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WD Episode313

WD Episode313

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Published by Anthony Ventarola

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Published by: Anthony Ventarola on Mar 22, 2013
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The way he's storing that gun, Herschel's sorta missing leg can be an asset In the barn, Rick can

't shoot the Governor right off the bat - you never know if it might be an ambush. On the other hand, the Gov is a sneaky SOB. As for "ou tside", Herschel might be able to take Milton out, but Martinez could conceivabl y take out Daryl and/or Herschel in the meantime. Merle is already causing trouble by wanting to change the plan. While it's not totally unexpected that he'd want to sneak up on and kill the Gov, I almost agre ed with him on this one. Gov has a partial point: whatever "started" the agression, was indeed "started" by Merle by kidnapping Glenn & Maggie. However, the Gov perpetuated it by conti nuing the interrogation and threatening Glenn's life. How did the Governor know about Shane and his possible fatherhood of Judith? An swer: Andrea and her loose lips! We learn for the first time that the Governor worked in an office before the apo calypse. Daryl and Martinez bonding is analogous to opposing soldiers talking on the batt lefield during wars. Same for Milton/Herschel. What happens outside could be m ore important than the talking going on inside. Daryl takes the first smoke of the entire series! Merle knows and believes that the Governor controls the whole "show" over there. That's why he says Rick should have just taken him out on the spot. Interesting that Herschel wants Andrea back with the Rick-crew. Does he do this to align her with them? Does she dare go back after this? Rick's been honest the whole negotiation... Governor has been telling small fib s...(e.g. "The others call me Governor, I didnt choose it") Even if Rick hands over Michonne, can he really trust the Governor to go away? Do you think Merle has a slight attraction to Michonne? Please nudity please please.....dang Rick picks up on the pointlessness of the Michonne thing right away. True: why would a guy with grand plans fixate on a petty feud. Would Andrea allow the Michonne transfer to happen? Rick knows the Governor knows he has lots of guns now. Andrea and Milton are both wary Woodbury residents now. They may conspire to th wart the Governor's plans to wage war. Rick has to rally the troops for war. No choice. Parallels to the real world...

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