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Foaming Hand Soap

Description Foaming hand soap is quick and simple. It can be sold unscented or scented. I have included the range for scenting from .5% to 1%. This can be made with any of Essential Wholesales 3-1 Gels but will work the best with the clear ones with sulfates. The No Sulfate Gels will work but no quite as well. Recipe Gently mix together 4 lbs Aloe Juice (64 oz) 4 lbs Essential Wholesale 3-1 Gel (64 oz) To scent add and gently mix .04 to .08 lbs Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil of your choice (.64 oz to 1.28 oz) Directions Mix in a stainless steel bowl water and Essential Wholesale 3-1 Gel gently with a stainless steel spoon. You can also use a clean stick blender with very short bursts of mixing. If you would like to add scent mix in essential oil or fragrance oil with gentle stirring or short bursts of mixing with stick blender. If you use the stick blender you will add bubbles that will cloud the appearance temporarily. Once mixed pour into foaming dispensers. Approximate Yield 15 bottles (8 oz), 20 bottles (6 oz), 30 bottles (4 oz), or 60 bottles (2 oz) Equipment Stainless steel bowl Stainless steel spoon Gloves (recommended) Funnel Foaming dispensers Alcohol to cleanse all equipment before use Ingredient List Aloe Juice, FOLLOWED by the ingredient list of the 3-1 Gel that you use. If it starts with Aloe Juice you will not need to list it twice. Essential oils or fragrance oils should be listed after phenoxyethanol.

Provided by Essential WholesaleTM