A rt T hesis

T he H appened F rom the O ld R oad
T he concept of my art thesis deals with the conclusive years of a man’s life where he rethinks and travels through his past again The road on which he set out once to start his journey has been travelled all his life and now he returns back to cherish and experience all that has happened. T he arches signify the end of the journey and now the man takes a u-turn to view his doings and misdoings. This stage of life comes at the end of a man’s life when he’s is old and aged. A s we all feel, this is the time a person; evil or good, checks himself and his deeds. As this stage everyone seems to be more spiritual than practical.

One is more in touch with himself and less with the world which makes him realize his gain and loss. the other one is the body or the worldly pleasures. Dilip Muralidharan 07-23 Sem VI . the mind or the brain telling man his practical deeds. and the centre one is the spiritual self telling the person right or wrong. T he image tends to a lot of thought making and ideas in an y viewer’s eye. T he captivating picture tells us that the subject of the art is spiritual as it binds the onlooker’s eye. meaning of his life and his connection with his soul. M y art thesis is a result of the above thought making in my imagination. T he tripartite arch describes the three facets of life. T he media chosen is watercolor to give a rustic appeal to the imagination. T he reverting journey should be taken by every person and allow him to judge himself and see what is the fruit of having a human’s life.

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