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I find a woman who does not shave her pussy to be very sexy and alluring. I don't mean that it has to be a jungle down there, but at least so it doesn't look like a cue ball. My wife has hair down there, but she feels out of place when we go to parties and most of the women there are shaved. She feels that she must shave, too, even though that is not her preference. I'm sure there are other men like me who have the same desire to see hair down there. How can I put my wife at ease so she does not feel out of place when in the presence of other women? Everhard

Dear Everhard, Uniqueness is what makes the Lifestyle go round; everyone has their own likes, dislikes, and tastes. Your concern is genuine and your wife needs to be reminded that everyone is different. Some couples feel the need to be shaved, others like a landing strip, others like being trimmed and still others like being full out bushy. She shouldn't feel the need to shave in order to fit in, if you and your wife like the hair, by all means keep it; after all you are in the LifeStyle together and you yourselves need to please each other and think of each other before trying to fit in or doing what everyone else does. Be unique and keep the hair if that is your desire, I myself, like hair down there, hope that helps.


By Mrs. Webmaster / Participation in any fitness regimen should improve your physical appearance, your muscle strenght, your general health, and your potential longevity. Pole dancing for fitness is a sport that is based on the equipment and moves developed by dancers in strip clubs and acrobats in circuses. In recent years it has become much more than just adult entertainment; pole dance for fitness has exploded onto the scene of alternative fitness! Many women that participate in this sport neither intended nor desire to work in the sex industry. Pole dancing will make you firm, toned and you will see results much faster than with a traditional weight/resistance program and many other types of traditional workouts. One of the most enticing factors in pole dancing for fitness is that although one will see quite a lot of fit strong bodies among pole dancers, those who are seriously into the sport tend to develop lithe, willowy, toned, and flexible physiques that are more "cut", toned and less massively built. This is because from the start, pole dancers throw their body weight up, down, and around while holding on with their ankles, backs of knees and often even one handed. The weight that they are throwing around is further unbalanced by momentum, torque and spin which works the muscles completely and throughout their range of motion in order to develop the condition of the muscles or limbs as a whole rather than concentrating on lifting dumb weight in a specific way to affect certain muscles and/or muscle groups. Pole dancing is also a great cardio

workout and therefore benefits your weight management goals while keeping the heart and lungs healthy. The following is a list of the 5 major general benefits to participating in this fun and empowering activity:
1 Improves physical strength throughout your body

in both your core and skeletal muscles. 2 Can build firm and toned muscles in a fairly short period of time. It will not take long before you begin to see results. The best part is that this firming and toning of the muscles focuses on those "problem areas" for women. 3 Improved balance and agility as well as increased flexibility and core strength. 4 Pole dancing is a physically challenging activity which will use every muscle and muscle group in your body while intensively targeting specific muscles throughout their range of motion; this will build properly proportioned lean muscle and allow you to bare your weight on the pole for longer and longer periods of time. 5 All of the tricks, spins and holds are versatile and can be adapted to any person regardless of height or body type. There are moves and tricks for any fitness level and ability and as your strength and skills develop so will the range of tricks and elaborations that can be added to your repertoire. Another of the intriguing things about pole dance for fitness which attracts so many women is the numerous ways and various places that this sport can be pursued.

There are a wealth of videos on video sharing websites showing that women have installed poles in their entryways, in front of their TV, in the living room or den, in the corners of bed rooms, dining rooms, in their kitchens, their garage, in a storage locker and even outside on the porch .You can install a pole on tile floors, carpeting, Pergo, hardwood floors, concrete, stages, plywood, tile or any other type of floor covering commonly found in the home. As with any sport or strenuous physical activity, it is recommended that you either receive formal training by enrolling in a class at a local studio or e-class online. You can even learn via a one on one session with another dancer. It is important that when you start you allow someone to guide you through the basics of pole dancing so that you learn the tricks of creating momentum to spin up or down the pole in various positions while using your body weight as a counterbalance and the pole as your fulcrum. After you have learned the basics it is completely up to you how you want to continue to learn but there are numerous methods, venues and places where you can get instruction on pole fitness. You can also use videos or books such as the Pole Dancing for Dummies book. In the end you will find yourself loving the way that pole

dancing strengthens and shapes your body. If you are trying to lose weight or aiming for better muscle tone and body conditioning, this one piece of fitness equipment may be the solution that you are looking for. There is no need to purchase any other equipment and if you install a removable pole at home, once you have learned the routines you can surprise your boyfriend or significant other. Challenge yourself; there are numerous ways to keep the activity new and fresh so that you don't grow bored with your fitness regimen. As your confidence and sense of innate femininity grow, your body will melt away the layers of fat in all of the zones and places that women normally refer to as "problem areas". Your new toned, fit, and strong appearance will amaze your friends and significant other, but most importantly it will impress you! The most important thing to remember about pole dancing is to loosen up and have fun!

Review by Angye Fox /

Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic was the host resort for the International Swingers Day Convention August 8-12, 2012. The official International Swingers Day was Saturday, August 11 but dont expect Hallmark greeting cards to come out with a Swingers Day card anytime soon. This is a special holiday for those in the lifestyle. The convention was a collection of whos who in the lifestyle industry ranging from swing club owners to swinger websites to adult travel agencies. Organized by Mari, Brian & Olga from SwingLifeStyle and Joe & Shelley from

Topless Travel, the ISD convention attracted business owners from throughout the United States. International Swingers Day began as a way to celebrate the lifestyle and for like-minded business owners to share their ideas, explains Brian. We expect the convention to grow year after year. In 2013, we have taken over 1,000 rooms at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas for our biggest convention yet. We are calling it, Vegas Exchange and will run from August 7-11, 2013 ISD 2012 Convention attendees participated in a variety of seminars including: The Golden Age of Swinging: Legacies to Base Success Upon presented Robert McGinley, PhD- President, The Lifestyle Organization. Lifestyle Groups & Law Enforcement presented by Leigha Fleming, President of National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) How to Get Found Online presented by Brian, SwingLifeStyle How Club Owners Can Increase Profits With Little Effort presented by Joe Giantonio, Topless Travel Marketing & Sales Ethics presented by Bob Hannaford, French Connection Events Protecting Your Business and Guests presented by Dale Montpelier, Montpelier Law Group Swinging 101 presented by Angye Fox & Gary Booth from Dream Pleasure Tours Romancing the Newbies presented by Little Allen, GM Trapeze Fort Lauderdale The Ins and Outs of Operating a Swingers Club presented by Al Woods, The Social Club A Lifestyle Business is Like Any Other presented by Scott Streit, The Velvet Curtain Protecting Yourself Legally presented by Leigha Fleming, President of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Using Social Media to Monetize Your Business presented by Angye Fox from Dream Pleasure Tours BDSM 101 presented by Leigha Fleming, NCSF How Cruising Can Help Grow Your Business presented by Wayne Kraushar, Couples Cruise Lifestyle Groups/Events and Zoning Issues presented by Leigha Fleming, NCSF Broadcasting live from the convention was the FoXXXy Forum Lifestyle Talk Show with host Angye Fox. Mark Maze sponsored by Toms Trips and the Dominatrix of Ditties, comedian Traci Kanaan sponsored by Topless Travel provided nightly entertainment. In addition, the last evening featured a carnaval performance with fire breathers, incredible costumes and pageantry.

Nightly themes set the mood. Wednesday evening kicked it off with an Island Luau & Beach Party sponsored by Trapeze. Thursday was the elegant White Party sponsored by Tangerines Dream. Friday was Pirates of Caribe sponsored by SwingLifestyle and Saturday night was Carnaval sponsored by Vegas Exchange 2013. Club Colette, the onpremise swing club at Caliente Caribe, was high-energy with a DJ, pole dancing, bar, outside hot tub under the stars and a sexually charged environment. ISD 2012 was many months in the planning, explains Mari, It was incredible to see it all come together. We are using the experiences we have learned from this years convention to make next years event even better. See you at Vegas Exchange 2013!

Dear LifeStyle Magazine, I just wanted to let you guys know that I read my first issue of spring 2012 and loved it. The article on the history of swinging was really great and I have re-read it a couple times. Keep up the great work and I can't wait until the next issue. Keep the articles coming. James P

Greetings LifeStyle Magazine We love the magazine and have received all of the issues. The latest issue is by far the best. Although we have been in the lifestyle a while , we have never been on a swinger cruise. The spring 2012 issue was great and extremely informative of what to expect on the swinger cruise. We thought they may not be as clean as other non swinger cruises, but now we know better. Now that your article clarified what to expect and how clean and luxuri-

ous the swinger cruises are, my husband and I booked the Jewel of the Seas through Topless Travel. Thanks again Lifestyle Magazine. Richard and Denise About the new design It's wonderful. The design of the Summer 2012 issue is much improved over the previous three issues we received. The cover design on the Spring 2012 issue was a little better, and now the new masthead really makes the magazine more contemporary, and in my opinion, more female-friendly. The design of the Q&A page is also much nicer. I am a graphic designer by trade, I've had my own business doing web sites and print work for 14 years, so I appreciate good design. We both read the magazine cover to cover and keep it in our downstairs bathroom (except when family visits) so our lifestyle friends can read it. I particularly found value in the article about the difference between swinging and cheating, and the one that talked about why men like to watch porn. Both helped me better understand things about the lifestyle. Thank you and keep up the good work! Joy (& Bob)

Bisexual Day September 23rd. Every Year

Q. If a person has sex with someone of the same sex does that mean that the person is lesbian/gay? A. NO! People may choose to be with a same sex partner for reasons that have nothing to do with being gay or lesbian. Sometimes people simply want to experiment, try new or unknown things that intrigue them. For example, someone of your same sex may be physically attractive and you may even feel sexually aroused by mere observation, but that does the majority of men and not mean you are women reported being exclugay/lesbian it just sively heterosexual and another means you're alive. percentage reported exclusively You can also choose homosexual behavior and atto experiment with a tractions; most individuals dissame sex partner closed behaviors or thoughts and in the end dissomewhere in between. cover that you enjoy it but prefer the opposite sex. The most important thing is that you discover your preference. What is "The Kinsey Scale?" It is a Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale, sometimes referred to as the Kinsey Scale, developed by Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues Wardell Pomeroy and Clyde Martin in 1948, in order to account for research findings that showed people did not fit into neat and exclusive heterosexual or homosexual categories. After interviewing people about their sexual histories, the Kinsey team found that for many people, sexual behavior, thoughts and feelings towards the same or opposite sex was not always consistent. Though the majority of men and women reported being exclusively heterosexual and another percentage reported exclusively homosexual behavior and attractions; many individuals disclosed behaviors or thoughts somewhere in between. The authors add in: Sexual Behavior of the Human Female (1953): It is a characteristic of the human mind that tries to dichotomize in its classification of phenomena. Sexual behavior is either normal or abnormal, socially acceptable or unacceptable, heterosexual or homosexual; and many persons do not want to believe that there are gradations in these matters from one to the other extreme. Kinsey also reported: While emphasizing the continuity of the gradations between exclusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual histories, it has seemed desirable to develop some sort of classification which could be based on the relative amounts of heterosexual and homosexual experience or response in each history... An individual may be assigned a position on this scale, for each period in his life.... A seven-point scale comes nearer to showing the many gradations that actually exist. How do I take the test? There is no test. The scale is purely a method of selfevaluation based on your individual experience, and the rating you choose may change over time. The scale ranges from 0 = Those who would identify themselves as exclusively heterosexual with no experience or desire for sexual activity with the same sex, to 6 = Those who identify themselves as exclusively homosexual with no experience or desire for sexual activity with those of the opposite sex, and 1 to 5 = Those who identify themselves as having varying levels of desire or sexual activity with either sex. The Kinsey Scale may not be the most comprehensive guide (and a little outdated) but it remains a good beginners guide to sexual orientation.


Bisexual Identities and Orientations Since the concept of bisexuality covers identities and levels of attraction between homosexuality and heterosexuality, people who identify or are defined as such vary greatly in their attractions and sexual practices. An important aspect of bisexuality is its apparent fluidity over time. The majority of bisexuals are not attracted equally to both men and women. In fact, it is common to be more attracted to one sex for a period of time and then switch to the other. There are bisexuals who remain constant in their attraction to one gender over another, but are fundamentally attracted to both. Bisexuality is sometimes viewed as an ambiguous state, and there often exists a certain level of confusion regarding who can be considered bisexual. For example, there are homosexuals who occasionally engage in sexual activities with members of the opposite sex who self-identify as Gay male or Lesbian instead of Bisexual. Conversely, there are self-identified heterosexuals who, at times, are attracted to members of their own sex. This exemplifies the point that definitions of sexuality can be both self- and socially-defined. Many psychologists and theorists believe that most people are bisexual and for social or personal reasons, choose to identify strictly as Gay or Straight. Swingers as a rule do not have emotional or romantic attachments to other couples and/or singles. In general, lifestyle people are seeking sexual pleasure and it may or may not be directed at the same sex. Lately the younger generation tends to be more open to bisexual experiences; not just between women but also between men.

Kinsey Scale

By Valerie Spice - Certified Nutritionist A study commissioned by the U.S. Senate showed that the soil in which U.S. crops were grown was severely mineral and nutrient deficient and producing nutritionally bankrupt foods. It also showed that, as a result, 99% of Americans were less than optimally nourished. This report was presented as Senate Document 264 of the 74th Congress, 2nd Session, 1936. Yes, 1936! These same tracts of land have been farmed for hundreds of years and their nutrient value has continued to drop. Due to commercial farming practices and for-profit food processing the nutritional value of our foods, as a whole, is now severely compromised and food can no longer be relied upon to provide adequate nutrition. 1 in 3 Americans is now obese and another 1 in 3 is overweight because of malnourishment, which leads to nearconstant hunger, cravings and consuming more calories each day than we can burn off; but reducing caloric intake at the expense of nutrition such as is the case in portion control diets and appetite suppressants, is NOT the answer because it leads to worsening malnutrition, you will virtually always fail and you will end up weighing more than when you started the diet. The most effective means yet discovered in order to have a lean, healthy body AND slow down the aging process is to reduce caloric intake, thereby reducing oxidative stress upon the body. The most effective way to reduce caloric in-

take is to eat nutritionally dense, low calorie foods and take nutritional supplements every day to ensure you're getting everything you need to be optimally healthy. This will control your hunger and cravings while consuming a healthy number of calories. There is a large and growing body of evidence that environmental toxins build up in us and cause obesity and other diseases. Wikipedia defines OBESOGENS as "foreign chemical compounds that disrupt normal development and balance of lipid metabolism, which in some cases, can lead to obesity." Certain nutritional supplements can help the body cleanse itself of these unavoidable toxins. When taken every day, they help keep the internal body cleansed, decrease excess body fat storage and improve health. Nutritional supplements need to be taken every day because they're consumed by the body and need to be replenished each day. It's important to avoid sodas, juices and other high calorie items that lack nutritional value and pack on fat while also avoiding artificially sweetened items that cause blood sugar to drop, resulting in hunger and cravings. One excellent nutritional system that will ensure you're getting everything you need to be optimally healthy and cleansed while consuming a healthy number of calories can be seen at


Every woman is capable of having an ejaculating orgasm. However, some women are not able to experience this because they are afraid to or their men do not know how to help them reach it. Some women fear that if they let go and squirt, it might end up being something else. Men should understand that female ejaculation to a woman, feels a lot like urination. This has made some women stop the sensation immediately and therefore, sacrifice the extreme pleasure that comes with squirting. Learning to make a woman squirt is among the most powerful and rewarding skills you can ever learn as a man; it can make a woman fall deeply in love with you and bestow unbelievable confidence upon you. Yet, many men are still clueless about it. The biggest reason may be that information on how a man and a woman can increase their sexual pleasure is not readily available. There are several ways to make a female squirt and all that is required are your fingers and your mouth. Basically, the best advice is to try exploring with different things while using different fingers on various parts of her vagina. As a man, you should realize that a woman's vagina is quite complex and you have to do more than just stick something in and out of it on order to get her to squirt. You have to be innovative and come up with a strategy that will work

best for your woman. Focusing on her G spot with your fingers while at the same time doing some oral work will surely get her off. Besides, once you can give your woman an orgasm using your fingers, she will be able to enjoy multiple orgasms when you start having sex. It should be noted that for you to make a female squirt, you should help her feel secure and confident. As mentioned earlier, most women are afraid of what might happen if they let go. Talk to her and reassure her that she will still be attractive to you regardless of what happens once she gets to that point of no return. Here are some tips on How to Make Your Woman Squirt: Start by performing oral sex, licking and sucking of the clitoris will increase her pleasure; lightly kissing her inner thighs and labia will get her nice and wet and relaxed. However, you should not focus so much on the clitoris because although it is a good way to get her wet and aroused, what you want is for her to squirt and therefore her G spot should be your main focus. Take two fingers (pointer and middle finger) and slide them in her vagina. The fingers should slide firmly but slowly. Get them as far in as possible without exerting a lot of pressure. If she is very tight, you can begin with one finger then proceed until the two can go

in. When you are sure she is set for the orgasm of her life, go ahead and reach for her G spot and start stimulating it using a beckoning motion. Stimulate and tease it continually with your fingers and make her feel good. By now, she should be breathing and squirming quite heavily. As she gets wetter, you will hear some squelching, sponge-like sounds. You can tap, pull or press your fingertips against the G spot harder as she gets wetter. Her G spot will start swelling and ballooning out as she gets nearer to climax. Now this is the crucial part, she will say that she feels like peeing but rest assured she does not want to pee. This is the feeling of her ejaculating and you have to tell her about it beforehand so that she does not stop you. In fact, when this feeling comes, you should do it harder as she is very close to ejaculating. Some few seconds following the pee sensation, she will begin to cum. Continue pressing the G spot harder and she will start to ejaculate. At this moment, she will be screaming and her pussy will begin to shoot clear, odorless liquid. Some women squirt a lot while others just a little. This will be a great experience for your woman; it may take several attempts, but thats not a bad thing. By following the above guidelines, you are sure to make your woman squirt and tremble with non-stop pleasure.

Do you like to watch the Discovery Channel? Have you ever watched the Big Cat Diary on animal planet? You can bring these images to life on our adventure of a lifetime! We have finally secured an itinerary & pricing for our Sept 24th 2013 Safari. This is a highly specialized luxury trip that will have very limited availability. There is only space for 16 couples and we expect this to sell out very quickly. This is a Photo safari of the highest caliber in the tradition of the Kerr & Downey Safari company. The oldest most prestigious company in Africa with previous clients the likes Prince Charles & Lady Diana and movie stars like Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Our organizer will be the world famous guide Jackson Looseyai who managed the BBCs The Big Cat Diary documentary series on the Discovery channel. We will spend a week traveling through the heart of Kenya into the Masai Mara. Each couple will lodge in a large LUXURY tent, complete with shower and toilet facilities, as

well as silk curtains and fine linens. Each two couples will have their own Range Rover and driver/naturalist/guide. Well have our own porters, and cooks in camp along with Masai tribesman to guard us from lions. They are all highly experienced Safari professionals that will expertly guide us on these great adventures. We will witness, up close and personal, the extraordinary annual Great Migration of wildebeest and other grazing herbivores across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. It is one of the greatest spectacles in the natural world where you see millions of animals migrating literally right in front of your eyes. There will be lion kills, cheetahs chasing antelopes, giant African elephants, giraffes, and many other animals moseying right in front of our jeep; so close you can just about reach out and touch them. This event is an adventure of a lifetime done with people of like mind (lifestyle couples). Call 877-90-SWING to reserve your LifeStyle getaway!



January 28 to Feb 2 COME JOIN US THIS WINTER IN THE WARM CARIBBEAN! Lifestyle cruises have become the hottest swinger vacations around! The only downside to these cruises is that they are almost invariably sold out a year in advance. We have people calling our office sobbing because they really want to join us but cant plan their vacations that far in the future. So weve answered this dilemma by adding a third ship in 2013. Just like the other cruises, the Jewel has sold quickly and we are now 90% sold out. The good news is that there are still a few balcony cabins left, as well as a number of ocean view and interiors and we are only a few months from sailing. There are parties and adult games that are organized on the pool decks each day. Many folks are naked or topless dancing to the DJs selection of heart thumping music. There are seminars about various aspects of the lifestyle, like tantric sexual practices, various fetishes, medical, social and psychological concerns, along with marriage and partnership workshops. Above all there is 7,000 sq ft of play space divided into various room sizes. All of this is included in the cost of the cruise. The fun factor on these cruises is off the chart and it is all done in 5 star luxury and at a price point that can fit anyones budget. Cabins start as low as $815 per person plus port taxes. If you are thinking of a lifestyle vacation you will not be disappointed by choosing to the Jewel of the Seas! Call 877-90-SWING to reserve your LifeStyle getaway!


The most frustrating thing in the world is when you find yourself about to fulfill your fantasies only to realize that your sexual parts just arent working the way that they should. It happens to men and to women, but its much more frustrating for guys because its visible and much harder to overcome. So what do you do when you find that you cant make your fantasy a reality due to the inability to achieve an erection? First, dont freak out. Dont start apologizing and say this never happens and allow yourself to get so frustrated that you ruin everything that could still be. The great thing about swinging is that you can do so much more than just have sex. The best thing you, as a guy, can do when this happens is just change positions and spend some time giving the woman pleasure. Focus on her and you may just find that your erection returns, but maybe not. The key here is that if you focus on her, chances are she will still get off, and you can both still get some enjoyment out of the evening. Ladies, if you are in a situation where the guy is having trouble attaining or keeping his erection, dont make a big deal out of it. Ignore it, if at all possible, if he makes a big Sexual dysfunction also affects women, and probably just as often as it does men. The only difference is that for women its not so visible and it comes in slightly different forms. deal out if it, tell him its no big deal, and then prove it to him by giving him attention orally or manually. Perhaps your attentions will help him get hard again. If they dont, then move him into a position to give you pleasure and allow him to focus on something else for a while. I realize just how frustrating this situation is, Ive been there too, but it is going to happen and if you make a big deal out it, you will only make

it worse. Ive seen ladies who have encountered this make such a big deal out of it that even if he would have been able to get erect, shes killed every chance of it. Even to the point where they bring it to the next guy putting him under so much pressure to make up for the previous guy she encountered that she creates the problem she is trying to avoid. Many guys find that while they have trouble achieving an erection with another woman, they are just fine when they return to their own partner, so this is also a solution. Stick to soft swinging for a bit, and just give the other female pleasure and then return to your own wife and have her help you get things working again and finish with her. However, you may find that you have a hard time keeping it up even with your own wife. The most common reason is simply distractions. Up until now, youve been used to having sex one on one; the only other person in the room was the person with whom you were having sex. And now you find yourself with distractions everywhere. Even if you are just in a room with the other couple you are still distracted. You are wondering what the other guy is doing to your wife, wondering if hes bigger than you, and wondering if hes doing something different. And at the same time you are stressing out because you have this new woman in front of you to please, someone youve never been with that you probably barely know. That can freak you out, more than just a little. Some couples find that removing the distractions is the best thing, which means playing in separate rooms. Other couples find that getting to know their partners better before playing helps a lot, because they feel more comfortable with those partners and more trusting of the guy that is playing with their wife. Other couples opt for the medical way out, Viagra (or one of its cousins). If you go this route, dont be ashamed. For many, Viagra has become a recreational drug,


and it is widely used among lifestylers, even among those who dont really need it. Just make sure before you use it that you can medically handle it. Please check with your doctor first, and dont just borrow a pill from a friend. While the inability to maintain or get an erection is no fun, having a heart attack or suffering from some other side effect of a drug that you werent expecting can be even less fun. Sexual dysfunction also affects women, and probably just as often as it does men. The only difference is that for women its not so visible and it comes in slightly different forms. For women its usually either about the inability to produce enough personal lubrication or the inability to orgasm. The former can easily be dealt with by keeping a bottle of your favorite lube on hand. The latter is not so easy to overcome and can be just as frustrating for women as the inability to get an erection is for a man. This is also caused by dis-

tractions, whether it be other people in the room, the distraction of wanting to see the guy get off, or being worried that he might think she is too loud when she orgasms, or for any other reason. This is something that I struggle with quite often, for me its all about the distractions. I simply cannot get off in a room full of people. Even just another couple in the room can keep me from getting off and sometimes make me go dry, just hearing another voice or wondering what is going on next to me. By far the worst is when Im in a room with the type of person who wants to play cheerleader or coach to my sexual activities. Telling me what to do (directing me) or cheering me on (oh yeah baby, you can do it) will distract me to no end, and leave me not only unfulfilled but completely annoyed at the end of the night. Again the best thing Ive found is to just remove the distractions, or just focus on the other person and accept that I might not get to orgasm that night.


Sometimes it is just as much fun to be the source of someone elses pleasure. Another major cause of performance issues within the lifestyle is alcohol. Too much alcohol can keep a guy from getting an erection, and can keep both males and females from having an orgasm. Limit your alcohol when you are planning to swing. Sometimes even just a couple of drinks can be too much. The reasons for performance issues vary so much that if you encounter this issue, you will probably have to do some

trial and error to figure out what is causing the issue for you. Just remember not to be ashamed, and realize that you are not alone. Give it time, and be willing to try different things to overcome it and eventually you will be able to do so. "The Swinger Manual" is about helping you determine your answers, and helping to clarify some of the questions you already have and will have along the way. Order your copy today at


Jewel of the Seas Full Ship Takeover! January 28 - February 2, 2013 6 Days and 5 Nights Tampa - Grand Cayman Mexico - Tampa Join over 2,000 swingers for another exciting couples only, full ship charter lifestyle cruise. Starting at $825, this 6day/5-night cruise aboard the beautiful Jewel of the Seas will be leaving from Tampa, FL and stopping in George Town, Grand Cayman and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico before returning to Tampa. 877-90-SWING Brilliance of the Seas April 13 - 20, 2013 Join over 2,100 people for another Full Ship Charter, Couples Only, Clothing Optional Cruise. We will be leaving from beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico on a Southern Caribbean Journey that will include Aruba & Curacao before heading back north so we can visit St. Kitts & St. Maarten. Book today so you can add

these great islands to the list of places you have visited. Cabins start as low as $775.00 per/person, double occupancy plus taxes, gratuities and admin fees. 877-90-SWING Freedom of the Seas November 10 - 17, 2013 Its time to start making your reservations. On November 2013, the swinger cruise ship Freedom of the Seas will set sail again in November 2013 for sun and fun in exotic Caribbean destinations. Every night offers you a different exotic and erotic theme; so put on a mask, get body painted, grab a shot and experience your freedom. Cabins start as low as $775.00 per/person, double occupancy plus taxes, gratuities and admin fees. 877-90-SWING Celebrity Century: Charter May 3 - 10, 2014 Los Angeles to Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada. Join us for a full ship takeover, couplesonly lifestyle-swinger oriented cruise. Couples Cruise is heading to the West Coast for a Mexican Riviera Fiesta. We are looking forward to this unique itinerary that will take us to some of Mexico's best cities and resort towns. Sailing on the west coast of Mexico in May will give us some spectacular scenery along this stretch of land known as the "Gold Coast". This is where the

hit TV show "The Love Boat" was filmed, making Puerto Vallarta popular to an American audience. We will have our own "Love Boat" for this exciting new itinerary. Of course, like all Couples Cruises, this full ship charter will be Clothing Optional on all of the pool and sun decks. We will have a spectacular Tantra Room where couples can go to explore their own sexuality and even explore with others if that is what you are looking for. We will have seminars, all night pool parties, extra entertainment and everything else that makes a Couples Cruise the premier Adults Only cruise in the industry. 877-90-SWING

Thailand Adventure Nov 30 - Dec 9, 2012 The Kingdom of Thailand is full of wondrous things to experience! Incredible Thailand palaces, unbelievable scuba diving, Thai elephant trekking, tiger parks, great golfing, some of the best dining in the world, Formula 1 go carts, some of the best shopping deals in the world, custom tailored clothing and the list goes on and on. 877-90-SWING Caribe Resort February 9 - 16, 2013 Caribe is a beautiful oasis in an unspoiled environment, where coconut palms sway by day and Club Colette rocks by night giving you an experi-

ence you'll NEVER FORGET! 877-90-SWING 6th. Black Tie & Lingerie Ball New Orleans, LA December 28 - 31, 2012 The first Neiman Marcus store was opened in 1907. In 1939 the highly respected luxury retailer began issuing an annual Christmas catalog which gets international attention from the media for a tradition of unusual and extravagant gifts. It is from this George derived his vision for a holiday event fit for inclusion in the most celebrated luxury lifestyle publication. It will be a formal affair suitable for attendance by those with the most refined social palette. This year's four-day celebration will begin on Friday, December 28, 2012 and conclude with the 6th. Black Tie and Lingerie Ball on New Years Eve. We hope you will join the festivities being held adjacent to the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. very/dykg-invited.html Costa Rica March 2013 Join us on an outdoor adventure! Yes, there are "wild swing club parties" at night but we also enjoy all the great activities Costa Rica is known for during the day such as: Whitewater Rafting, Rainforest Zip-lines, & Waterfall Tours! *Optional 3 night add-on to Jaco Beach available. 877-90-SWING

Hedonism-Swingers Break April 6-13, 2013 It's been the most widely recognized and notorious resort in the world. Words really can't quite describe the thrill of actually being here. It's the ultimate guilty pleasure, only without the guilt. 877-90-SWING

more! We are bringing together groups from the Eastern U.S. and Canada for sensual workshops in Kama Sutra, Tantra and Naked Yoga while sharing the fun and making new friends at the themed nightly parties. Our world-famous destination gives you a truly Hedonistic feel. So come and renew old friendships and make new ones. Vegas Exchange August 7-11, 2013 The Lifestyle is coming back to Las Vegas as Vegas Exchange! Exchange Playmates, Exchange Ideas, Exchange Everything! It includes international parties and an annual convention. Get more information on the world's only Lifestyle holiday and register for the convention today. 877-90-SWING

Exotic Fantasies Lifestyle Convention Reading, PA October 19 - 21, 2012 Exotic-Fantasies is offering you a complete package, taking you to a new level of personal excitement, not just another weekend getaway. We offer you a FUN filled long weekend including non-stop activities that will put a smile on your face and make you want to return again and again to this annual event for


GEMS Club Scottsboro, AL 35950 Leisure Nights Albertville, AL 35950 North Alabama Elite Madison, AL 13402 Pleasures club Attala, AL 35954 Sweet Desires Club Birmingham, AL 35215

Arizona Heat Yuma, AZ 85367 ArizonaHeat2 Arizona Latin Swingers Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Club Encounters Phoenix, AZ 85001 The Swingers Playhouse Yuma, AZ 85367 theswingersplayhouse VIXXXINS Goodyear, AZ 85338

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The White Rose Hayden, ID 83835

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Saints and Sinners, A Sophisticated Multi-Venue Couples Club Located in the heart of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The club opened in May of 2011. The owner is constantly upgrading our numerous amenities and is committed to providing a safe, sexy environment for all to enjoy. What makes us different from other clubs is that provide our couples with different venues in which they can party and experience a great evening on many levels. Right next door is a the Diving Horse Gentlemen's Club, which is an upscale bikini bar hosting entertainers from across the country (couch dances are available). The Steakhouse is open every Friday and Saturday for all to enjoy before the party gets started. Feel like dancing? Luxx Lounge is a European high tech dance club open to all of our members and hosts a male revue every weekend, again right next door. Best of all when you're done partying for the evening, Diving Horse Inn is right upstairs from the club. The newly refurbished rooms, many with jacuzzis, provide a romantic relaxing retreat for our couples. Guests rate our staff as the most personable, friendly people one could hope to encounter. The goal is to ensure that every guest has a great experience at our club. Our greatest assets are the staff and our classy, sexy members. Our membership includes professional people with diverse backgrounds and interests. They all share the desire to enhance their relationships and make new friends. While our club is very large, (three levels of playrooms and an outside pool) there is a feeling of closeness and family. Many of our members have become good friends with people they have met at our club. We offer two bars and an outside deck area. Every Saturday we have a theme party and prizes. The club is open until 4AM on select Fridays and 5AM on Saturday. Our membership is constantly growing evidenced by the number of social groups booking special events. New members are always welcome. Please go to to view a complete list of amenities we offer.


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