Straight wall near ticket counter area. 8x6

Side wall at main subway RHS. 14x5

Side wall at main subway LHS. 15x5 .

Down Platfrom North end. 30x3 .

16x3 .Side wall up platform at south end.

Up Platfrom North end. 16x6 .

10x4 .Straight wall exit from Kyd street gate.


Central Exit Gate. 11x5 .

N.RHS wall entry from S.Banerjee gate. 16x3 .

10x4 .Peerless inn subway.

10x4 .RHS Wall at the southern exit from platform to mezzanine.

10x5 .2rd Exit to Rani Rahmoni Gate.

Straight wall exit to Metro Channel Gate. 8x5 .


17x5 .Side wall down platform at north end.

17x3 .Side wall at Up Platform fcg. DN platform.

Side wall down platform between central & north exit gate. 17x5 .

Top of central exit gate. 6x2 .


Top of south entry escalator at down platform. 16x4 .

16x4 .Side wall at up platform.

Side wall panel at down platform. 8x4 .

Side wall up platform. 8x4 .

6x3 .Near North ticket booking counter.

3x6 .Straight hitting pillar exit by escalator at north end.

KALIGHAT (Non-Lit) .

10x4 .Straight wall exit from Mother Teresa Gate Moral in mezzanine floor.

RHS wall at Lake Market dispersal subway. 6x3 .


RHS wall inside north ticket punch gate. 10x4 .

B Avenue .Straight wall entry from B.


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