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Economy and Taxes

Cut red-tape: [O]verhaul present government services to identify and then reduce or eliminate duplication, waste and red tape[.] (BCC Contract with British Columbians, Mar 2011) Scrap the Carbon Tax: a new BC Conservative Government will scrap the carbon tax. (John Cummins, Leadership Acceptance Speech, May 28/11) Axe the Carbon Bureaucracy: we will abolish the whole carbon bureaucracy that goes with it. (John Cummins, Leadership Acceptance Speech, May 28/11) Kill the PCT: No more Pacific Carbon Trust. (John Cummins, Leadership Acceptance Speech, May 28/11) No community can veto natural resource development: A new BC Conservative government would take the position that no one group or community could veto natural resource development. (John Cummins, Natural Resources Speech, Jun 20/11) Axe the gas tax: I think that theyve taken enough money as it is. They should be able to divert funding to that project and see it through to the end. (John Cummins, CKNW, Jul 7/11) Review minimum wage increase: As far as the increases on the minimum wage, I think that we'd be open to discussion on that. (John Cummins, Voice of BC, Jul 14/11) Zero-based budgeting program: Introduce a zero-based budgeting program on a case-by- case basis... (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) New spending must be accompanied by cut recommendations: All new spending initiatives will be supported by recommendations of reductions in current programs (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Yearly program reviews across government: All existing programs will be evaluated each year during a budget exercise that will include a mandatory test of necessity. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Establish a Ministry of Cost Reduction: Establish a Ministry of Cost Reduction (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Mandated budget surpluses: Except in a provincial emergency, budget surpluses will be mandated (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Limit spending rate to inflation plus growth: Limit growth in program spending to the rate of inflation and population growth of British Columbia. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Remove government from competitive markets: Ensure that Government does not own and operate businesses when a competitive market exists. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Complete and independent tax review: A complete review of taxes, licenses, fees and permits will be undertaken within 18 months of becoming government by an independent group... (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Remove the PTT: The Property transfer tax will be reduced then eliminated when economically feasible. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Transportation and Infrastructure

Fund evergreen through 1% reallocation of existing budgets: By finding savings of only 1% in the municipalities and Translinks operating budgets they can meet their Evergreen Line obligations. (John Cummins, BCC News Release, Jul 18/11) Support infrastructure for gateway: development of the infrastructure required to build the gateway will be facilitated... (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Law and Order

Invest in police and prosecutors: "We will invest in police and crown prosecutors to make sure that our communities are safe." (John Cummins, Leadership Acceptance Speech, May 28/11) Private property should not be expropriated: "that private property should not be expropriated." (John Cummins, Leadership Acceptance Speech, May 28/11) Restore cuts to justice system: I call on the government to restore all the cuts to the justice system made over the last three years... (John Cummins, BCC News Release, Jun 21/11) Streamline justice system: Enacting laws to streamline our justice system to promote timely access to justice for all individuals, families and businesses in British Columbia. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Truth in sentencing provisions: Instituting a program to ensure all provincial court sentences are subject to the truth in sentencing provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Review and modify the BCHRT: Reviewing and modifying the mandate of British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Consider a provincial police force: Exploring the feasibility of creating a Provincial Police force. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Pro-life: I'm pro-life. (John Cummins, CFAX, Apr 3/11) No increase cost to health care: the new BC Conservative Party will develop means to

deliver effective, efficient and timely health care without increasing costs[.] (BCC Contract with British Columbians, Mar 2011) Incentives for medical professionals to work in rural B.C.: [O]ffer significant economic incentives for BC---trained medical personal to work in remote communities[.] (BCC Contract with British Columbians, Mar 2011) Support the CHA: Support the basic principles of the Canada Health Act of Universality, accessibility, comprehensiveness and portability... (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Democratically elect HAs: ensuring members of Health Authority Boards are democratically elected in a manner adequately reflecting the population distribution and health care needs within the geographic boundaries of each Authority... (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Fund hospitals by number of patients treated: Implementing a system whereby all acute

care hospitals are funded primarily on the basis of patients treated. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Service fees for emergency visits: possible imposition of a service fee while encouraging the use of 24-hour walk-in clinics for such requirements. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Create an E-health system: Improving medical care and reducing long-term costs through the digitization of all patient data and implementation of a province-wide medical electronic health record system (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Environment, Climate Change & Resource Management

Streamline and unify environmental review processes: A new BC Conservative government

will negotiate with Ottawa to create one unified single process, which should be modeled on BCs current system. (John Cummins, Natural Resources Speech, Jun 20/11) Opposed to Fraser Valley garbage incinerator: I'm not sure that that's the right thing to do or the appropriate thing to do. I think that the site at Cache Creek has proven to be environmentally safe site to deposit that garbage. (John Cummins, CHNL, Aug 19/11) Reduce park fees: Parks fees will be reduced when economically feasible. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Impose strict environmental regulations: Imposing strict regulation of toxic effluents produced by industry. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Review Crown forest land tenures: Conducting a public review of Crown forest Land tenures... (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Support BC Hydro structure: The current structureshould be the implementing authority for the supply and distribution of electricity in British Columbia. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Support pipeline and movement corridors: Supporting the construction or upgrading of pipeline or other movement corridors to facilitate the export of oil and natural gas through BC ports. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Review potential for nuclear power: Reviewing the potential for use of smaller-scale nuclear power generation to supply electrical power to remote locations (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Democratic Renewal and Accountability

Post MLA salaries and expenses: [C]abinet ministers and MLA salaries and expenses will be posted on the Internet and be made easily accessible for all British Columbians[.] (BCC Contract with British Columbians, Mar 2011) Ban corporate and union donations to parties: That is why my first pledge when I got involved in provincial politics was that a new BC Conservative government will ban all corporate and union donations. (John Cummins, Natural Resources Speech, Jun 20/11) Independent review on compensation, pension and severance for elected/appointed officials: Establish an independent review to determine the compensation, pension, and severance packages of elected and appointed governmental officials (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Create a Provincial Ethics Commissioner: Establish an Independent Provincial Ethics Commissioners office (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) All organizations supported by province report to Legislature: Ensure that all Crown Corporations, and other organizations owned, controlled or supported by the Government of British Columbia will ultimately report to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Communities and Housing

Require municipalities to hold referendums for capital spending loans: Amending current legislation so that municipalities are required to hold referendums for borrowing for capital projects and to ensure the alternative approval process, also known as counter petition, is prohibited. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Oppose special rights for First Nations: "We will take the position in any treaty negotiations that all British Columbians are equal." (John Cummins, Leadership Acceptance Speech, May 28/11) Crown lands not included in settlements unless court mandated: Provincial crown lands in British Columbia are held by the crown in trust for all British Columbians and must not become part of settlements of Aboriginal claims (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Education and Post-Secondary

Give parents more control: [P]arents should be given more choice and control over their

childrens education[.] (BCC Contract with British Columbians, Mar 2011) Increase choice in the education system: Ensuring that the taxpayers dollars follow the student to provincially approved educational options (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Give BC students preferential access to BC PSIs: Giving qualified British Columbian students priority for admission to the Provinces post secondary educational institutions. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)


Support fish farms: Continuing the development of the fish farming industry but ensuring it

is in a manner compatible with preservation of wild fisheries stocks. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Eliminate indirect taxes on farm inputs: The elimination of all indirect taxes and tariffs on farm inputs and the reduction of provincially-controlled input costs. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11) Tax ALR land like farmland: Taxing all land in the Agricultural Land Reserve on the basis that it is farmland. (BCC Policy Document, Aug 23/11)

Children and Families None.