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Itziar Lpez-Astillero Pea Mara Snchez, staff selection of Clinic Hospital 18 of March 2013

Dear Mara Snchez, Im graduated in medicine, I got my degree at Autonomous University of Barcelona and Im specialized in neurosurgery. I have to highlight my four years of residency in Vall dHebron hospital and my years of service here, as you can see in my Curriculum Vitae. The neurosurgery chief of the named hospital recommended me, he thinks that I have the perfect profile to participate in your neurosurgeon programme. I would like to have a job as a professional in your prestigious hospital as a lot of my old peers and teachers told me that this hospital is the best prepared and valued in my speciality. I would also like to improve personally and professionally with your help and with my great effort. I can state that during my course I have been in charge of residents in the hospital where I did my residence, in Vall dEbron hospital for three years. Moreover I have also participated in different medical organizations like Medicos sin fronteras or other organizations to help health knowledge for foreigners. I also have level C2 of English, level C1 of French and level B2 of German; all these levels are recognised by Common European Framework. Finally I have to say that I would be available for an interview at your convenience so. Look forward to having from you, Yours sincerely, Itziar.