Housekeeping Management

HRM 3 (lecture)

• Appreciate the history of lodging operations • Appreciate the importance of lodging in the history

• An intrinsic part of the hospitality trade and perhaps the most important of the segments into which this industry is divided
To Lodge – to furnish guest with rooms or quarters.


• Inns were large mansions • “Letter of Eviction” • Tabernas/Taverns

• Bethlehem is said to be the most famous inn (Luke 2:7) • Jacob & his brother, when travelling to Judea, went to an inn & fodder their mounts.

usually located along highways . a public • Spa – Europe. Hosteler. commodious establishment with up to date appointment became “Inn servant” • Inn – England. which means Hostel.LODGING OPERATIONS C. MIDDLE AGES D. 19TH CENTURY • Hosteler – 1473 inn • Railways were introduced • Inns at present contain a large holders number of rooms • Ostel – French word for • Hotel – from the French word. a more or less “Owner” of the inns. resorts located by mineral springs which were house that provides believed to have curative lodging for travelers and powers others.

LODGING INDUSTRY IN U.A • The 1st American inns were similar to England’s of the 1700s.S. • They carried names such as “Kings. Queens and Red Lion” • Inns played an important role in the history • Inns became meeting places and assembly rooms .

City Hotel. New York City • 1827 – National Hotel. hotel chain were added • 1950.LODGING INDUSTRY IN U..A • 1775 – George Washington was a guest in the City Tavern.S.motel’s popularity boom because of price. New York. Louis. largest & most elegant in the world at the time • 1841 – Planter’s House. 1st passenger elevator • 1920 – boom in hotel industry • WW II – need for more hotels arise. St. Boston. Philadelphia • 1794 . Washington • 1829 – Tremont House. grandest in New York. and convenience . largest hotel west of the mountains • 1859 – 5th Ave.

Cleveland. offered services such as light switches.A • 1960 & 1970 – Air travel was introduced thus the appearance of RESORT HOTELS • Present – alternative lodgings arise such as TREE TOPS (Africa.LODGING INDUSTRY IN U. originator of the hotel-chain concept • Statler Hotels – Buffalo. New York. rooms in a huge tree) and BOATELS (accommodations on boats) • Elsworth M.S. Statler – father of commercial hotels. private baths. full-length mirrors and free morning newspapers .

LODGING ESTABLISHMENTS 1. personal environment • A rate that combines a night’s accommodation with a breakfast the following day 2. Time-Share Condominium • Apartments. beaches. privately owned establishment located in suburban and rural areas • Converted private homes that cater to travelers seeking a homey. villas or bungalows built near popular vacation spots (ski-resorts. Disney world) that are sold to individual owners who use them or rent them out to transient guest . Bed & Breakfast (B&B) • A small.

Institutional Lodging • Hospitals. universities and colleges .LODGING ESTABLISHMENTS 3. Cruise Ships • A floating luxury hotel/hotel • One of the fastest growing segment of the hospitality industry 4. retirement houses.

LODGING ESTABLISHMENTS • CASINOS – first class hotels that provide elaborate facilities for gambling which offers luxurious lodging and lavish entertainment at low cost to attract potential customers .

” .2 DIVISION OF THE HOTEL (REVENUE-GENERATING) • 1.the department that perhaps most clearly demonstrate the old hotel keepers’ famous saying “Service is our most important product.Food and Beverage (F&B). Rooms Division-area that provides hospitality and services to guest in a friendly and efficient manner. • 2.

BASIC CATEGORIES OF LODGING • • • • 1. Upscale-Hotels 3. Deluxe Hotel 2. Economy/Limited Service Properties . Mid-Tier Hotels and Motels 4.

Classification of Guestrooms • A. Triple Room 6. According to the number of beds • • • • 1. Single Room 2. Family Room 8. Twin room 3. Double-double 5. Quadruple 7. King Room . Double Room 4.

Standard 3. Economy 2.B. de Luxe 4. Suite . Studio 5. According to Price. Lay-out and facilities • • • • • • 1. Connecting Room 6.

Executive Suite 4.TYPES OF SUITES • • • • 1. Hospitality Suite . Penthouse Suite 3. Junior Suite 2.

Queen Bed 4. King Bed 5. Roll-away bed . Double Bed 3. Single Bed 2.TYPES OF BEDS • • • • • 1.

TYPES OF HOUSEKEEPING Domestic Housekeeping Institutional Housekeeping • Refers to housekeeping maintenance in a house • Applies to housekeeping maintenance in commercial lodging establishment. .

4 SECTION OF THE HK DEPARTMENT • Room Section – Heart of the HK • Linen Section – records room status of the room • Public Area – in charge of the hotel’s general cleanliness • Laundry Section – good balance of laundry services for the entire hotel .

facilities & equipment . receive their station assignments. there are 2 essential functions of the HK department PRIMARY.Provides uniforms. furniture & fixtures SECONDARY.All HK associates reports here properly uniformed on time. lost & found items.FUNCTIONS OF THE HK OFFICE In general. activities of seamstress SUB-FUNCTIONS. work orders & pass keys . hallways and public areas Ensures the integrity of the original design & condition of the guestrooms. linen.Ensure cleanliness of guestrooms.

SUB-FUNCTIONS • All HK telephone calls are receive here & message are sent out to the different sections • HK office provides policy & storage for lost & found items & keep track of them • All linen & flower arrangement requirements in any areas of the hotel are controlled through the HK office .

Guestrooms Maintenance • . Maintenance of Linen/Laundry Service • . corridors.Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the guestroom • 2. Maintenance of Public Areas • .Collecting and delivering laundry items for house guests or in house occupants . grounds.Maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness in all public areas which include lobby. function rooms. etc • 3.SCOPE OF HK MAINTENACE • 1.

issuance.SCOPE OF HK MAINTENANCE • 4. cleaning and maintenance of fixture and facilities • 6. etc. polishing shoes. Provision of special service like baby sitting. mending. repair and inventory of employees’ uniforms • 5. Installation. . Washing.

linen are neatly folded . top to bottom.all areas are immaculately and glass panels are dusted and polished • 2. corner to corner. ORDERLINESS • -facilities and fixtures are properly arranged and installed in appropriate location • . CLEANLINESS • . • . including surfaces.STANDARDS OF IDEAL HOUSEKEEPING • 1.

Rooms are properly ventilated and lighted • .STANDARD OF IDEAL HOUSEKEEPING • 3. covered and disposed regularly • 4. GUEST’ COMFORT • . SANITATION • -The whole area is free from all sources of bacterial contamination such as undisposed garbage and leftover. stagnant water • -Wet garbage is properly underlined with plastic.Guests are not disturbed by noise and other forms of distractions .

The rooms.STANDARD IDEAL OF HK DEPARTMENT • 5. slippery floors.. broken chairs. . dangling wire. not dim or dull • Wall decors and TV sets are posted at eye level • 6. function rooms and public areas are free from any safety hazards like open electrical outlet. damaged tiles.Ambiance is soothing to the eyes. SAFETY • . EYE APPEAL • . etc.

All tools and equipment are stored safely in appropriate storage compartment right after use . regular requisitions are made • PAR STOCK. MATERIALS CONTROL AND PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE • .There is a designated budget for supplies and materials • .Par stock requirement are always maintained.the amount of an item needed to outfit the property at 100% occupancy • .STANDARDS OF IDEAL HOUSEKEEPING • 7.

.Supplies and materials are consumed w/in the limits of the budget • .PAR STOCK • .Guests’ requests and concerns are given prompt and proper attention • . working condition to avoid accidents • 8. GUEST RELATIONS • .All appliances and equipment are regularly checked for any damaged and maintained in safe.Staff exhibit warm and pleasant disposition in dealing with guests.

corridors. vending areas & floor closets) • PUBLIC AREAS (lobbies. main Entrance. games & Exercise rooms & shops • OFFICES DEPT. RESPONSIBLE • HK • HK • HK .AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY AREA • .GUESTROOMS ( hallways. restrooms. front desk.

tennis & volleyball Courts) DEPT. . RESPONSIBILE • HK • HK • HK • HK • ENGR.AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY • • • • • • • AREA EMPLOYEES AREAS (locker rooms. cafeteria & Restroom) LAUNDRY ROOM LINEN ROOM HK STORAGE AREAS RECREATION AREAS (pools.

restaurant & cocktail lounges) DEPT RESPONSIBLE • ENGR. • ENGR. landscaping & sidewalks) • MAINTENANCE SHOP • F&B SVC(coffee shop.AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY AREA • GROUNDS(parking lot. trees. parking garage. • F&B .

function rooms.AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY AREA • KITCHENS • BANQUETS (ballrooms. RESPONSIBLE • F&B • BANQUET . & exhibition Halls) DEPT.

AREA CLEANING INVENTORIES • The 1st step in planning the upkeep of the different areas assigned to the HK dept is to establish a list of the items that need to be regularly cleaned & maintained & how frequent they are to be cleaned. • ITEM ACTIVITY FREQUENCY • Carpet Vacuumed Daily • Furniture Dusted Daily Polished Weekly • Lamps Dusted Daily .

Accounting • 4. Plant Manager.Food & Beverage Department • 2.Engineering and Maintenance . • MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE & THEIR DEPT. HEADS • 1. F & B Director. Sales Director. Marketing and Public relations • 3. • 5.Sales. Controller/Chief Financier. Human Resources Director.Human Relations Dept.INTERRACTION BET HK AND OTHER DEPT.

HK notifies the FD . FRONT OFFICE • -guestroom are sold here • HK provides FD with a listing of rooms that are ready for occupancy • As guests check in and out of the hotel.COMMUNICATION ON FRONT OFFICE • A. FD notifies the HK and as rooms are cleaned and ready for occupancy.

Desk -Compare the records HK Employee .P.guestroom HK Supervisor F.M .FRONT OFFICE FRONT Desk -Night Clerk’s report HK employee who opens the house -A. Room Attendant Room Attendants -before they begin to work .M.

FRONT OFFICE • DISCREPANCY. An error is made by the night clerk when filling out the night clerk’s room report • 3. A guest is given the wrong room key by mistakes .means that the FD reports that a certain room is vacant but HK finds it occupied • REASONS WHY A DISCREPANCY OCCUR • 1. A guest switches from one room to another and the FD neglects to change its records • 2.

The room is used by an authorized employee • 5. A guest checks-in or out bet the time the report is made and the check is conducted . • 6. The room is sold by the FD without being recorded and the money is pocketed by the clerk.FRONT OFFICE REASONS WHY A DISCREPANCY OCCUR • 4.

BET HK AND FO • • • • • • • Occupancy forecast VIP arrivals Early check ins of groups Closing of certain section for deep-cleaning Delivery of guest laundry Lost and found items Special guests requests . COMM.OTHER INFOS.

hallways. fixtures and furniture in the guestrooms. public areas and employee locker rooms must be in proper working order. linen & laundry rooms.COMMUNICATION IN HK AND MAINTENACE • Every piece of equipment. .

REGULAR MAINTENACE. . PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE-Consists of inspecting guestrooms and other areas on a regular basis to identify repair and maintenance needs. • 1. • 2.Performed when an item is broken and needs to be repaired.COMMUNICATION BET HK AND MAINTENANCE • 2 TYPES OF MAINTENANCE PERFORMED BY THE ENGINEERING DEPT.

pay schedules. compensation packages.Necessary when considering personnel staffing • Involved in the orientation of new HK employees: philosophy. rules & regulations .COMMUNICATION BET HK AN HR DEPT • HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT • .

selection .COMMUNICATION BET HK & HR DEPT HK . interviews HK . prescreens.2nd interview and hiring.Fills out an employee requisition HR Advertises.

clean uniform. with clean napery. clubs and room services • HK is indirectly involved in the outlet’s cleanliness • Good communication with regards to the pick-up of room service material from guestroom areas • HK must see to it that hallways are free from trays and carts • Laundry room must provide the F&B Dept. bars. catering services. • Comprises of the kitchens. lounges.COMMUNICATION BET HK & F & B DEPT. restaurant. banquets. . cafeteria. coffee shops.

therefore cleanliness is of great importance • Necessary when specific rooms or suites must be available for inspection to meeting planners who are considering the property for a possible convention .COMMUNICATION BET HK & SALES & MARKETING DEPT. • Its primary goal is to sell the products and services offered by the property.

HK provides monthly inventory information in order to ascertain expenses of controllable goods and percentage costs. & HK . .COMMUNICATION BET ACCTG.Placing orders for equipment and supplies (Purchasing to controller) .All information regarding wages salaries .

THE EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER AS DEPARMENT MANAGER • PRIMARY ROLE: Manages the HK dept. all supervisor of various sections & other rank & file positions • Sits on the hotel’s Exec committee & work with the other dept heads & Gen mgr. HK. Exec. & ensures that set standards & procedures are maintained & achieved at all times • Supervises the asst. .

HOUSEKEEPER AS DEPT. MANAGER • Other responsibilities – Plans/organize staffing & manpower plotting – Decides & outlines all HK activities – Assists in preparation of the annual budget – Implements cost control procedures within the department .THE EXEC.

• Analyzed the job systematically to determine the amount of work that each employee could produce. • Measured the performance in given period of time . HK • CONCERN FOR PRODUCTION – Frederick W.Management concepts as they apply to the Exec. Taylor-conceptualized the “Classical Scientific Management’ method approach.

conceptualized the “Human Relations Management” approach – Conducted an experiment in the work place thus concluding that in order to increase productivity. human relations factors must be considered .CONCERN FOR PEOPLE • Elton Mayo.

Coordinating B. Directing . Organizing E.France. proposed that a manager must practice the ff functions of management: A.COORDINATION OF EFFORT IN THE WORKPLACE • Henri Fayol. Planning D. Controlling C.

Supervisor. facilitating & monitoring the works of others in order to have the job done.THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE EXEC. Employees 3.concerned with directing.anyone whose responsibility is to supervise. Supervisions. HK A. Guests . Company assets 2. Exec HK’s field of supervisions 1.

HK • B.THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE EXEC. Leadership – The ability to lead people to willingly performs in ways to achieve the organization’s goals. motivation – Managers should not always try to motivates but create a positive environment for employees to motivate themselves . • 3 Leadership Styles • * Authoritarian • * Democratic • * Laissez-faire • C.

Its function is to link people together in organization in order to achieve a common purpose • 4 types of verbal communication • Reading * Speaking • Listening * Writing 2 Roadblocks to communication *Status barrier *Psychological barrier .THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE EXEC HK D. Communication.

ATTRIBUTES OF THE EXEC HK • 2 TYPES OF LISTENING • Active • Passive • Power/Authority • Power-ability to influence behavior to other • Authority-when institutionalized in organized influencing behavior becomes right .

• Suggestion.process of assigning work authority accountability accomplish it effectively .best source if you want to excel behavior of supervisor.Ideas or proposition and possible action. • Persuasion.ATTRIBUTES OF THE EXEC HK • 4 WAYS TO EXERT AUTHORITY • Coercive and reward power. • DELEGATION. • Emulation.Ignored or avoided and doesn’t’ work.refers to administers punishment or recompense.

MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE EXEC HK • • • • • Time Management Problem Solving Total Quality Management Ethical Values Decision Making .

A. & mini bar boys regarding proper procedures in cleaning & handling of supplies & equipment . Housekeeper *Assists the Exec.)  Floor Supervisor *Supervising R. room & P.A. laundry. Exec. HK in a giving assignment & daily instructions for all Supervisors (linen.ORGANIZATION OF THE HK DEPT  Asst.

offices & public area  LINEN/LAUNDRY SUPERVISOR *Counterchecks on the sorting.O.ORGANIZATION OF THE HK DEPT  PUBLIC AREA SUPERVISOR *Supervises & coordinates activities of the houseman to ensure clean. . counting & issuing of newly laundered linen & uniform done by the linen attendant. paying attention to function rooms. F. orderly & attractive hotel premises. area.

ORGANIZATION OF THE HK DEPT  ROOM ATTENDANT *Removes all room service trays & service equipment used for any F&B items to the guestroom & brings them to service area  PUBLIC AREA SUPERVISOR * maintaining the general cleanliness of the hotel .

A. & floor supervisor .ORGANIZATION OF THE HK DEPT  POWDER GIRLS *responsible for the cleanliness & general upkeep of the DRESSING ROOM making them fresh sanitized & free of odor at all times  LINEN-UNIFORM ATTENDANT * Issues & receives floor master keys of R.

recycles condemned items such as bed sheets into scarves. as well as table cloths into napkin or underliners  LINEN RUNNER *Collects & spot-checks soiled linen .ORGANIZATION OF THE HK DEPT  SEAMSTRESS *Mends repairable items. aprons.

SPEAK OF.ATTRIBUTES OF HK SERVICE STAFF • DISCRETION  NO NOTICE OF. things regarding the guests in their conversation HONESTY  Staff must be able to work amongst guest’s personal effects & to hand in any lost property .

ATTRIBUTES OF HK SERVICE STAFF CONFIDENTIALITY  Guests could leave private papers or company documents lying open in their rooms COMMUNICATION  HK staff are frequently asked by guests regarding hotel services & the surroundings areas .

ATTRIBUTES OF HK SERVICE STAFF TEAM SPIRIT  Staff must be able to trust each other & work together .

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT  TRAINING. . MOTIVATING AND EVALUATING STAFF The aim of training is to standardize the procedures that have been proven to work well w/out taking the flexibility and motivation to find better procedure.

training should be continuous to keep staff apprised to new HK techniques .During training.a buzzword for modern managers  TEAM TRAINIG.TYPES OF TRAINING  CROSS-TRAINING. trainers should try out various combinations of staff members and job assignment  CONTINUING EDUCATION.

TRINING METHODS Show-tell-do bests for functions-related jobs.can cause a simple flip chart to a sophisticated computer graphics. Audio-visual aids.some properties filmed trainees on closed circuit TV so that their performance can be discussed with the supervisor . Filmed videos.

TRAINING METHOD Training films.Opens lines of communication.Produced by associations or independent producers of training films Fishbowl techniques. Role playing-Employees and managers take on each other’s roles in theoretical situations .

TRAINING METHODS  Benchmarking-measuring what others companies do and training staff in similar practices can improve performance .

Point system B. Monetary rewards A. Lump-sum bonuses D. On-the-spot bonuses . Team incentives C.MOTIVATING STAFF Incentive program that motivate workers 1.

Monetary Rewards
E. Attendance bonuses F. Property-wide bonuses G. Receiving Incentive from Guests

2. Nonmonetary Incentivesadditional money may be a good motivator, but it is not the only motivator 3. Choice assignment 4. Cross training

Monetary Rewards
5. Free Stays 6. Free Meal Tickets or voucher 7. Early Dismissal

• SANITATION IN HOUSEKEEPING-The health and safety of guests and house occupants is a moral responsibility of any hospitality establishment. • Sanitation-refers to the maintenance of healthy and hygienic conditions, free from disease-causing organisms • Clean- free from visible soil or dirt

 Keeping all parts of the house clean and free of dirt.  Stagnant water in cans, pails and drums should always be covered.  Moist foods and food leftovers must be wrapped in plastic before they are thrown into garage cans.

free from disease causing organisms.RISK AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SANITATION IN HOUSEKEEPING Sanitation. from visible soil or dirt .refers to the maintenance of healthy and hygienic condition.

pails and drums (if one is used) should always be covered so that it does not breeding place of mosquitoes. Stagnant water in cans.PREVENTION OF BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION Keeping all parts of the house clean and free of dirt. Moist foods and food leftovers must be wrapped in the plastic before that thrown into garbage cans .

etc) used by sick people should be segregated and also sanitized to protect other occupants from contamination.PREVENTION OF BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION Re-usable personal items like glasses. Personal items (glasses. . linen. cutleries and other eating utensils should be not just washed with soap and water but must also be sanitized from time to time with sanitizing detergents. cutleries.

.PREVENTION OF BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION Housekeepers are advised to protect themselves from contamination by using protective devices. Automatic locks are also advised to prevent the entry of insects. All entrances and windows must be covered with protective screen to prevent entry of insects.

SAFETY AND SCURITY IN HOUSEKEEPING • It is responsibility of every hotel and lodging house to insure the safety and security of guests and occupants. . They will be made accountable for any accidents or injury emanating from safety and security hazards that are left unattended and uncorrected.

. Provide for roving guards who will monitor movements within the hotel premises. all entrances to the hotel should be secured and guarded round the clock by security personnel. particularly in guestrooms and surroundings areas.GENERAL SAFETY AND SECURITY MAESURES FOR GUESTS • 1. If possible. • 3. Suspicious looking persons and objects are to be reported to security office or duty manager immediately for proper investigation. • 2.

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