A Rebel Without a Clue Growing up a teenager in the 70s was a blast Concerts all year round summer jams

rock I can say I was at the largest Jam ever to last Watkins Glen N.Y. 600,000 + larger than Woodstock Grateful Dead, the Band and the Allman Brothers band Like Concert 10 at Pocono Raceway it rained there too Between the 2 concerts pretty much sums up the 70s brand Acid rocks with ELP to the Grateful Dead stoners mostly do My body was for science back then my brain a test pattern If I wasn't doing orange sunshine reefer and alcohol would do Taken trips never leaving the farm head did a U-turn at Saturn By the time I was 16 more concerts than most in a lifetime knew Amazing my 2 brain cells waving goodbye to each other back then Must have somehow mated in my head a vegetable garden what they grew I haven't done anything since the 90s maybe the smoke cleared again I did have a blast growing up here's my past as A Rebel Without a Clue ©2013 I.M. Nobody