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Outline         Background Formulae Methods of speed control TRIAC Circuit Symbol Components used Advantages Disadvantages .

less complex control structure and wide range of speed and torque  With the the increasing use of power semicondutor units. . the speed control of DC motor is increasingly getting sophisticated and precise.INTRODUCTION  DC motors are widely used in industry because of its low cost.

Formulae .

speed control of DC motors can be fulfilled using on of two methods  Field Control :. .METHODS OF SPEED CONTROL  Practically.by varying the field current.  Voltage control :. This can be achieved by varying the field voltage.by varying the armature terminal voltage.

t terminal MT1  To successfully trigger a triac.TRIAC  A triac is a bidirectional thyristor with three terminals  Its three terminals are designated as MT1(main terminal 1).MT2 & gate by G  Triac can be turned on in each half cycle of the applied voltage by applying a positive or negative voltage to the gate w.gate current must come from the main terminal 2(MT2) side of the circuit .r.


BT136 .

Block Diagram of Speed Contol of DC Motor TRIAC D. Motor D.C. Supply .C.

R2-68. C3 .Pot-220k . C4-.1F Resistors. R3-47K.R1-180.C1 . C2 .COMPONENTS      Dc motor Triac Diac Capacitors.

Description .

Waveform  .

ADVANTAGES……  In earlier days speed of the dc motor was controlled using resistor which resulted in power loss but introduction of triac eliminated the power loss  Armature voltage control method gives good speed regulation and high efficiency  Gives a large speed range with any desired number of speed points .

 Today Introduction of IGBT made the speed control of dc motor more feasible  Commutation circuit used in the circuit makes speed control less precise .Disadvantages..…..

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