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Dreams have always been the focus of curiosity, interest, and quest of the human
mind. These have led to varieties of false convictions and mystic notions on the one
hand, and have accelerated research in Psychology, Neurology and Parapsychology
on the other. The reality, origin, reflections and implications of dreams are discussed
in great detail in this book, which is compiled from the translation of the Chapters 4
and 5 of the volume 18 of “Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vangmaya” series.
Dreams have always been the focus of curiosity, interest, and quest of the human
mind. These have led to varieties of false convictions and mystic notions on the one
hand, and have accelerated research in Psychology, Neurology and Parapsychology
on the other. The reality, origin, reflections and implications of dreams are discussed
in great detail in this book, which is compiled from the translation of the Chapters 4
and 5 of the volume 18 of “Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vangmaya” series.

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Published by: AWGP Youthcell MP on Mar 21, 2013
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The multiple effects of subconscious instability, mental excitations, and emotional
complexities, together with the infinite domain of connectivity of the unconscious mind
make the Science of Dreams rather esoteric. Nevertheless, some dreams are so clear and
consistent in their ‘rhetoric depictions’ that the study of such dreams offers convincing
implications, interpretations, or logical inferences that can be verified.

As discussed earlier, the research work of Dr. Kasatkin Nikolaevich on dreams
associated with the hidden – not yet manifested or in the early stage of a disease –
ailments and disorders in the body, has brought out many important implications. These
are useful in predictions, early detection, and cure of several diseases – including the
ones, which are manifested only in the advanced stage.

Largely accepted and verified experiences of the above kinds include the following. If
one dreams that a particular portion of the body is being pressed, pinched, or being
examined by someone, and if there is no problem with that organ in reality, there is a
likelihood of some disease, internal damage or deficiency in the corresponding part or
function of the body. Sometimes the possible attack of a disease is indicated in the
dream as –– someone (in acquaintance or even a stranger) is asking the dreamer about
his health, or, is suggesting some medicines for a disease, or the dreamer is meeting a
patient of that diseaseetc.

While interpreting the above kinds of dreams, care should be taken that the dream is not
an exaggerated subconscious expression of the present condition of the body or an
offshoot of the dreamer’s false doubt. For example, the heaviness of stomach caused by
indigestion may also give rise to the experiences in dreams that might be interpreted as
indications of cancer in stomach or so.
The same could also be advised in the context of the precognitive dreams.

Sleep, Dream and Spiritual Reflections


Very often one’s daydreaming, wishful thinking, hidden fear, or suspicion is also
reflected in the dreams. But, these are reflections of the conscious or the subconscious
mind only. This is why the dreams of gamblers that depict winning a lottery or race are
hardly found to be true. Lazy students, who don’t study through out the year, usually
dream of failing in the exam. This also is predominantly a consequence of their inherent
apprehension rather than being a precognition.

If it were so easy to guess about winning a lottery or to infer the level of examination
paper via dreams, most of the gamblers would have become billionaires and controllers
of world’s wealth without industriousness, or, students would have been exhaling in
their schools without any effort in their studies.

Then what distinguishes a precognitive or ‘visionary’ dream from the subconscious
manifestations of bodily functions, mental, or emotional reflections? This still remains a
debatable issue and subject matter of deeper investigation for the researchers today.

As general tips, the clarity of dream, its occurrence in a state of deep sleep without any
visible or currently existing cause that might trigger similar reflections, recurrence of the
same dream, thorough analysis vis-à-vis expert guidance, etc, may be regarded as the
prerequisites for proper interpretations of the dreams with respect to the popular
implications – extracted from the experiences of the dream-seers of India – of the kind
cited below.

(1)Wearing a ring (in dream) indicates the possibility of meeting a charming friend or an
amour. (2) Flying in the sky = possibility of long distances travel or higher achievements.
(3) Falling down from the sky = loss or suffering in near future. (4) Eating mango =
possibility of monetary benefits. (5) Finding pomegranate = chance of substantial gains.
(6) Seeing a camel = possibility of benefits in trade. (7) Riding a camel = likely to fall ill.
(8) Watching the sun = opportunity of meeting a great personality. (9) Putting collyrium
in the eye = risk of a disease. (10) Seeing white clouds = chances of promotion. (11)
Seeing dark thick clouds = likelihood of a successful meeting with the king or the boss.
(12) Holding fire on hands = may gain by unfair means. (13) Riding a horse = fortune in
business. (14) Falling down from a horse-ride = risk of loss. (15) Seeing a cyclone or

Sleep, Dream and Spiritual Reflections


storm = hardship or troubles in voyage. (16) Watching a mirror = progress in love affair.
(17) Seeing fire (in a man’s dream) = chances of falling in love with a strange woman.
(18) Sliding down from a height = demotion or loss. (19) Seeing a broken or slaughtered
arm = possibility of a brother’s or a supporter’s death. (20) Seeing blossoming gardens or
flowers = symbol of happiness and joy.(21) Seeing leafless trees or deserted land =
sorrow and gloom. (22) Watching or attending a marriage = unlucky, if seen by a man
but, lucky if seen by a woman. (23) Scenes of heavy rainfall = shortfall in seasonal crop.
(24) Seeing one’s own head clean shaved = chances of getting rid of a debt. (25) Snowfall
= possibility of bad weather. (26) Playing flute = symbol of grievance. (27) Falling sick =
likelihood of distress and pain. (28) Seeing a hefty ox = chances of loss in agricultural
production. (29) Seeing a lean old ox = likelihood of good crop. (30) Untidy hair =
possibility of monetary loss. (31) Seeing a pig = symbol of distress or diminished life
span. (32) Making bed = symbol of gains, better health. (33) Seeing a nightingale =
possibility of receiving beneficial guidance from a learned person. (34) Seeing a buffalo =
symbol of risking a trouble. (35) Encountering a wolf = possibility of danger from the
higher officials or landlords. (36) Eating chestnut = chances of materialistic gains. (37)
Watching a king’s death = ill omen for the state. (38) Eating hen-eggs = likelihood of a
son’s birth. (39) Finding white hair on one’s own head = symbol of increased life span.
(40) Seeing a scorpion = likelihood of being honored. (41) Climbing up a hill = chances of
progress, success. (42) Seeing quivering mountains (landslide) = possibility of an
outbreak of an epidemic. (43) Smearing the body by feces or eating its dirt = possibility
of excessive gains. (44) Seeing a slaughtered paw = risk of severe loss or sufferings. (45)
Discharging excreta = growth of wealth. (46) Urination with bleeding = a good sign for
female dreamers and bad sign for male dreamers. (47) Bunch of flowers = symbol of
cheerfulness. (48) Seeing a cage = likelihood of sufferings due to imprisonment or
bindings. (49) See open chest = sign of amorous pleasure. (50) Feeling thirsty = symbol
of increase in lust. (51) Eating pooris = possibility of general pleasure. (52) Walking on a
bridge = chances of engagement in noble activities. (53) Eating betel-leaf = likelihood of
meeting a charming woman. (54) Immersion in water pool = symbol of industrious
engagements. (55) Seeing copper = chances of irritating surprise. (56) Seeing an open
sword = symbol of victory over enemies or rivals. (57) Green vegetables = sign of
prosperity. (58) Drinking oil = possibility of leprosy or sever skin disease. (59) Chewing
sesame seeds likely to be blemished. (60) Seeing a cannon possible downfall of

Sleep, Dream and Spiritual Reflections


enemy. (61) Targeting the arrow of a bow = sign of fulfillment of a hope. (62) Climbing
on a chair or table = likely to be honored. (63) Seeing saliva = sign of troubles, hardship.
(64) Watching a partridge = chances of rise in status or dignity. (65) Laughing = symbol
of worries in near future. (66) Crying = likely to be cheered up soon. (67) Pulling a wire
or a rope = sign of tension and worries. (68) Receiving an amulet = likely to be trapped
in attachment. (69) Eating watermelon = symbol of sorrow. (70) Bathing in a pond = sign
of worries. (71) Watching a ship = possibility of a voyage. (72) Seeing a hoisted flag =
sign of religious progress. (73) Roving in a green forest = symbol of all round happiness.
(74) Seeing deserted forest = sign of gloom and adversities. (75) Flying above a forest =
possibility of liberation from sufferings or problems. (76) Seeing a corpse or a dead body
= sign of good health or relief from a disease. (77) Wearing over-tight (small sized) shoes
= likelihood of quarrel with a partner. (78) Seeing jewels = chances of fulfillment of
hopes. (79) Flirting a woman = chances of monetary gains. (80) Quarreling = sign of
peace and happiness. (81) Dying in a battle field = symbol of triumph. (82) Eating black
plum = likelihood of relief from pains. (83) Getting a hair cut = sign of diminished age.
(84) Gambling = good sign for traders. (85) Capturing animals = chances of a new job or
project. (86) Watching the moon = sign of dignity. (87) Watch a breaking star = an ill
omen. (88) Watching lunar eclipse = likelihood of grievance for the chief of the state. (89)
Watching a kite-bird = possibility of distress. (90) Watching ants = series of troubles
ahead. (91) Seeing a flour mill = sign of problems in store. (92) Seeing silver = symbol of
prosperity. (93) Seeing rice = possibility of relief from agony.

Sleep, Dream and Spiritual Reflections


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