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What it is ?

In 1983 Jay Conrad Levinson make the

term Guerrilla Marketing Known as a philosophy for small and start-up companies to successfully market their business with a small amount of money. An alternative marketing form that has been experiencing increasing importance in
advertising landscape Classical marketing communication via the

traditional channels.

Creative, unconventional,

surprising and efficient. Distinguishes itself from other promotion tools by its surprise effect The unexpected and unusual Guerrilla Marketing campaigns Kotler believes that the main purpose of Guerrilla Marketing is to destabilize the opponent and destroy the competitors with the help of attrition tactics.

Non-traditional Methods
Stickers can be put

anywhere, especially in the target area Pavement chalking Bio-degradable tree postings Product give-aways Stencilling Spray paint logos

The non-profit organization WMF had make promotion

with its slogan: save paper save the planet

Flexible Low cost Targeted