Apple: From Jobs to Cook

 In 1993 Splinder was made CEO of Apple after directors lost trust in Sculley. Spindler was asked to resign as CEO and was replaced by Gil Amelio. the most inexpensive and easy to use Floppy Driver ever (At that time) Sales further increased.  In 1995-96 Apple posted a $68 million loss in a quarter. Steve Job. the former president of National Semiconductor. .  In 1981 markets became saturated and aged middle level managers and new investors made Apple a “Real Company”.  Steven Wozniak initially joined Hewlett & Packard and Jobs joined Atari. both crazy about electronics.  Initially they didn’t take it seriously n Apple wasn’t a success till Apple II was launched in 1977. a major stockholder. the then director of Apple.  He started to work for Macintosh started as a $500 PC firm then.  Apple II was an impressive machine and sales started to gain momentum and multiplied several times.  In 1987 MAC II was launched and was a big Success but there were dangers ahead from the side of Microsoft. Further Wozniak got injured in a plane crash and returned just briefly.  In 1980 Apple was extended to thousand employees launched Apple III and started selling computers abroad. then President of Pepsi-Cola to make him CEO of Apple but the move cost him his job. Steve Jobs became the CEO of Apple. both in Silicon Valley. much to the dislike of its intial Employees. a Visionary proposed to sell the machine so was born Apple Computers on April 1 1976. In January 1996.  Jobs was removed from his dream project LISA by Mike Markkula.  In 1983 Jobs got Sculley. Both ended up as dropouts but kept in touch.Introduction to Apple  Steven Wozniak and Steven Jobs had been best of friends.  With the introduction of Apple Disk II. Jobs at that time had only 11 % share in Apple. Electronics was common to both.  Wozniak made a design which later on became to be known as Apple I.

 On January 18 2011 Apple reports a record quarterly net profit of $6 billion on revenue of $26. Some called him “Interim CEO” after Amelio was forced to quit. Jobs made significant changes including an agreement with Microsoft Apple’s biggest rival in exchange for $150 million in Apple Stock. iPods had moved from expensive toys to must-have Christmas presents.  In 2010 Jobs launched iPad Jobs unveils the iPad tablet computer. would be available for the Mac by year’s end. In late december 1996. Rhapsody. The iTunes Music Store had a 70% market share among all legal online music download services.  On August 24 2011 Steve Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple and Tim Cook then COO of Apple was made the new CEO of the Apple Board. Microsoft agreed to pay an unreleased sum of additional funds to quiet the allegations that it had stolen Apple's intellectual property in designing its Windows OS. and that Steven Jobs would be returning to the fold.  In the first year alone. and Apple found itself in the position of having a monopoly for the first time in several decades. Microsoft also announced that Office '98.  Apple launched Ipod that changed the fortunes for the company that was posting losses one after the other on October 23 2001. a final settlement in the ongoing GUI argument. . which was slated for a 1998 release. more importantly.74 billion. The merger was brought about in order to acquire NeXTstep.  On june 6 2011 Jobs launched Apple’s Online Storage iCloud.  He also tackled the “Clones” problem. the iTunes Music Store sold more than 70 million songs. which was to become the basis for Apple's next-generation OS.  The ipod sales begin to gain momentum and by October 2003 the sales were skyrocketing.  Apple was now ready to rock the digital music player world by launching ipod mini. its popular office package. Apple made an industry-shattering announcement that it would be acquiring NeXT. a huge hit after it goes on sale in April. Microsoft and Apple would have a 5-year patent cross-license and.It launched iTunes to support the ipod. and by July this number had increased to more than 100 million.  In 2007 then Apple kicked off the new era of touch screen phones by launching iPhone.  Jobs was given an expanded role. Apple passes Microsoft in May as the largest US technology company in terms of market value.

92 . It has a market Cap of $630.S. Apple is now largest by the market cap and profits then Amazon. . Google and Microsoft. Apple.95 Billion. ("History of Apple" Apple History.46 billion only 2nd to Exon Mobile in top five>.) Economy and the profit of the Company at the time of Jobs  On 17th July 2011 Steve jobs announced that he would take another medical leave on account of his health and chief operating officer Tim Cook would be incharge of the operations at Apple.  Apple’s stock on 15th july 2011 was at all time high on $364. 26/8/2012. publicly traded company according to the market capital. Apple’s Market capitalization was $337. 1/9/2012 <http://applehistory.

so far his performance is phenomenal. a Goldman Sachs research analyst about Tim Cook. 29/8/2012. Google and Amazon Combined" The Next Web. (Panzarrino. Apple.  It has shipped 89 million iPhones and 38 million iPads all exceeding wallStreet’s expectations." says Bill Shope. 29/8/>.) (yglesias. Mathew. "Apple's Market Cap Is High Because Its Profits Are High" Slate.slate.html>) The process of Change Lewin developed a three step sequential model of the change process to change their tendency to return to their habitual patterns of behavior. . "Apple now bigger in Market Cap than Miicrosoft.  "By any quantitative measure. 1/9/2012 <http://thenextweb. Mathew.  Apple has grown its profit by $31 billion in the three quarters of Cook’s Charge.  The higher market Capital of Apple is credited to its higher profit. 1/9/2012 <http://www. ts_profits_are_high.  Apple today is the largest firm traded in Nasdaq ahead of Exon Mobile by $100 billion.Economy and profit of the Company after Cook took the charge of Apple  On 17th July Cook took the charge of Apple from ailing Steve Jobs who later succumbed to illness.

" says Bill Shope. a Goldman Sachs research analyst. Clearly Jobs had design and product oriented view while Cook has an overall view. (3) Refreezing:- The team at Apple has now slowly and gradually moved to Cook’s view. (2) Changing:. Cook created an environment where he was loved and respected as a loving and free minded boss. To Check the labour conditions Cook himself visited Company’s Supplier’s Factory at Foxconn and also got him photographed to emphasize his views on Laborer’s Condition. Nevertheless. He was the one acting as the Change Agent.e.(1) Unfreezing :. Cook frequently hs lunch with the employees in the mess where as Steve Jobs always had lunch with his design Chief Jonathan Ive. Late last year Apple disclosed for the first time the dollar value of its assets there: $2. "The numbers speak for themselves. To make his views a reality Cook initially made it clear that he had no religious belief regarding the dividends and now Apple pays quarterly dividends of $2.65 to its shareholders and it also buyed back it’s $10 billion worth of Shares. He fostered the new ideas be it the payment of Dividents or changing the working condition of the labourers in the company’s supplier in China. change was mandatory. "By any quantitative measure." says Katy Huberty.Involves making the need for change so obvious that the individual. The Wall Street also has too much positive reviews about Tim Cook. He was the one leading the change in Apple. Cook's Apple appears to be doubling down on its manufacturing in China. group.The new CEO was selected as Tim Cook who was formerly the Chief Operating Officer for Apple. or organization can readily see and accept it.6 billion. Morgan Stanley's Apple analyst. His relations with WallStreet people and politicos is also considerable. Cook focuses on business aspect where as Jobs was more concerned about technology and product design. He made an honest attempt to make the shareholders and investors feel good. Apple also joined the Fair Labor Association an industry-financed third-party monitoring group that has the ability to visit factories and report its findings independently. . Cook fostered the notion that Apple was considerate about the labourers and also investors. Cook in his first three Quarters as CEO is quite commendable. so far his performance is phenomenal. In the case of Apple it was quite necessary as Steve Jobs was ailing and it was quite evident that he was not going to last long so to set this in process or say for Unfreezing he himself quit the firm on 17th July 2011 so that was necessary to get a new CEO to run the company i.

"How Tim Cook is changing Apple" CNN>. Apple. 1/9/2012 <http://tech.fortune. have to end one day or other.cnn. Adam.(Lashinsky. 24/5/2012. Change is the law of Nature so is the case with Companies and so was the Case with .) Conclusion The Change was inevitable as All good things no matter how good they are.

As a former Apple employee puts it “I've been told that any meeting of significance is now always populated by project management and global-supply management. engineering decided what we wanted. Bibliography . All the new products of Apple have just been modifications of the earlier Success. And as far as the product Design and innovation is concerned it is necessary to give Tim Cook some time as it is just three quarters as CEO.S in terms of Market Capital." But overall Tim Cook has led the company to great benefits and company’s profit and Market capital has raised tremendously and is now the top trading company in U. Steve Jobs the Cofounder of Apple and the man who gained the momentum for Apple of which it is still reaping benefits was probably the best Enterprenuer of his era but he had too like all mortals cannot last forever and the right time he handed over the reins to Tim Cook. But he has his own way of leading the company that has become a leading brand in electronics around the world and is all set to launch Apple Televisions. and it was the job of product management and supply management to go get it. When I was there. It shows a shift in priority. Cook unlike his predecessor hasn’t brought great product revolutions.Apple. He has a different approach to the company.

slate. Apple. 1/9/2012 <http://apple- history.html> (3) Panzarrino. Apple. Mathew. . 1/9/2012 <>. 24/5/2012. Adam. "Apple's Market Cap Is High Because Its Profits Are High" Slate.(1) Lashinsky. "Apple now bigger in Market Cap than Miicrosoft. 29/8/2012. Apple. 1/9/2012 < cause_its_profits_are_high. Mathew. 1/9/2012 <http://tech. Apple.cnn. "How Tim Cook is changing Apple" CNN Money. (4) "History of Apple" Apple>. (2) yglesias. 29/8/2012. 26/8/2012.fortune. Google and Amazon Combined" The Next>.

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