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Published by: Ankit Poddar on Mar 21, 2013
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Strategic Marketing Management
Types Click to Of edit Marketing Master subtitle Strategy style Smartphone Industry Presented By : Ankit Poddar

Market Leader Strategy
Samsung Expand total Market
1. 2.


New Users :- Appoint channel partners to those city where it is not available yet. Some of the three tier cities. Launching new variants Eg Planning to launch LTE phone for Rs 5000/-

Defend Market Share
1. 2.

Flanking defence :- Competitive pricing Samsung S3 @ Rs 30990/Preemtive defence :- Keep on coming up with new products frequently. For eg S4 is launching on 14th of this month


Expand Market Share

Good offers for customers . For eg giving Note 2 @ Rs 100 / per day which is to counter attack Apple’s offer of giving Iphone 5 @ Rs 2367 / month. Samsung is one of the few companies to provide all variants of Operating System (except IOS) available for phones be it Symbian , Windows , Android



Market Challenger Strategies
HTC Define Strategic objectives and opponents
1. 2.

Objective :- Having a greater share than Samsung in India. Samsung stand at around 60 % Frontal Attack :-Having the largest market share in the premium segment. For eg launching HTC butterlt HTC one at Rs 47000 and Rs 38000 respectively Encirclement Attack:- With its flagship model HTC one , HTC has captured a considerable slice of this segment



Market Follower Strategy
LG Cloner :1. 2. 3. 4.

LG optimus is cloned or based on Samsung’s Galaxy series As a imitator it is doing good as mentioned before its style, looks, UI is totally based on Samsung phones LG is trying to do what Samsung did to Apple and gained the maximum share in the smartphone market LG can come up with Windows smartphones which might give its sales a boost


Market Nicher Strategy

1. Blackberry Porche and Vertu are the Niche of this

2. Vertu has a distinct feature of having connectivity in the

remotest corner of the planet. If this feature is picked up by the larger firms these Niches could become succesful.


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