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Case 3 Purchasing: AMD CONSTRUCTION

Case 3 Purchasing: AMD CONSTRUCTION

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Purchasing and supply chain management
Purchasing and supply chain management

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Published by: issa99 on Mar 20, 2013
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Case Study 3

AMD Construction Company: Negotiating the Old−Fashioned Way. Capital Equipment Acquisition Process Capital equipment acquisition is a long term investment decision that affects almost every aspect of a firm’s financial bottom line. Thus the acquisition decision has greater significance that includes tax planning purposes which translates into savings in the long term when equipment’s are bought now instead of later. Equipment acquisition is also a major undertaking because a significant amount of a firm’s money is invested with the hope that this will translate into returns that will extend over several years. The process of capital equipment acquisition includes the following steps:  The process starts with a “wish list” of the particular department for which the acquisition is going to be performed. In this step, the capital request is forwarded to the related persons to tell them about the requirement of the department.  The request is then compared with the overall company goals and its benefits for the long run are justified.  Project planning is made by analyzing the extent of the acquisition and whether it is for replacement, expansion of new products or expansion of existing line of products.  After the request passes the new project ideas step, consideration of cash flow analysis are made for each capital investment idea. The important fact here is the net economic

. the fact that Jane said “the new CAT-1 can easily produce two times the rate of your current equipment. the CAT-1 requires only one two-person crew”. Assessment and recommendation for AMD Construction (ATTACHED EXCEL) The estimated values for leasing the equipment shows the lowest cost of operation for the business.   Lastly. The selected project is then analyzed to make the financial planning.  The certainty and uncertainty factors are considered in this step for the use of the equipment. including the physical life and economic life of the project.107. The auditing process for the acquisition is done to check the pros and cons of the acquisition plan and then the results are compared between the actual performances of the plan with the estimated performance to justify its benefits. with the lease option of CAT-1. definitely makes it a great investment.benefit that the investment will generate is considered and evaluated. In this level if the selected plan is not suitable for the company in any aspect then the company goals are again compared with the acquisition plan and otherwise initiation of the plan is done. However. the budget allocated is rechecked with the actual expenditure of the acquisition.    The project is selected by the management. the cost will be $391.  When the funds are allocated and approved then the implementation is triggered by the purchase of the assets. What’s more.500 and for the purchase option the estimated values will be $436.

In the long run. Mr. direct purchase is not the best option.000 after 3 years For the long term and effective investment (assuming that the DBE discount will be around for at least a year) the best option AMD construction will be to lease the equipment. The nature of work that Mr.000) than the existing equipment because the new equipment cuts the labor cost. however the lease option will be better (AMD made a previous mistake that totaled $344. Jane. the numbers are far larger than the lease option. is efficient and is twice productive than the old equipment. thus the lease option offered by Jane will translate into     No maintenance costs Labor is lower and same as buying option No down payment Salvage value of 100. Reed does is based on yearly contracts that are not always guaranteed. The outright purchase option is not suitable enough for the AMD construction because after my calculations.Because of the DBE that is going to be provided by Ms. I think he should take Jane’s offer. however as always he has to check what the competition is offering. . AMD construction will get an extra (10%) for the equipment lease with the decrease in the direct labor cost. Reed will benefit and AMD construction will be more profitable.

W. Jr. (2010). . NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin.References Benton.C. New York. Purchasing and supply chain management (2nd edition).

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