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Categorization of Soils. Soils can be categorized according to many different types.

Following are few of common Soil categorizations. 1.1 How soil is formed

Changing in size without effeting the compostiion

Changeingin size and composition.

Freezing, Thowing, Erosing, Exfoliation, Unloading.

Hydration Carbonoation Oxidation

1.2 Classification of soil according to the article size

Soil types

Coarse grained

Fine grained

Boulder > 75

Gravel 75 - 4.75

Sand 4.75 - 0.075

Silt 0.075 - 0.002

Clay < 0.002

1.2.1 Soil types and description Soil Type Gravel Sand Silt Clay Description Average Grain size (mm) Rounded regular bulky hard rock 75 – 4.75 Rounded regular bulky hard rock 4.75 – 0.075 Particles smaller that 0.075, Exhibits little or 0.075 – 0.002 no strength when drilled Particles smaller than 0.002, Exhibits < 0.002 significant strength when drilled

1.3 Classification of soils according the formation Soil Type Alluvial soils Colluvial Soils Description Fine sediments that have been eroded on ricks, transported by water and settled in rivers Soil found at the base of mountains,, eroded due to water and gravity. Soil that contain Calcium Carbonate. Soil that undergo large volume change due to change in water content. Soils consisting of rock debris, sand and silt. Clay and soil mixed with water in to a viscous fluid

Calcareous Soil Expansive Soils

Glacial Soils Mud