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Greek Name Transliteration Ealê Ealai Latin Spelling Yale Yale Translation To roll back (ealên, eilô)

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Εαλη Εαλαι

Eale or Yale, Der Naturen Bloeme manuscript c. 1350, National Library of the Netherlands

THE EALE (or Yale) was a strange bull-like animal native to the land of Aithiopia (sub-Saharan Africa). It was equipped with a boar's tusks and a set of rotating horns. The creature's name was derived from the Greek word ealên, eilô, meaning "to roll back," a reference to its moveable horns. Pliny the Elder, Natural History 8. 73 (trans. Rackham) (Roman encyclopedia C1st A.D.) :

"Aethiopia produces . . . many monstrosities : . . . Among the same people is also found the animal called the Eale (Yale), the size of a hippopotamus, with an elephant’s tail, of a black or tawny colour, with the jaws of a boar and movable horns more than a cubit in length which in a fight are erected alternately, and presented to the attack or sloped backward in turn as policy directs." Sources: ○ Pliny the Elder, Natural History
- Latin Natural History C1st A.D.

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