Families of Elements and Atomic Structure - Chapter 4 test

Chapter 5
Naming Covalent Compound Worksheet Making Ionic Compounds Worksheet Chemistry: Chemical Bonding Activity Picture of the Ionic and Covalent Bond ( From Internet )

ESLOs Learning Style Test NASA Exercise Volcanic Eruption Experiment

Chemical Bonding Picture ( Internet )

This picture I got from a website called This is about the chemical bonding. The upper one is ionic bonding. In ionic bonding, the cations and anions bond by exchange of electrons. And the bottom one is the covalent bonding, two or more atoms share electrons. These pictures are related to the lesson because now we are studying about the chemical bonds, and this thing is also about the chemical bond so it is related. This is important because it shows a very clear image of how the atoms bond in the ionic bonding and in covalent bonding. It helps me in my lesson a lot.