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Family Nursing Care Plan – Accident Hazards Assessment Nursing Diagnosis Planning Intervention Evaluation

-Presence of - High risk for accident Injury hazards related to fall hazards. -The house is surrounde d almost of a bamboo trees and three coconut trees and it presently bare fruits.

- After 24 hrs. the family will be able to identify the risk factors on the actual condition and make plans to prevent any accidents.

- Establish rapport - Discuss with the family the possible risk factors that will result with the occurrence of the problem. - Emphasize to the family the importance of solving the problem and on maintaining an environment which is safety at home.

After nursing intervention, client will be able to: • Verbalize understandi ng of individual factors that contribute to possibility of injury and take steps to correct situations. Demonstrate behaviors, lifestyle changes to reduce risk factors and protect self from injury. Modify environment as indicated to enhance safety. Be free of injury.


- Poor home and environment al condition

Nursing Diagnosis
- Inability to provide a home environment conducive to health maintenance related to the presence of breeding sites and improper refuse of trashes.

- Within 24 hours, the family will be able to know on how to prevent diseases due to unclean environment and know the importance of covering the containers and the ways of proper disposal of garbage.

- Clients should be able to do the following: 1. Provide 3 sets of garbage with labels: a. Recyclable (bottles, plastics, paper, cartons, tetra paks, aluminium and cans) b. Biodegradable (fruit and vegetable peels, dried leaves, left-over foods and egg shells) c. NonBiodegradable (shampoo sachets, ceramics, diapers and sanitary napkins) 2. 2. Join “ MAY PERA SA BASURA”

- The family will have a healthy lifestyle giving importance to health wellness, conducive and carefree life.


Personal Habits/ practices - frequent drinking of alcohol - excessive smoking

Nursing Diagnosis
Inability to make decision with respect in taking appropriate health action due to: a) Low salience of the problem Inability to recognize the presence of a problem due to; a) Ignorance of facts about what could be the effects it could bring to their health.

After 24 hours, the family will be able to do some actions in order to avoid this kind of habits/ practices so that it will not affect to their health.

Intervention Evaluation
1. Establish rapport 2. Make them to realized the possible reactions if they will always do it in themselves. 3. Offer them alternatives or recreational sports that could persuade them from their vices. - The family was able to identify the risk factors and verbalized their plans to improve their daily activities.