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Lynn 5492

Lynn 5492

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Published by: lizzeebeth239187 on Mar 11, 2009
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I Am From… I am from… Caught between growing up, and letting go I am from… Late nights, early morningshoping to do it all over again

. I am from… Confused and hurt transformed into hope and happiness. I am from… Endless smiles and giggles. Laughing until it hurts. I am from… Wanting to move forward and feeling like everything is backwards. I am from… Loving without a care but caring so much. I am from… Backwoods, endless fields and middle-of nowhere friends. Crazy, but fun. I am from… Cell phone texts, Loving the sound of Sheryl Crow Ringtones. I am from… Sweet words, exhilarating feelings; Blue eyes that mean no harm I am from… Where? It doesn’t matter, I’ll be leaving soon anyway. I am from… Determined! Maybe a little scared, but nonetheless, excited. By: Elizabeth Webb

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