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A Noise From the Basement

By Elton Camp Marsha had the whole weekend alone Her husband on a business trip was gone She lay in the most comfortable recliner And thought such a break couldnt be finer She slipped blissfully off into a deep sleep A strange noise caused her suddenly to leap Again it came--a mixture of roar and growl Then, with sheer terror, Marsha began to howl But when fully alert she finally came, Her reaction caused her to feel shame I dont need a man to protect me. What this noise is, I will go and see. She then heard the sound some more It came from behind the basement door With bars, theres no way to get in What I hear surely must be the wind. Marsha then jerked the door open wide On the steps, an unspeakable horror spied Now, reader, suppose that this was you What is the next thing that youd do?

So, what do you do now?