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markandeya purana part 1

markandeya purana part 1

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Namaste Before read Markandeya Purana I want to share with you a valid message .

and then start to read purana.

From My Guru Dr. Gopalakrishnan
Rudra hrudaya Upanishad is a small Upanishad which is given as a discussion between Sukra muni and Sri. Veda Vyasa. The subject matter in this Upanishad is the greatness of Lord Siva and Siva sakti. The Upanishad says that all what ever is manifested in the universe is the power of Lord Siva. The Jeevaathma and parammathma are also the manifestation of Lord Siva. The Thrimoorthies (Brahma Vishnu Maheswara) are also the manifestation of the Siva sakti /the power of lord Siva responsible for the creation, maintenance and annihilation. The greatness of Lord Siva is described in detail in Vedas and the points should thoroughly be understood with the help of a good Guru, says the Upanishad. The cosmic dance of Lord siva is also explained in the end of the Upanishad. This is like the virat roopa /cosmic form of Lord Mahavishnu explained., Here, in this Upanishad the devotees of Lord siva wrote an equivalent explanation for Lord Siva.

The Great Cambridge University Professor Hadfield has proved that the Pyramids of Egypt were built by Indian craftsmen using the carburized chisel made in India. He has submitted all the proofs for the same. He has also declared that only Indians could make such sharp iron chisel for carving the granites used for the Pyramids.

THIS WEEK MESSAGE: Many people try to boast that they are good, non interfering, truthful, sincere, devoted, punctual and duty bound. These are not the qualities of an individual these are the minimum requirement from them. The quality means serving the poor, helping others, sharing whatever we have with others , sacrificing, and so on A SERIOUS INFORMATION: ‘Majority of the atheists and progressives in Keralam even though talk against temple and god, are strong believers and they perform all the religious rituals. They even practice the superstitions and the caste rules in every aspect’ When I said this few said from the audience said ‘whatever you said may be correct but don’t say that it public because it affects our image’. Do you know that the chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is a Christian ? Yes! the names of the three brothers of AP Chief Minister are Yesu Samuel Raja Sekhara Reddy, Yesu Samuel Ramakrishna Reddy and Yesu Samuel Vivekananda Reddy ………… ….@ How the science and technology are used for religion ? One group uses the technology for terrorism, the other group uses for conversion

and the third group uses for enjoying the life without doing anything and blaming others………. @ What is the foundation book for Hindus ? Vedas, Itihasas, puranaas and darsanas are the foundation books ( not one but more than 2000)………. @ Why only Brahmins should learn Vedas ? Wrong ! Those who have learned Vedas only will become Brahmins (they are known as Brahmins) ………. @ How the caste system emerged/formed ? Like we have doctors, engineers, accountants, masons, ….during then those who were doing priestly work were termed as Brahmins , those who were doing protection of the nation became Kshatriyas and those who are doing business becoming vaisyas and those who were doing service to others were Sudras ………….@Were these job and caste changeable ? Yes definitely till 13th century and even today many change their caste . …….. @ which is the upper caste ? According to Veda Vyasa every group is important in their own field…… … @ Why Christians worship cross ? I asked to many Christian priests, why they worship the cross in which the holy man was crucified brutally. They said Jesus gave the holy words in the cross . I again asked, then Mahatma Gandhi said great words when he was shot dead, should we worship the bullet and piston using which he was killed ? They never replied………… @ You said earlier that bible has many nonscientific points ! What are the nonscientific observations in Bible ? Adam was created on the seventh day, Eve was created from the bone of the man, Virgin Mary conceived Jesus from god ( none of the woman can conceive without a sperm of man). God started talking to people through different persons in different places. Adam and Eve got Kayen as the son. And Kayen got a son! If there would not have been another woman, how can Kayen get a wife and from her a child ?. That means there were women other than Eve. This repeats for their many generations says bible. So the whole story is non scientific and unbelievable. Like this every line of Bible has confusing statement which can never be scientifically explained or believed. Go through that and analyze scientifically , rationally and logically you will understand that bible is a story book……. @ what about puranaas ? Puranas are stories. They are not history and reality. If anyone claims that Puranas are history or the compilation of events really took place, that is also non scientific. Bible is like puranaas and not like Vedas………@ Then what are there as scientific in Hindu books ? The messages of Vedas are scientific universally applicable, the messages to be taken from the events of the epics and the messages from the stories of puranaas are scientific and useful ( but not the narrations) …….like puranic stories, we can consider biblical stories also. They are not facts and truths .

Markandeya Purana

part… 1

Namaste Let us Continue Reading Puranas. Puranas are also a Treasure to Sanathana Dharma.

Agni Purana, Brahma Purana, Garuda Purana, Markandeya Purana, Varaha Purana, Matsya Purana Vishnu Purana, Linga Purana, Narada Purana, Padma Purana, Shiva Purana, Skanda Purana, Vamana Purana

Let us start read one by one . We Finish reading AGNIPURANA & Brahma Purana Now we will start reading Markandeya Purana .same like before I will post Markandeya Purana as part by part. I Know while reading Manusmriti to read Other puranas may be difficult , but as you know at least to taste our great values in Sananthana Dharma One Human life is not enough, so I try my level best to spread this values to my respected friends. If anyone miss to read or interest to read my previous postings Chanakya Neetisastra, Kautiliya Arthasastra , Vidura niti or Tiruvallurs Tirukkural,and Uddhavagita or any part of Manusmriti ,Agnipurana,Brahma Purana, Garuda Purana pls mail to me , I will send again to you. I humbly request you to forward this values to your family, friends and to your groups. Allow all people from different religion to understand the value of our Sanathana Dharma. At least let them learn and then let them criticize.
I am not a scholar to modify any of this laws or puranas or its languages suitable for modern life .I Humbly request you to read it and think in a modern scientific way. Like in Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 text 63 it is said by lord Krishna Thus I have explained to you knowledge still more confidential. Deliberate on this fully, and then do what you wish to do. As my Guru told me

One need not worry too much about the source of certain knowledge. Just adopt in our life if they are good. If needed refine the knowledge by way of addition, deletion, modification and correction. Also try to understand the
meaning of Different Castes , it is not by birth it is by his performance.

Here we start the translation of the text of the Markandeya PURANA in Short at the currently available form : Markandeya Purana
Once Jaimini, a disciple of sage Vedavyasa expressed his curiosity before Markandeya- 'O Lord! In the great epic Mahabharat, which was created by Vedavyasa, description of Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha appears to be intertwined at times and

at other times, it appears to be separate from one another. Vedavyasa had described the norms, the stages and the means to perform the duties in all the four stages. This epic contains cryptic knowledge of Vedas. Hence O great sage! I have approached you in order to grasp the full knowledge contained in Mahabharat with your help. Why did Lord take human incarnation even though He is the cause of the origin, perpetuation and destruction of the universe? How did Draupadi become the wife of five Pandavas? How did Balaram expiate for the sin of killing a Brahmin? How did Draupadi's sons give up their lives? Kindly narrate all these things in detail. ' Markandeya says- 'O Muni ! Presently I am engaged in evening worship. Hence I do not have time to narrate these things in detail. But I am telling you about the birds which will narrate you the entire content of Mahabharat. Those birds will also remove all your doubts. Sons of the great bird Drona- Pingaksha, Vibodha, Suputra, Sumuk etc. stay in the caves among the hills of Vindhyachal. They are proficient in Vedas. Go and ask them, they will remove all your doubts.' Markandeya's words surprised Jaimini. To confirm, he asked again- 'It is surprising that the birds could narrate the content of Mahabharat just like human beings. It is even more surprising that they are proficient in Vedas knowledge, which is even rare to find among humans. Kindly tell me how did they come to acquire such profound knowledge despite having being born in the form of birds. Why do you call them as the sons of Drona?' Markandeya says- 'Long ago, a strange event took place in Nandanvan involving Indra, Devrishi Narad and some of the elves. One day, Indra was enjoying his time in the Nandanvan forest along with his elves. At the same time Narad also arrived there. Indra welcomed and offered him a seat. The elves also greeted Narad. Indra then said'Munivar! Tell me what you desire now? If you desire to listen to a song, should I order the Gandharvas or if you wish to watch the dance, should I order one of my elves, Menka, Rambha, Mishrakeshi or Urvashi? Any of these four can perform a seducing dance before you.' Narad expressed his desire to watch the dance of an elf, who was superior in beauty to the other elves. This led to a row among the elves. Each one of them was proud of her beauty and talent. Narad then advised them to test their beauty by breaking sage Durvaasa's penance who was at that time staying on a hilltop. All the elves expressed their inability to perform this task successfully. Only an elf named Vapu, driven by her haughtiness accepted to break the penance of sage Durvaasa. Accordingly she reached the hill where Durvaasa was staying and began to sing an infatuating song in her sweet voice. Very soon, the song began to show its effect on Durvaasa. Attracted by the sweet voice, Durvaasa went in search of the origin of the voice and found Vapu singing at a distance. Durvaasa understood that the elf had come to break his penance. Angrily, he cursed the elf that she would take birth in the lineage of the birds for sixteen years, she would not bear a child and ultimately would be killed by a weapon to regain her heavenly abode. After saying this, sage Durvaasa migrated to Akashganga. Will be Continue on part 2

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