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Structure 1) -Identify principles of teaching listening and speaking (from the context given) - Reasons why do you think

the activity helps to develop pupils speaking skill. 2) -Difficulty/Problems faced by the students in listening / speaking. -type of activities that can help to overcome the problems. 3) -Conducting enrichment activity (describe) 4) -Differences b/w spoken and written language. -top down processing / bottom-up processing in listening / speaking process. - Describe how to conduct pre-listening activity. 5) - Select activity to teach speaking. - Describe on how to carry out the selected activity. - reasons for choosing the activity. 6) text will be given, based on the text -reasons for choosing the given text to teach speaking Essay 1) Factors to be considered in selecting materials for listening and speaking. 2) Assessment of speaking and listening - State the activity/type of the assessment that can be carried out. - Discuss about the strength and weaknesses 3) Lesson plan (60 minutes)