Course: Principle of Marketing Project Questionnaire

1. Current Situation- Market Analysis i. Market size ii. Market Segmentation iii. Competition and Market Shares iv. Competitors’ Strength & weaknesses

2. Current Situation-Consumer Analysis i. Demographic ii. Psychographic

3. Current Situation- Internal i. Objectives ii. Mission Statement iii. Vision statement iv. Corporate Objectives v. Marketing Objectives vi. Financial Objectives vii. Long term Objectives viii. Description of the basic Business Philosophy 4. Summary of Situation Analysis i. External Threats ii. External Opportunities iii. Internal weakness iv. Sustainable competitive advantage

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Sales promotion vi. Pricing ii. Promotional Mix iii. Theme & media iv. By customer segment iii. Frequency. Marketing i. By distribution channel 6. Techniques and Management v. Electronics promotion viii.price objectives Method strategy 7. Marketing Strategy-segmented marketing actions and market share objectives i. Publicity & public relations vii. Pricing Strategy. Pricing iii. Word of mouth marketing Page 2 of 2 . Promotional Goal ii.5. Flights. Sales force requirements. By geographical iv. Marketing Strategy –Promotion i. By product ii. Adverti sing Reach.

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