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I hope the inaugural issue of the Beta Delta Alumni Newsletter was a success. It was my intention to engage the alumni and keep you updated with what is happening at the Lodge. It is my hope that you will continue to use this new tool as a way to stay connected with each other and with what is happening with the undergraduate Brothers. Also, our local website has been updated and can be accessed at .cfm?event=Main&path=Chi_Psi The month of February was very eventful at the Lodge. Pledge education began and a few Brothers attended the Northeast Regional Conference (NERC) at Union College, Alpha Pi. We also had our inaugural scholarship awards cocktail at the lodge in which eight Brothers received awards. February was a great month and we look forward to keeping the steam rolling throughout the month of March. I would like to issue a special thank you to Brothers Mitch Simpler, William Kovacs, Matt Horch, Chris Horch, Jim Eshleman, Bill Maher, Matthew Fitz, Sean Linder, Michael Groome and Brian Henry for participating in trivia night this past Friday (31-13). The current brothers really enjoyed the stories and hope many alumni continue to show their faces.

Undergraduate Spotlight: Paul Schroeder
Brother Paul Schroeder ’15 is becoming one of the most active and dedicated brothers here in Chi Psi. Born in Reading, PA, Brother Schroeder excelled academically and athletically at Governor Mifflin High School. At Lehigh, Brother Schroeder is majoring in Bioengineering and is a member of the varsity football team. In the Lodge he is the alumni relations understudy and the # 1.5. At the inaugural scholarship cocktail ceremony, Brother Schroeder received an award for having the highest GPA (3.88) in the entire lodge. Brother Schroeder aspires to attend medical school upon graduation to study oncology/ neurology. We are very proud of our Brothers and we hope you all continue to support us in everything that we do.

YITB, Keith Sherman ‘14 #1 Beta Delta- Chi Psi Fraternity

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Program for Excellence Undergraduate News/ The Program for Excellence Upcoming Events served as the New Member Education
Bids have been given out and New Member Education will begin on February 4, 2013 and end on March 22, 2013. Lehigh has asked that New Member Education only last 6 weeks instead of the usual 8 week education period. We have made the necessary adjustments and are excited for a great New Member Education th Period. Initiation will be the week of March 18 22th. This year’s New Mem ber Educator will be Legacy, Brother Eric Walsh Simpler ’13. If any Brother wants to make an appearance to any of the New Member Education events, Brother Simpler can be contacted at Cell: 609-468-0364 Brothers participating in the Speed Dating Rush or E-mail Event

cornerstone of this year’s Mid-Year Leadership Retreat The Program Excellence is a February 2013 for – March  (MYLR). program that presents new ideas on how to 2013: New Member improve sorority relations and improving what it means to Education. be Chi Psi Gentlemen. It features ideas such as dating, pig picking, golf outing March 11-15, 2013:  speed events etc. At the MYLR undergraduate Brothers Spring Break. received a draft version of the Program for Excellence and an online version is available March 18-22, 2013: New at:  Member Initiation.

 March 25, 2013: Accreditation Undergraduate Brothers The accreditation process this year is much Composite Picture. further than in recent years. Brother Marcus
Dormevil and Brother Jared Heschke are heading a committee of six Brothers. We are very excited for the accreditation process this year and believe we are able to secure the highest possible rating. Our accreditation hearing will be held on Thursday April 18, 2013 at 8:30 AM. If you are in the area it would be greatly appreciated if you attend.

Northeast Regional Conference (NERC)
This year’s Northeast Regional Conference (NERC) was held at Union College, Alpha Pi on February 23, 2013. The conference this year was attended by many undergraduate brothers from all alphas in the Northeast. Beta Delta had great representation from our #1 (Keith Sherman), Brother Paul Schroeder ‘15 and Brother Daniel Butensky ’15. The NERC gave the undergraduate Brothers an opportunity to experience what Chi Psi National’s is all about on a smaller scale. Our representatives learned a great deal and are grateful for the opportunity.
Brothers before the Date Party

We will be hosting the first annual Scholarship award cocktail at the Lodge on February 16, 2013 from 3:30 PM- 6PM. Brothers will be awarded monetary prizes for Overall Highest Brother Eric Simpler '13 GPA in GPA, Most improved GPA, Highest each college and Most improved GPA in each college. This is made possible by the P&E account at Lehigh. The P&E account can be accessed at We encourage alumni to continue to donate to “I SWING BIG, WITH EVERYTHING I’VE GOT. I HIT BIG the P&E account so we are able to have more OR I like MISS BIG. I LIKE TO LIVE AS BIG AS I CAN.” events this and future Brothers can experience what it -BABE truly means to be a Chi Psi RUTH Gentleman.


“Chi Psi Fraternity A family of gentlemen in pursuit of excellence”



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