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JEWELRY ARTIST ‘ABOUT OUR COVER: ‘Marilyn Mack’s Charoite Pendant, nage 30 ADVERTISING SECTIONS 74 76 7 B Advertisers’ Index Classifieds Gem & Jewelry Shops Jewelry Classes Fee Mining ‘spr 2015» Vaume 67, Number TAPIDARY JOURNAL EWELRY J ARTIST CONTENTS 4 My Turn From the Editor: Give Your Jewelry a High Profile. 6 Your Turn Design Challenge & Letters 8 Their Turn A Gallory of This Issues Contributors 10. Net Profits: Your Google Too! bby Cathleen McCarthy _more at jewelrymakinadallycomy/netorofts ENAMELS. 14 Cool Tools & Hip Tips: Enamel Basics by Helen I Driggs 19 Raku Fired Enamels demo by Helen | Driggs 22 Enameled Copper and Silver Clay Pendant Jewelry project by Arlene Mornick CHAROITE 28 Smokin’ Stones: Charoite by Sharon Elaine Thompson 30. Charoite Pendant Jewelry project by Marlyn Mack 36 Trends: Cuff’Em by Deborah Yonick FOSSIL GEMS 42. Wearable Ammonites ‘materials by Sharon Elaine Thompson 44 Ammonite Earrings Jewalry project by Lex Erickson 48 Petrified Sequoia Pendant Jewelry project by Kathy James AGATE 52. Disdero Agate Cabochon .gom demo by Jim Landon and Mike Hahn, fpicary 56 BC's New Agate ‘materials by Jim Landon 60 Facets ‘News & Product innovations 62 Ask the Experts by Tom & Kay Benham 80. The Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Doer's Profile: Alexa and Peter Smarsh