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Experiment Objective:

To perform ASK (Amplitude shifting keying).

1. In this experiment we used digital function generator, DAQ 2.



5. 6. 7.

card, CPAL trainer and lab view 8.6. First of all we connect circuit we take a square signal of 10 Hz from function generator with the help of probe and connect at input of AM block. Take out put of AM block from function generator block and connect it at AI0 of DAQ card .and take signal from fm input of AM block and connect at AI1 of DAQ card and connect AIG of DAQ card at ground Now we run the Lab view and configure the DAQ card with specifications amplitude 10,-10 and terminal configuration RSE. Acquire DAQ assistant form Express input signal DAQ assistant. Acquire split signal from Express signal manipulation split signal Acquire spectral measurement from Express signal analysis spectral measurements

Connect the circuit as shown in fig

Specifications of function Generator

Square wave with 5 Hz, amplitude 510 Vpp, duty cycle 50 %

Specifications of Fm Block on CPAL

Freq rang of carrier SIN wave Low Medium High up down down


1. We observe an information signal of square wave as

information signal and note that the Amplitude of carrier signal is changed w. r. t. the Amplitude of information signal.
2. Now we change Amplitude of information signal from digital

function generator and examine corresponding Amplitude changes in the modulated signal as shown in graphs.