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Patel et al.

(2011) studied and analysed the performance of a single slope active solar still coupled with evacuated glass tube solar collector for high temperature water feeding into the basin of solar still. The set up consisted of a single slope passive solar distillation unit coupled with rows of parallel transparent evacuated glass tubes (EGT), each of which contains an individual absorber tube covered with selective coating to warm the water additionally prior to sending it to the solar still. Evacuated glass tubes are integrated with the basin type single slope solar still as shown in Fig. 1. The basin was made of Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) having 1 m2 area. The evaporating basin was covered with a sheet of toughened glass having 5 mm thickness which allows the solar radiation into the basin. Angle of the glass cover tilt was 38. The evacuated glass tube was 1500 mm long, 47 mm diameter and 10 mm thick. They used Silicon rubber as sealant to prevent the heat losses between the solar still and evacuated glass tubes as well as leakage losses. The sidewalls and base of the solar still were insulated with polyurethane of 10 mm thickness and having thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/m2 K. Upper glass of the solar still was fitted with the dammar roll. A constant head tank was used to control the brackish water flow inside the solar still. Depth of water level was maintained at 10 cm during the period of investigation. The technical specification are given in Table 1 and 2. The study was made with and without dye. The effect of dye is given in Table 3. They showed that there is an increase of 30.38% of the productivity with the presence of black dye in water for solar still containing saline water up to a depth of 10 cm and output with black dye is higher compare to other dyes, while output was lower without dye. They conclude that when number of evacuated glass were increased the temperature inside the active solar still and productivity also increases.

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Table 1: Technical specifications of the solar still (Patel et al. (2011)).

Table 2: Technical specifications of the Evacuated glass tube (EGT) (Patel et al. (2011)).

Table 3: Effect of dye on daily distillation (Patel et al. (2011)).

Fig. 1. Solar still coupled with Evacuated glass Tubes (Patel et al. (2011)).