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mid year exam form 4 2011

mid year exam form 4 2011

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Time: 1 hour 45 minutes This question paper consists of two sections: Section A and Section B. Answer both sections. You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on Section A and one hour on Section B.

Section A: Directed Writing
You are advised to spend about 45 minutes on this section. Question 1 You are the head prefect of your school. You have been given the task of organizing the upcoming canteen day. You have been told to come up with a rough plan on the various aspects of the event. Write a report to the principal giving him your proposal for this event.
1. Food Stalls • To be set up and managed by each Form 4 class. • Types of food sold will vary according to the class in charge. 2. Game-stands • Six different carnival style game booths • Managed by the form 2 classes • Prizes to be sponsored 3. Stage performances • Handled by Pn. Saloma, Cultural Club Advisor. • Approximately seven events. 4. Security • Prefects board to be in-charge. • Two prefects to be stationed at each entrance to the school • Several groups to patrol the corridors.

When writing your report, you should remember: * * * * to to to to address it to the principal. use all the points given. elaborate on the points given. use the format of a report. (35 marks)


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(c) Health is better than wealth. (e) Fears KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT 1119/1 Page 2 .. What is your opinion? (d) Write a story that begins with. Question 2 Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics: (a) Things that I would change about myself. (b) Describe someone whom you look upon as a role model. ``I turned over the question paper….SULIT 1119/1 Section B: Continuous Writing [ 50 marks] You are advised to spend about one hour on this section.

Reason for choosing the date.SULIT 1119/1 Section A : DIRECTED WRITING This question is assessed as follows : 1) Allocation of Marks : FORMAT : 3 marks CONTENT : 12 marks LANGUAGE : 20 marks ---------TOTAL 35 marks ====== 2) FORMAT & CONTENT MARKS : FORMAT i) ii) iii) MARKS F1 = To : The Principle of SMK _______________ 1 F2 = From : [Name]. Head Prefect of SMK ________________ 1 F3 = Title 1 Sub-total 3 CONTENT (All keywords must be mentioned or paraphrased before any content point can be awarded. Cultural Club Advisor Approximately seven events. Prefects board to be in-charge of security. Proposed date of event. Six different carnival-style game booths. Booths managed by the form 2 classes. Stage performances handled by Pn. Saloma. If any idea is incomplete. Prizes to be sponsored. content point cannot be awarded) C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 C11 C12 Food stalls to be set up and managed by form 4 classes. Several groups to patrol the corridors. Types of food sold will vary according to the class in charge. Sub-total Grand Total 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 12 15 DIRECTED WRITING – LANGUAGE Mark Range Description of Criteria • • 1119/1 Language – accurate with occasional first draft slips Sentence structures – varied and sophisticated Page 3 . Two prefects to be stationed at each entrance.

mistakes in more sophisticated structures . errors in more difficult words Punctuation – frequent errors Style and tone – at times.tendency to use one type of structure Vocabulary – adequate to convey meaning but not precise Sentences – some variety of length and type Punctuation and spelling – generally accurate Paragraphs – some unity but with inappropriate linkage Writing – relevant but interest is not sustained throughout the speech Style and tone – appropriate for a speech Language – sufficiently accurate Patches of clarity Sentence length and type . inappropriate for a speech Paragraphs – lacks unity Meaning – fairly clear Single Word Errors (SWEs) – frequent and impedes reading B 16 – 18 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • C 13 – 15 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • D 10 – 12 E 7–9 1119/1 Page 4 .lacks unity Meaning – never in doubt Single Word Errors (SWEs) – frequent and hampers reading Sentence structures – simple. errors in unfamiliar words Punctuation .limited Sentence structures .SULIT A 19 – 20 1119/1 • • Sentence length and type – employed to achieve intended effect Vocabulary – wide.mistakes with more complex sentences Vocabulary – adequate but lacks precision Spelling – simple words are spelt correctly.generally correct Style and tone – appropriate for a speech Paragraphs . conveying intended shades of meaning with some precision Punctuation and spelling – almost always accurate Style and tone – appropriate for a speech Writing – relevant and interest is sustained throughout the speech Language – largely accurate Simple structures – no errors.limited Spelling – simple words are accurate. informative and concise Tone – always appropriate for a speech Language – accurate with minor or first draft errors Sentences – varied in length and type Complex structures – confidently used Vocabulary – wide. sophisticated and used with precision Punctuation – accurate and helpful Spelling – accurate Paragraphs – unified and well-linked Topic – consistent and relevant Style – formal. accurate but not sustained Vocabulary .

2008 Title : Proposal For School Canteen Day The most suitable date on which to organise the school’s annual canteen day would be on the 27th of June 2008. it is customary that a few game-stands are set up.K Kampung Tun 1st From : Vijay Shan.SULIT U (i) 4–6 1119/1 • • • • • • • • • • Sentences – a few accurate structures Spelling and Punctuation – numerous errors Paragraphs – sometimes used correctly Style and tone – often inappropriate for a speech Multiple Word Errors (MWEs) – requires re-reading and re-organising before meaning becomes clear Sense – decipherable Sentences – one or two accurate simple sentences Content – comprehensible Style and tone – hidden by density of errors Almost entirely impossible to recognise as English Whole sections . Puan Saloma has agreed to take charge of the events. As the school’s Cultural Club Advisor.do not make sense or copied from text “0” mark awarded if writing makes no sense at all from beginning to end U (ii) 2–3 U (iii) 0–1 • • Answers Question 1 To : Principal of S.M. These booths can be managed by selected form 2 classes. The first issue to be handled is the food stalls. There would be a total of nine stalls if this is the case. Head Prefect of S. The types of food to be sold will be left to the discretion of each class. the Prefect Board will monitor them to avoid any unwanted or unhygienic food from being sold. These sponsors may be shop owners or even parents who wish to donate something. As for the stage performances. It is hoped that sponsors can be approached to provide the prizes for each game booth. However. Besides the food stalls. Each class can be given the task of handling one stall.M. It proposed that the stalls should be designated to the form 4 students.K Kampung Tun May. It is submitted that there should be around six booths of various carnival style games. and therefore the students would enjoy themselves more. she 1119/1 Page 5 . This would be the Friday after the semester exams.

The Prefect Board will be in charge of security on that day. Thank you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.SULIT 1119/1 would be the best person to handle this aspect of the Canteen Day. Vijay Shan (Head Prefect) 1119/1 Page 6 . It has been decided that two prefects will be stationed at each of the school’s entrance to prevent any students from playing truant. Several groups of prefects will be assigned to patrol the school grounds and corridors while the event takes place. It hoped that this proposal is acceptable. She has proposed approximately seven events for the day.

with occasional first draft slips Sentence structures . appropriately linked Writing – relevant Reader’s Interest . with occasional minor errors or first draft slips Sentences – varied lengths and types. errors with more ambitious structures Vocabulary – wide enough to convey meaning but lacks precision Punctuation – accurate in simple sentences. using the criteria found in the band. 1119/1 2) The examiner shall read and re-read the response carefully and at the same time underline for gross or minor errors or put in insertion marks (^) where such errors occur.varied and sophisticated Vocabulary – wide and precise with shades of meaning Punctuation and spelling – accurate and helpful Paragraphs – well-planned. CONTINUOUS WRITING MARK RANGE DESCRIPTION OF CRITERIA A 44 – 50 • • • • • • • Language – entirely accurate. 3) The examiner should also mark for good vocabulary or merit tick at the end of such merits. expressions by putting a 4) The examiner shall fit the candidate’s response against the most appropriate band having most of the criteria as found in the band.mostly aroused and sustained throughout • B 38 – 43 • • • • • • • • • C 32 – 37 • • • Language – largely accurate Sentence – some variety in length and type Simple structures – error-free. by commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate’s response.SULIT MARKING SCHEME FOR CONTINUOUS WRITING (SECTION B) 1) The candidate’s response will be assessed based on impression. some complex structures Vocabulary – wide and precise with some shades of meaning Punctuation and spelling – almost always accurate Paragraphs – evidence of planning. 5) Justify the band and marks given. unified and linked Topic – consistent and relevant Reader’s Interest – aroused and sustained throughout writing Language – accurate. if necessary. The examiner may have to refer to upper or lower bands to the band already chosen to BEST FIT the student’s response to the most appropriate band criteria that are found in the script. errors in more complex use Spelling –mistakes in more sophisticated words 1119/1 Page 7 .

simple. difficult to understand in more ambitious structures • Spelling – simple words are spelt correctly • Paragraphs – lack unity or are haphazardly arranged • Writing . impede reading / cause blurring. structures require re-reading before being understood Sentences .25 Language – sufficiently accurate Patches of clear. accurate language Sentences – some variety in type and length Vocabulary – adequate but not developed to show intended precision • Punctuation and spelling – generally correct • Writing – relevant but lacks interest Meaning – never in doubt • Single Word Errors (SWEs) – frequent and serious enough to hamper reading • Sentence structures – accurate but not sustained for long • Vocabulary – limited.almost entirely impossible to read.decipherable Multiple Word Errors (MWEs) – very frequent. mostly simple ones Length – short Writing .some relevance. at times inappropriately linked Writing – relevant. very few accurate ones Punctuation and spelling – sometimes used correctly Paragraphs – lack unity or no paragraphs at all Sense .only a few accurate sentences.SULIT 1119/1 • • • D 26 – 31 Paragraphs – show unity. topic is partially treated • High incidence of linguistic errors • • • • • • U (i) 14 – 19 • • • • • • • • Meaning – fairly clear Single Word Errors (SWEs) – very frequent and impede reading/ cause blurring Vocabulary – many serious errors of various kinds Sentences – often simple and repetitive. makes little or no sense at all Occasional patches of clarity (marks can be awarded) Vocabulary – simple words used “0” to scripts with no sense from beginning to end U (ii) 8 – 13 U (iii) 0–7 • • • • 1119/1 Page 8 . lacks originality Reader’s Interest – aroused but not sustained E 20 .

SULIT 1119/1 1119/1 Page 9 .

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